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Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

It's not one of the million products I've been researching or looking to buy. I needed an additional 10-ish dollars to spend at and this product caught my eye.

I've struggled with acne most of my adulthood (long-time blog followers probably know this since most of my past posts were somewhat related to skin problems :p) and have never been able to FULLY get rid of them. I still get random onesies every now and then. One of the biggest side-effects is the red/brownish scars that are left all over my face and neck. It's sad because most of the scars are due to my impatient picking on the acne, and with so many years layers on top of each other, my face has become one huge blob of redness.  I also have tiny disconnected (aka spider) veins all over my cheek and nose area that worsens the overall redness.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe Review

I know I'm late to the game, but I finally decided to ditch many years of Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow pencil and try Anastasia's dipbrow.

My eyebrows are probably the most neglected feature on my face. I have an oblong face where I carry a lot of chubs around my chin and jowl area, so if I go hardcore on the brows, it tends to make my face look masculine and.. umm... how should I say it, makes my features look thicker? 

Anyway, so I went ahead and got meself a dipbrow from Sephora the other day. I researched the colors and decided to go lighter than recommended. Most people seem to grab medium brown or dark brown, but I couldn't afford to have prominent brows - I  needed natural looking but well-defined brows. So Taupe it was!
Here's how it looks like out of the box in natural daylight. 
I was a little bummed about how the color was much darker than what I had anticipated. 

Swatched with a brush on the back of my hand. That's one stroke - with a tiny bit of product. 
The texture is nice and creamy, but not in a sticky or greasy way. I really like how it glided on so easily and evenly. 

Here's my bare brows. I have a childhood scar right above the arch of my right brow, making that area a bit bumpy. 
My brows fade towards the end, making it difficult to form a good foundation. But anywho, that's the 'before' look of the eyebrows. 


And here's the 'after' look with browdip applied (+ foundation and eyeshadow base).
I like how it's light enough (?) so you can see the actual brow hair through the product. 
It looks pretty intense up close in the picture, but I think it's not as dramatic in real life.


Sorry about the out of focus, blurry selfie 🤔

This picture wasn't meant for the blog, but basically, you can see how the brows look from a wider angle (indoor, light coming in from left side of the picture). It's not overpowering my face at all. 

Application is super easy
I like to use an angled brush and dab a little bit of product on the back of my hand.  You'll need to wipe off any excess first and then build up the application to avoid patchiness or lumpiness in your brows.
I figured it's a bit easier to outline the tail part first and then reverse the stroke towards the front part to spread out the product.

Staying power is amazing
I get greasy and oily towards the end of the day, and my brows don't fade one bit. There's definitely no need to do any touch ups.

Final Thoughts
In all honesty, I don't think I have anything bad to say about this product.
The product quality is great, the application is easy, there's a wide array of color choices and the amount of product you get will definitely last you a long way.
Coming from Shu Uemura Hard Formula pencils, even the price worked out great for me (hard formula = $23, Browdip = $18). With the tiny amount needed per one day, I'm sure this bottle will last me a very long time.

I really like dipbrow!
Let me know if you guys have any tips or experience with the product.


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Where, or how to start again?


I don't know how many posts I've started writing, and how many I've failed to post - and this over the course of many years. I feel like I've been on hiatus for such a long time I can't gather myself to publish a post. Pretty much every single day I think about starting this blog again and for some reason, I feel held back. I think it's because I still haven't decided on how I'd like to run this blog moving forward. My thoughts bounce between 'OMG, I don't want to disappoint my readers!' and 'the hell with it, I'm overthinking it. I should just be genuine and blog whatever I'd like to share with others.' a million times a day.

I saw that today is 07-17-2017, so thought it'd be a nice date to restart blogging. For now, I'll just post whatever comes to mind. I'm certain this blog is going to deviate from 'beauty-only' to a broader spectrum of topics that touch my everyday life and interest.

Just to give a short update in my life;

I got a new job. Well, kind of.

Last year around this time, I was actively interviewing with companies to seek better career opportunities. I was in a really good/comfortable position in my previous place but thought I needed to shake up my life. I wasn't seeking stability - yet.
I'll probably talk more in detail about this process in a separate post.

  • I still live and work in Los Angeles! It's already been 5 years since I moved here. 
  • My birds (Chewie & Dante) are still a very large part of my everyday life. 
  • I still have my penguins and other plushies 
  • I have Instagram (@cl2425) - I don't update it that often though, but most of my social media links are on the sidebar of this blog :)
  • I'm STILL trying to customize and fix the blog layout (this is also one of the excuses reasons I'm reluctant to update the blog) 
  • This blog still holds a very special place in my heart, and I am very eager to get it up and running again

Anyway, I keep writing these 'I'm back!' posts and disappear (shameful, I know, I'm sowie!), but hopefully, this post can be a good starter post to a good rhythm. 

x Catalina 

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Catalina Penguin

10 years!

I've been thinking about coming back to blogging for a very long time, and while I was looking at the much abandoned and outdated look of this blog, I noticed that it's already been 10 years since this blog has come to existence! That's pretty insane.

I remember opening up this blog as an assignment in one of my college courses in 2006 and uploading assignments at the last minute, literally like 5 minutes before it was due. It wasn't much of a 'thing' for me back then, as I didn't intend to continue keeping this blog alive after the course was over.
For some reason, my procrastination kicked in and I never really got rid of the blog. And soon after, I started making videos on YouTube (ahh.. the good old days :).

I was pretty pumped about this blog for a couple of years. But, as my life direction changed and I slowly started to fizzle out of the YouTube beauty world, this blog also got neglected (very unintentionally though - I've always wanted to keep this blog running even if I didn't make any more videos).

Anyway, long story short, I started to take my career seriously and shed my online life into the shadows. For some years, work had become 100% of my life. I don't regret pouring a lot of time into work, but sometimes I think I'm letting things go by too fast without giving myself a chance to reflect on and appreciate the moments. Wait, did I say that in some other post before? I think I did.. Dejavu..!

I've had a lot of sad attempts to make blogging a regular habit (and so here I am doing it again :p), but hopefully I'll stick with blogging more moving forward.

Since it's end of year (and seems like I always say I'm going to blog more towards the end of year), I thought I'd write out what I want to do with this blog.

- Obviously, I'd love to keep this blog going
- Makeup reviews? yes, of course those will be posted :)
- Change layout and design (it's been a couple years)
- Anything else I'd like to record will go on here. This blog won't be fully dedicated to makeup like it used to before.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and see you soon!

Much love,

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Catalina Penguin
Last post of 2014!!!

Last post of 2014!!!

I can't believe I'm already counting down the last minutes of 2014-

It was a great year that passed by so fast! I feel terrible I didn't document a lot of it, but hopefully I will get better at that with the start of 2015.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who decided to stop by my blog and read my ramblings.

It's typical, but might as well do a short recap of 2014 and share some of my goals for 2015.

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1 year of MIA!! Some life updates

1 year of MIA!! Some life updates

Knock knock -
I'm peeking in my own blog to see if anyone is left here after a full year of no updates.

If you're still here, Hi! long time no talk!
Not sure how to start an entry anymore - blog-writing now feels so foreign to me.. 

I don't like wasting my time listening to other people talk about themselves, but just wanted to update everyone on what's been going on in my life for the past 12 months. Hopefully, this can get me back on track with a lot of things I've neglected online.. And hopefully, you will forgive me for going on and on about myself :p I promise, I won't have a Catalina-centric post like this anymore.

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