Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 years!

I've been thinking about coming back to blogging for a very long time, and while I was looking at the much abandoned and outdated look of this blog, I noticed that it's already been 10 years since this blog has come to existence! That's pretty insane.

I remember opening up this blog as an assignment in one of my college courses in 2006 and uploading assignments at the last minute, literally like 5 minutes before it was due. It wasn't much of a 'thing' for me back then, as I didn't intend to continue keeping this blog alive after the course was over.
For some reason, my procrastination kicked in and I never really got rid of the blog. And soon after, I started making videos on YouTube (ahh.. the good old days :).

I was pretty pumped about this blog for a couple of years. But, as my life direction changed and I slowly started to fizzle out of the YouTube beauty world, this blog also got neglected (very unintentionally though - I've always wanted to keep this blog running even if I didn't make any more videos).

Anyway, long story short, I started to take my career seriously and shed my online life into the shadows. For some years, work had become 100% of my life. I don't regret pouring a lot of time into work, but sometimes I think I'm letting things go by too fast without giving myself a chance to reflect on and appreciate the moments. Wait, did I say that in some other post before? I think I did.. Dejavu..!

I've had a lot of sad attempts to make blogging a regular habit (and so here I am doing it again :p), but hopefully I'll stick with blogging more moving forward.

Since it's end of year (and seems like I always say I'm going to blog more towards the end of year), I thought I'd write out what I want to do with this blog.

- Obviously, I'd love to keep this blog going
- Makeup reviews? yes, of course those will be posted :)
- Change layout and design (it's been a couple years)
- Anything else I'd like to record will go on here. This blog won't be fully dedicated to makeup like it used to before.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and see you soon!

Much love,

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last post of 2014!!!

I can't believe I'm already counting down the last minutes of 2014-

It was a great year that passed by so fast! I feel terrible I didn't document a lot of it, but hopefully I will get better at that with the start of 2015.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who decided to stop by my blog and read my ramblings.

It's typical, but might as well do a short recap of 2014 and share some of my goals for 2015.

As for right now, I am actually moving. I've been looking for a new place for quite a while and have had many incidents where I almost moved. Applications fell through, I was looking into the 'buying a place' option, and even thinking of compromising into a place I wasn't 100% sold on. But all in all, I think everything happens for a reason and I have finally found a place that I am extremely excited about. I am not in the settling mindset, so actually buying a place will come a bit later in life, and I am renting a 3 bedroom apartment that is less than 5 miles away from my work.

I've stayed at my current place for nearly 3 years. It is the first place I've rented out since I came to LA in early 2012. I came solo and since 2013, I've added two new members to my family: Chewie and Dante!
(Chewie [Left] and Dante [Right])

Ever since they've joined my life, too many things have changed. One of the reasons why I've been hunting around for a larger place is to accommodate my two birdies. It's been on my mind for the longest time, so I am glad that issue got squared away before this year passed by.

The packing and moving coordination, on top of all of year-end work, is a bit overwhelming, but I have many cheering along for me and helping me out, so I feel very blessed to be surrounded by good people. :)

Now for 2015 resolutions.. I've been thinking about it and I think I only have one big goal.

Get a life. 

Sounds lame, but 2014 has been so work-focused, I feel like I missed out a lot on the aspects of life. I'm not getting any younger, so I feel like I should focus on balancing work and life a bit better next year.

Here's the break down of how I'm going to get a fulfilling life.

 A) Be consistent. Continue with the good stride on the work out front. 

Since mid-November I've been going to the gym quite regularly. I was talking to one of my coworkers and she said she wanted to shed some pounds. I told her to go hit the gym, and she gave a very typical 'Yeah.. I have to, but work is consuming my life..' answer. I told her I will go to the gym too and we should keep tab on each other. I don't know how such shallow conversation triggered as a motivation, but I started to actually go to the gym quite frequently after that conversation.
I think logging is the key to forming many habits.
I started to log my gym-going on my phone and by checking up on myself kept me going.

Here's an example of how I keep tab of my workout days
I haven't been able to go lately due to the holidays and the move :( 

It's either a "Gym yes!" or "no gym" day. 

I don't kill myself at the gym. Usually I do pretty light spinning or treadmill and listen to my music and reflect upon my day. It is quite calming and therapeutic to close a day like this. I feel pretty refreshed after working out and seem to fall asleep better. There's really no weight loss goal accompanying my workouts, but hopefully my gym-going can continue and I can get into better shape than I am right now. 

Also getting a Jawbone UP band helped me. I am obsessed with looking at my activity count, weight, sleep pattern and food intake through the app. I try to hit my goal of 12,500 steps/day and if I don't go to the gym, this is pretty much impractical - so there's another motivation for me to get moving to the gym. :p

This is how my Dec. 31st, 2014 looks like :p
If you click on the scale icon on the top part, it shows my weight line graph too. 
You can customize your goals and even form a team with other UP banders.

 B) Document moments

I should write, take pictures, draw - do something to document the small, but great moments in my life. I was looking at all the cameras and lenses I have that are just collecting dust and realized that I don't document as much as I used to. Little moments compile and become a big blur and just get buried in memories, and then they just wash away with time. 
In hindsight, I had so many moments in 2014 where I thought it would've been nice to at least snap a picture of. 
this is probably one of my favorite moments of 2014. 
I was forced to take a picture as EotM (August, 2014), and thought it was super cheesy, but it remains as a fun memory and looking back I am happy I agreed to snap a pic :p

This kind of ties with my sudden departure from vlogging. It's a long story, but I stopped vlogging because of one person at work. If you think about it, it's silly to let one person ruin all the fun and prevent me from collecting good moments on camera.  Anyway, hopefully, vlogging can pick up again in 2015? Why I'm not promising is explained right below! ;)

 C) Be realistic

I am a person with many complicated problems, but this point is one I need immediate fixing. 
One of my biggest problems is overestimating my abilities. I have a huge problem of over-promising and under-delivering about everything in general (how many times have I promised to come back to regular blogging and failed? 'nough said..)
It goes both ways: I have really unrealistic high expectations about everything, and also think I can (and everyone around me should) meet those expectations in a do-or-die mindset. 
What happens is, I take up too much, give myself too little time, and end up crashing, not delivering on time, or having to push out a half baked result AND feel shitty about myself. This puts me in a very very painful position, as I have to either physically suffer (no sleep!) or emotionally beat myself up (shitty results!) and it just keeps spiraling down in a viscous cycle.
I need to learn to let go, compromise (ugh), accept the current situation and other people's abilities, understand that people are OK with not-so-perfect results and might have lower expectations... or really step up and deliver super hero results on time

I've spent so many nights up and slaving over every. single. detail. of reports and work that went unnoticed or unappreciated. At the end of the day I was so beaten up I literally fell sick as an end result. Was all that obsessing and pushing myself worth it? Some were, most weren't. The only thing that was left with me was 'yeah, her work is above average.... IF she ever delivers on time'.
So I've come to a realization that I should somehow let go of my super high expectations and be a bit more realistic with everything in life (hence, no crazy 'everyday blogging' goals for 2015, haha). 

This ties in with point A) of continuing to go to the gym. I had a strong urge to set a number of days (something crazy like 290 out of 365 days in 2015) for that goal, but decided to not overwhelm myself with unrealistic expectations. :p

So in a nutshell, here's where I want to be a year from now.

"It was a great year!! and I know it was great because I documented (B) so many great moments, and was able to carve out some time for out-of-work (C) time, and was healthy and energetic (A) to do so many things! I've made 2015 better than the previous years both in my personal life and work!!! Yay me! :D"

I hope I can mature into a more relaxed and stable person in 2015. Also, I hope I can learn to look up and around to understand that there is much more to life than what is immediately in front of me. I should appreciate and enjoy!

Anyway, I should clean up and watch the ball drop soon.
I'm sure many of you already started your new year, and I hope everyone can stick to their resolutions and have a great year in 2015! :)

Thanks for reading through the long post-

Much love,



Sunday, November 30, 2014

1 year of MIA!! Some life updates

Knock knock -
I'm peeking in my own blog to see if anyone is left here after a full year of no updates.

If you're still here, Hi! long time no talk!
Not sure how to start an entry anymore - blog-writing now feels so foreign to me.. 

I don't like wasting my time listening to other people talk about themselves, but just wanted to update everyone on what's been going on in my life for the past 12 months. Hopefully, this can get me back on track with a lot of things I've neglected online.. And hopefully, you will forgive me for going on and on about myself :p I promise, I won't have a Catalina-centric post like this anymore.

First half of 2014

Work and CES!
The year started off with CES, which is the biggest show in my industry (*cough cough* CE). I started working where I work in January 2013, right after CES 2013 was over, so this year was my first CES attendance. The show is held in Vegas annually, and I must say.. it was a brutal week in Vegas.  With CES over, I felt like I needed to freshen up a lot of things in my life. I started decluttering my surroundings and reorganized some structural elements in life.
With the new attitude in life, I began to obsess more and more about my work.
March - May was filled with back to back key customer meetings, all-nighters and weekend runs to work.

Second half of 2014

I traveled so frequently this year, I ended up racking up 54,000 miles by just flying domestically.  At one point I was at the office only 8 days out of the entire month. I really enjoyed the traveling aspect of my job since all of the trips were short and sweet (3-5 days + 1 day padded entirely for up-in-the-air time) domestic traveling. I've been to places I'd never thought of paying to go myself and was able to squeeze in some touristy stuff after work. If you follow me on my twitter, you've probably seen all of my crazy check-ins all over the country.

So far this year, I've been to: San Francisco (2x), Bentonville, Las Vegas (3x), Atlanta (2x), St. Louis, Sacramento, Rogers, Monterey Bay, New York (3x), Stamford, Minneapolis, Dallas (2x), Salt Lake City, Anaheim, Phoenix (2x), Houston, Lake Charles and Raleigh.
** Of them all, my favorite place was Monterey Bay. If you haven't been, I highly recommend the place. I loved every minute of my stay at Monterey Bay.

Also, recently, I've put in my resignation letter at my work place to accept another opportunity at, let's say, Company B. I don't really recall having so much leverage while resigning a position through out my career like this time, it gave me a lot to think about my situation and my career goals. Long story short, with a lot of back and forth in between, I decided to make a U-turn and stay at my current company and had to tell Company B that I had changed my mind. Phew... that wasn't a pretty ending..

Anyway, as you can see, my life is pretty consumed with work. All I do is go to work M-F, sleep off the weekend, and repeat M-F again. Sounds boring, but I feel like I am racing towards my career peak and can't really think of slowing down. Physically it's draining, but hopefully, all the effort will pay off!

I haven't abandoned my love for makeup and beauty - I still hoard like I've never hoarded before, and try to take going to work as an opportunity to dress up/make up within the 'office look' boundaries. I work in a male-dominated environment, so I feel somewhat free to put as much makeup as I want to since the 'boys' don't really seem to know how much is too much. If male/female were more balanced, I wouldn't have been able to rock my thick foundation and theatrical eye makeup at work. :p

  Camera totally softened the look, but I do the youtube-style full makeup at work :p

Most recent haul from Sephora.. 
Can't wait to try these out and share my thoughts with you guys :)
(also on instagram)

Vlogging: I stopped vlogging because someone who works very close to me figured out my vlog channel. I put my life out in public for the public to view, but wasn't really expecting one of the public to come back at my professional life and try to use my vlogs against me. I don't think there were any malicious intents, but I started feeling very uncomfortable about my vlogs being referred to in open conversations (and this was during big meetings too :'(.. wahh..) and decided to abort. I still have clips throughout the year, but it will most likely end up as a yearly wrap up video..

I can keep going on and on, but don't want to bore you guys!

Hopefully, I will start posting regularly and more often than before. :)

Thanks for sticking by-


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Acuvue 2 Define Vivid Style - Way Too Natural Color Lens

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I don't know if I should define these lenses as circle lenses as they have absolutely no enlarging effects on my eyes.

I feel like I'm growing out of color/circle lenses.  I still like them, but I feel extremely self-concious and weirded out if I wear them to work. I can pass with wearing them in videos, but when I'm talking to people I work with and see everyday, buggy looking eyes becomes an awkward thing that makes people raise their eyebrows.  I've worn brown colored lenses to work a handful of times, and everytime someone had to innocently (?) point out how weird my eyes looked.

I still like to add a bit of jazz to my eyes, so I was in the search of "THE most natural looking lens out there".  I was able to narrow my choices down to two. One was Acuvue define products or freshlook illuminate products.

I decided to try out the Acuvue Define Vivid styles first.  I already wear regular Acuvue contacts, so I had some confidence in ordering Vivid style lenses.

Here's some illustrative pieces I grabbed from the web. Acuvue Define Lenses are Asia exclusive and designed for Asian eyes (I believe).

As you can see, the products in this line aren't really geared towards enlarging your eyes like circle lenses; they are more for adding definition to your eyes. 

I ordered one box for each eye. I got Acuvue 2 (which means 2 weeks wear, Acuvue daily is for daily disposable lenses) Define in Vivid Style. There are six separate lenses per box, which will last you for 3 months. I thought the store was in the states, but my lenses came from Korea (hence the Korean instructions on the back).

The lens is the size of a regular contact lens. There's a brown ring with seaweed-like spikes going inward. The brown color is very similar to a typical dark brown eye color.

So here's my eyes with the contacts on... the lenses do pretty much nothing to my eyes. No enlarging - the diameter is pretty much the same as my iris, so it's almost TOO natural for me.

Here's a on and off comparison.
There's an ounce of difference, but the effect is so subtle.

Comfort : The lenses seemed thin, but I wouldn't recommend it to people with dry or sensitive eyes.  My eyes started tugging and drying out by mid-day.  I felt discomfort throughout the day and kept thinking of eye drops. By 5:00pm, I was developing a headache and was in dire need to take out the lenses.

Natural-look : On my eyes, they look overly natural. Also, when I move my eyes around rapidly, the lens tend to shift and take some time to come back to place. Drifting on one eye is more severe than the other. I felt the lens falling off-center a couple of times throughout the day. 

Color : Man, they nailed it with the color. If you have regular Asian dark-brown eyes, these will blend straight in with your eye color. If you look at the picture above, I've upped the contrast and the color difference between my eye color and the lens is still hard to tell.

Urmm.. here's a full face shot of me with the contacts on LOL
Yeah, I know I packed on a lot of pounds, hence the tiny picture size :p heh.. (gonna work out ._. hmph!)

If you want that K-Pop Idol-esque lens look (like Jessica below) - here's your solution for you.

Not to contradict myself - going back up to the third paragraph of this post, I did say I was in search of THE most natural looking lens out there (excluding regular contacts), so I do have to say I have accomplished my mission.  I'm just not sure if that mission was what I really wanted..

Next stop will probably be the Freshlook Illuminate lenses (also Asia exclusive).

Anyway, what do you guys think? Was it worth 70-some odd dollars for 3 months of these lenses?

Let me know your thoughts ;)


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