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Catalina's FAQs

ekk, I'm getting so much questions here and there (I get e-mail services from YT, so I actually monitor every single subscriber and comments/messages coming in :p) and I keep forgetting to comment, so I'll make this page as a reference.

Q. What's the product name you used in your video?
A. They are all listed in the info box below the video. If you are asking about something I didn't mention on the side bar I will be more than happy to answer the question, but sometimes it saves a lot of people's time if you just look at the side bar of the video on Youtube.

Q. What lens are you wearing in your video?
A. I made a complete directory - please refer to it (click here)

Q. Is that your natural eye color?
A. (Possibly) No. I have to wear lenses since I am literally blind without some sort of correction. I don't have regular lenses, so I will most likely be wearing color lens in all my videos, so none of them contain my original eye color. You can see my natural eye colors when I am wearing glasses (occasionally) in some of my videos. If you want to know the colors and where I got them please search the blog with keywords such as "lenses" or "circle". I have accumulated a lot over the past 8 months.
read post (color lenses video link and swatches)
read post (Color/circle lenses from
read post (colored/circle lenses from

Q. What camera do you use to film your videos?
A. I used to use isight + imovie, now I use Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 + Final Cut Pro 7, or Canon ViXIA HV40 + Final Cut Pro 7 (or sometimes iMovie 09).

You can visit my vlog channel for more information and test shots of the camera :)
The cameras I use to take pictures for my blog are Canon EOS 30D or Canon EOS 50D (occasionally the Panasonic Lumix fz35, but not usually).

Q. What is your skin type and foundation shades?
A. Skin Type : Oily and Acne Prone

* Revlon Colorstay in 220 Natural Beige (a bit too dark for me though)
* Chanel Vitalumiere in 10 Nude
* Chanel Blanc Essentiel in 20 Beige Rose
* Chanel Vitaleumiere compact in 20 Clair
* Chanel Teint Protection Lumiere in 30 Beige Cendre
* Bobbi Brown Oil-Free foundation in 2 Sand
* Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in 1W1 Bone
* Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation 201
* Lancome Dual Finish in Matte Pearl 1
* Dior Skinflash in 200
* MAC Studio fix in NC20
* Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 117
* Hera HD Foundation in #21
* mark. face xpert in Ivory

Q. It's a random question, but are you Korean?
A. I really don't think it's a random question LOL it's a very specific question! but Yes, my ethnicity is Korean

Q. What does cl2425 mean?
A. It's an UNI (University Network ID) my school gave me when I first enrolled. cl is the initials of my first/last name, and then the 4 digits... I don't know how it functions, but that's the number that the school arbitrarily gave me =/

Q. Where do you live? Why is it so noisy in your videos?
A. I am currently residing in New York City.
I live on a very very busy street where tourists clash, cars honk 24/7, protest marches are frequently held, movies are filmed and all sorts of crazy things happen on a daily basis.
It's not as glamorous as it sounds since the downside of that is the insane amount of noise, and I happen to share that noise with you guys in my videos :p

Q. How many years have you lived in the states?
A. -7 years of my whole life. I was born in Albuquerque, NM and was raised in the states until my parents decided to move back to Korea. I came back to the states when I was 17, and after that I went back and forth due to my books and publication stuff (which will be like 2 yearish), but basically I spent most of my life here in the states.

Q. What's your favorite foundation?
A. I love my bobbi brown one, please watch or read my foundations review for more opinions :p

Q. How old are you?
A. .....

Q. What's your favorite drug-store brand?
A. I really can't say. I have specific products I like... but... oh well, I'd probably go with Revlon

Q. Do you think your Japanese eye makeup video will work for my eyes?
A. I made the video for people who don't have that "Japanese facial/eye structures". All I could say is "Try it." You'll never know until you actually try it.

Q. How do you take care of your skin?
A. I have a whole video about it, but basically I try to avoid direct sunlight as much as I can (everyday sunscreen is a MUST!), get enough sleep, wash my face twice daily (in the morning and at night- I especially try to get everything put on my face off before I hit the sack), be careful of the stuff I eat and stick with my vegetarian lifestyle.
click here to watch video - here's an updated one

Q. Do you have a twitter?
A. Yes, it is

Q. Do you get paid to use products? How much free products do you get from companies?
A. I'm not that popular LOL. No, I have never been offered a monetary compensation to alter my opinions on products I have received from a company.
Some people might think that companies shower gurus with free products, but I actually have only gotten a very small amount of free stuff to try out from companies (less than 10). Most of the time the company will ask if you will like something to try out and as a return if you could write or record a review of it. The direction of the review is totally based upon how the recipient felt about the product. It could be a negative or a positive review. That is all. the rest if up to you guys.

-- will be frequently updated (hopefully..)
last updated: November 12, 2010
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New Hair color :D + makeup collection rant(-ish..)

Can anyone tell the difference? :'(
I tried to lighten up and it looks the same as it was before.. arggg

------Added post -------

I feel like I'm cluttering this post, but I don't want to overpost my blog so I might as well just write it here.

I dyed my own hair at home this time! XD
reason being.. 1. I'm conserving cash 2. my stylist is out of town 3. I felt encouraged after watching Kandee's hair dye video (click here to watch)

her method of applying hair dye was really useful, because the biggest challenge of home-dye is avoiding those weird patches and uneven coloring.

But I underestimated the fact that Kandee was actually going for a darker shade and I was going for a lighter shade... So after I applied my formula as instructed I noticed that my roots were evenly colored but the rest of the hair was nearly uncolored!
So I ended up having super light roots with darker ends (T-T)*

I rushed to Rickey's and bought another set of hair dye and had to do a second round... trying to avoid the roots and even out the colors on the rest of my hair.

This is the thing when you're going for a lighter shade. I know that the box instructions say to start from the roots, but every time I went to the salon to get a lighter shade, the salon would leave an inch of roots and dye the rest of my hair, let it sit for 20 minutes AND THEN add colors to my roots.
Reason being: the roots are the newest and healthiest part of our hair and it's most likely to not have any colorings on it so it absorbs the color faster than the rest of your hair.
So if you want even coloring, it is best to do the roots at the end.

Also, a note to my previous post on hair color and red/golden undertones.. I found an additive called "unred" at Rickey's today. I'm sure you could find it at beauty supply stores

It's suppose to eliminate the red undertones you get when you dye your hair.

Based on my experience today (I used Ash Blonde 8 1/2 [with blue undertones] + developer in 40 vol.) it didn't completely eliminate the red/gold tones at the root.. but it was good enough since my hair doesn't seem to have that synthetic glare when I'm under bright lighting.

So, if you're looking for a solution you could try it out (it was 5.99 at Rickey's)

------------- another added rant

I don't know how much you guys enjoy watching makeup collection videos, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching what other people have :D maybe it's because it's like getting a very well-informed tour of a mini cosmetics museum or something like that. So I'm all about makeup collection videos. I try to watch almost every single one out there and drool and envy others' collections.

but.. did you guys ever notice how MAC is somewhat like a status symbol in the makeup world? I mean it's not like MAC is the most expensive and hard-to-get brand out in the market, yet every single time I watch a collection video I can't help but notice how people brush through other brands and always go into micro-details about whatever MAC products they have.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a MAC hater but I guess my mind is still fresh from watching collection videos all day today. I glimpsed into my lip product basket, and I dunno... if I were to make a collection video, I'd probably pick up my favorite gloss (which is an Estee Lauder one) and go on and on and on about how much I love it rather than pointing out all my MACs and skipping other brand ones =/

But, that's just me.

Just because I don't do it doesn't mean others can't.
I still like watching collection videos no matter how big or small one's collection is. And I definitely wouldn't mind whether one had MACs or not, but.. (decided not to write the rest of the sentence -_-; because I'm weird like that >=l)

I was intrigued with the trend within collection videos and I like to ramble my thoughts out loud, so nothing personal and I'm not pointing out specific individuals (-0-)

anyway, sorry about the long post
good night ladies (^-^)~*
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May 26th 2009

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

just.. a FOTD..
because the makeup turned out pretty good :p (or not - blah~)
smokey olive~
video with this look is up- but not a tut =p

-|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
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tips on good pooping

Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
OK, it sounds yucky but I don't think anyone out there could deny the fact that they poop! LOL
So here's the thing about pooping. If you're not pooping regularly, that means something is wrong internally and one of the biggest damages it brings is skin problems on your face (along with bloating, discomfort, stress, etc) . The colors on our body is a reflection of our health. For instance, if someone's white of their eyes have yellow coloring, you know that that person's liver is suffering. Or if someone has black/dark discoloring in their gums, you know they're gums are suffering..etc.

So here's the thing about pooping. If we don't get the poo-poops out of our body, it means that the toxin and waste is just sitting inside our body and if we can't take that out, then obviously our skin is going to start to break out since the toxins aren't properly disposed.

If you see people that suffer from constipation, they're complexions are dark, dull and often have pimples around the cheek and chin area.

Alright, enough of lecturing :p I'll just jump right to the point.

I've actually never suffered from constipation, but I've stumbled across this method by accident and based on my experience.. poopies just keep coming out like there's no tomorrow!

The exact ingredients are 1 bottle of 100% Pomegranate juice (no blends or sweetened juices, and DON'T USE POM, it doesn't work)
and one bottle of Schweppes club soda (Canadian Dry is too weak for this formula)

So all you need to do is mix these two with a ratio of 1:1 in a glass cup and drink it. (It's really yummy too)

I drank 1~2 cups a day and the miracle worked for me. If you have severe constipation, I would recommend 3~4 glasses a day with regular meals (don't starve, please)
(there is no need to change your diet unless you have a very poor diet =/ Always remember your fibers! veggies and greens really are essential to good pooping and great skin!)

If you're just curious and want to try it out - just remember not to go overboard ;) because I do have to warn, you'll burp and fart more than you usually did.

I recommended this method to a lot of ladies around me that complained about constipation, and those that actually took my recommendation seriously and followed through have all been very happy with it. those that just didn't bother still have constipation (-_-;)

So, think it as an investment and try it if you want to push those brownies out :) (oh yuck... I can't believe I said brownies.. now I'm going to gag every time I eat a*t)

* don't forget to keep the cap on the club soda bottle tightly sealed so it doesn't lose its frizz for next time's use.

take care :)

-|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
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Hair Color

Hmm... first off, the former president of S.Korea killed himself yesterday. For a lot of reasons it was very shocking for me, I really hope public figures in Korea would stop taking their lives so easily. ='(

Anyway, so I was looking at a lot of Korean forums due to the sudden death of the ex-president. And I somehow drifted into a hair forum and found the perfect shade I've always wanted!

It's the upper two shades!! (btw, that's Hyori, if anyone was wondering..) the perfect soft mocha-brown with no golden/orange/yellow undertone to it!
It's such a difficult shade, every time I attempted that color at the salon, the results will be more like this.. (it's me btw, when I was a bit younger than now -.-)

the results would always have that golden undertone to it, which I thought (and still kind of think) is a bit tacky. Anyway, I might take Hyori's picture to a salon and ask if they could do the color.

And the situation would prob. go down like this

Me: Hi! um, I really want this specific hair color, and I don't like golden undertones, blah blah
Stylist: Oh, yeah yeah, we could do that color because we use blah blah blah
Me: Ok, let's do it then +_+

(few hours later)

Me: ........ (T_T) I told you I didn't want goldiness in my hair!!!! I'll have to dye it black again!

...its not even the first time
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off to class day to get my... errr...certificate of achievement (blah~~) :D picture is a totally random one :p but off I go~~~
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Foundations Review

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
I've never actually counted how many foundations I have, but after gathering them together, I felt like I should do a review on each of them, since they all have pros and cons :) and on top of that I did get requested on a foundation review, so might as well get it out there :)
사실 모으기만 바빴지, 여지껏 제가 화운데이션이 몇개 있는지 세어보지를 못했네요. 안그래도 화운데이션 리뷰해달라는 요청이 들어와서 겸사겸사 있는거 다 모아서 리뷰해보겠습니다.
so here's the family picture (and it's tilted! LOL)
One of my Chanel foundations is absent, but I guess we can do without her.
쨘! 일단은 가족사진입니다 (헙 -_-;; 사진이 기울어졌....)
샤넬이 하나가 빠졌는데, 뭐 어쨌건 없이도 리뷰할 수 있으니까 일단은 패스하겠습니다.


* Note: After being traumatized with the previous posting's bad quality pictures, I decided to take better pictures with an SLR camera. The colors are superior to a point and shoot camera, yet the down side is that I'm using a portrait lens, so close-ups are impossible. please bear with me =p My photos seem to come out at extreme ends.
* 지난번 포스팅이 너무 화질구지여서 데세랄로 좀 더 정확한 사진 찍기로 했습니다. 뚝딱이 보다 색감도 훨씬 정확하지만.. 제가 80미리 렌즈를 쓰는 바람에 접사는 불가능하네요 ㅠㅠ. 어째 찍는것마다 좀 극과 극인 것 같아요.. ㅎ

* Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup SPF 16 (1Fl Oz/30mL)
I got this in Korea, so I am really not sure if the shades are the same in the North America region but I LOVE how the color is identical to my skin tone. Also it's very light and doesn't get oily easily so it's very good for light summer looks, where you don't want to look like you've been sweating like Santa Claus.
It's a pump type, and doesn't come with other applications

Pros: very light satin finish. Doesn't clog pores, lasts all day
Cons: it's not full coverage, expensive

* Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Creme Compact SPF 15 (0.5Oz net wt.)

I got this one in America. I was actually looking for the pressed powder type foundations from Chanel (the white cases) and they didn't carry it, so had to go with this cream type. I really didn't like it at first, but as you can see I have used a considerable amount of it. I used to use this as a base (since it has more coverage than the Chanel liquid foundation) and pat on the powder foundation from chanel to make it look a bit matte.
This is the thickest of all Chanel foundations I have. It kind of makes you look oily after a while, but considering that it's a cream foundation, it's not to a point where you have to blot every other hour.
It comes with a sponge and a case to put the compact in

Pros: very smooth application, more coverage compared to other Chanels
Cons: kind of creases through out the day, makes you look oily if you have oily skin

* Chanel Blanc Essentiel Light Reflecting Whiting Compact Foundation SPF 25/PA+++ (0.35Oz net wt.)

I got this one in Japan, and my other one (that's absent) in Korea. I think I know why it's only sold in Asia. It's a whiting foundation (which usually sells very well in Asia, since a lot of Asians think that pale and white skin defines beauty -_-;) but the matte-ness of this goddess is AMAZING. I get oily really easily, and when I apply this in the morning and come back home at night, I still look like I'm more on the matte side.
However, if it works well for me, I'm guessing that it will a bit too matte for dry/normal skin types.. so that's what you gals should keep in mind.
comes with a sponge and its case

Pros: very very matte, stays on all day, very gentle on skin, no clogging
Cons: this one in particular has a rosy tone-so it might make you look a bit red if you have a pink undertone, very fragile- if you slightly drop it the powder shatters very easily. if you apply too much, you'll look like a ghost

* Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF6 (1Fl Oz/30mL)
Alright, I guess there's already a ton of reviews out there, but I'll just write mine anyway. I got this foundation for full coverage and oh boy it definitely gives you full coverage. But every time I put this on, I somehow look like I'm tanned... I wonder why.
It doesn't have the pump included

Pros: full coverage with a small amount. very cheap
Cons: it's very obvious where you have this foundation on. for instance, the lines between your chin and neck are too obvious.. this foundation is literally like putting on another layer of skin over your face.
It also takes a very long time for it to sap in

* MAC Studio Fix (15g/.52 US Oz)
A lot of people rave about MAC, but this product actually made me turn away from MAC for a long time. It just doesn't work.. I get sososooooooo oily and clumpy looking whenever I apply this. Especially around my nose pores... there's just these huge holes visible when applied. Anyway, I have come to a realization that MAC's facial products aren't just meant for me.
come's with it's own sponge

Pros: if it fits you, it's one of the best products out there
Cons: if it doesn't fit you, you'll want to cry

* Make Up For Ever Poudre Compact (10g net)
I can't use this because it kind of has the same effect as the revlon colorstay. Once I apply it on my face, it tends to get darker.. yet I might just use it as a bronzer. It has pretty impressive full coverage considering that it's a compact pressed foundation (or powder?)
It comes with it own (practically useless) sponge and velvet case

Pros: full coverage with little usage, very compact & easy to carry around
Cons: Color differences when applied on face, gets a bit oily on oily skin types

* mark. face xpert (11.8mL / 0.4 FL Oz)
I was actually very impressed when I tried this. It's like a cheap alternative for Chanel's liquid foundation, yet it lacks the satin finishing (it's more of a matte finishing than Chanel). But the coverage level and tone is very similar, so if you guys want to try it out, I don't think it will hurt. The only down side is the weird sponge and the structure of the bottle. It says to shake well before using it, but.... it's really hard to get the foundation out.
It comes with an attached sponge

Pros: light, medium coverage, matte finishing, VERY cheap,
Cons: It has a cucumber scent(?) to it, freakin weird structure and sponge

* Bobbi Brown Oil-Free finish compact foundation (.31 Oz/9g)

I think I've raved enough for this foundation. It's my favorite one. I used the word "dry" in the review vid, but it's actually more like becoming matte on your skin, yet retaining the silkiness. (It makes you look dewy!) The foundation is creamy and easy to play around with.
It comes with its own sponge

Pros: very light feeling when applied, great coverage, smooth application, no creasing, silky finish
Cons: dew drops (or I don't know what it is) sometimes form on the foundation and then disappears, hard to use brush or sponge to apply on face (finger seems to be the best solution), runs out pretty quickly

* Lancome Dual Finish (0.67 Oz / 19g)
(hehe, you can see my reflection on the case :p)
I think it's a powder (doesn't say on the back), but this is very matte, so if you want to retouch or blot your oiliness, this powder (or foundation?) will do. It works opposite of the MUFE or Revlon foundation on my face, it actually generates a lighter tone when applied to my face, so too much would mean Kabuki makeup :p
it comes with its own sponge (which is pretty, yet near impractical)

Pros: very matte, doesn't clog pores, reasonable price
Cons: has that Lancome rose scent, not very suitable for pink undertones

* elf glow Minerals Bronzer Shimmer (10g Net wt.)
Alright, maybe I shouldn't bash this product since I've only used it a couple of times. But every time I used it, I really didn't like it. It makes my skin look flaky and doesn't apply well and tends to clog on, or around my pores or what not. =/


* MAC MSF in perfect topping (10g net wt.)
I'm sorrryyyy! I said I was going to let you gals know how I like this product, yet haven't had a chance to open it and use it. I guess I'm too scared it might make me look mad oily or what not. I am expecting it to give me a gentle glow :P will update once I've used it a lot

Hope this helped :)

* As you can see, I try to use as much of the products as I can before I review it. I do believe that there are good and bad days for your face, so I tend not to look at products in a negative way based on one time experiences. I try things out again and again until I have reached a point where my face can't take it anymore. Also, every product reacts differently on individuals, so the reviews are based on my personal experiences :) feel free to correct me on anything!
 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
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HAUL SWATCHES (5/15/2009)

Sorry for the delay. I tried everything to get better lighting, but this house's lighting just makes me want to cry... So, here's a family photo and then I'll do individual swatches.
I didn't do swatches for the mascara, concealer, and MAC blushes

Estee Lauder Take it away total makeup remover in far back

(L-R) Bobbi Brown Duo + included brush, MAC Fafi Powder Blush (Fashion Frenzy), MAC mineralized Blush (Nuance), MOD Lashes (33 &45)

Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow (N IR Blue), Mac Lipsticks (Fast Thrill, Flowerplay, Curtsy), Lancome color fever (Enticing Rose) & Color Design (Plumlicious), Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner (Black Brown)

Shu Uemura Fiber Xtension Mascara, Shu Uemura Pro Spots Concealer (7yr Medium)

* Bobbi Brown Bronzer/Blush Duo (with Face Blender Brush)

(click to enlarge)
One of my best bargains today :) Both colors come off lighter than what you'll expect - which is great for my skin tone. My skin tone is in between NC15 and NC20 and the color pay-off is just right because I look super tacky if the colors on my face are too vibrant :p

* Lancome Crayon Glisse in Rose Gold

I forgot to include this baby in the family picture. Its a pencil type creamy eyeshadow witch could work perfectly for a base! It glides on like butter and so far, I love this! It's a very light pink color with golden undertones - which is VERY similar to MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque

* Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow (N IR Blue)

I've been going crazy over Blue lately and here's another addition to my blue collection :) It's sooooooo pretty! I LOVE <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

These were 2 for 18 dollars :) Since I heart most of Lancome's products, I thought I'd give the lipsticks a try. I have a lot of Lancome's glosses, yet I somehow never had a lipstick. I'm particularly excited about the Color Design Red lipstick.

* Mac Lipsticks

Only the Fast Thrill is a frost, the other two are Lustre lipsticks :) great for all sorts of looks!

* MAC Blushes

MAC Fafi Powder Blush (Fashion Frenzy)& MAC mineralized Blush (Nuance)

Fafi blush is more on the darker pink side. I haven't opened it yet because I might just give it away for a contest. The Mineralized blush is near a golden beige color with a lot of gold shimmer in it. I might give this away too :p that's why I didn't swatch or open it
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is it just me...

or does everyone look different on different angles..

a close-up on the eye makeup.. I went to a classy restaurant and didn't want to look too over dramatic or overly made up. just a nice blend of soft colors. (tut will be up soon :D)

sorry about the graininess :/ iphone camera sucks
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Miss Rose swatches

so, for those of you who asked about the palette. I did make a review thingy, but the lighting was sucky so I decided to just post.
Miss Rose is a chinese brand, and you can get it on ebay by searching for "wet eyeshadow" (it's pretty cheap)

so here are the swatches (click to enlarge :)

w/ flash

w/o flash

my palette is no.1, there's another palette
here's the back of the box where both palette swatches are :)
(click to enlarge)

I don't know why the shadow gets flaky when I rub my brushes on them, but if you put it on your eye lids, they apply on a more creamier way. err, hard to explain, but the color payoffs are pretty good :) it's like in the middle of dry powdered eyeshadow and cream eyeshadow.

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A Solution to easy brush washing

I've been using EnKore's way of manually washing brushes one by one with my hands and it is just toooooo time consuming when things pile up. I was looking through drawers the other day and discovered a new sponge that was never used. It's from Whole Foods, and its 100% biodegradable (I think it was like 5.99 for two in a package) which means it won't be leaking any chemicals that might irritate my face.

This is the product name that was on the band

(click to enlarge)

and this is how the sponge looks like.

(the hair on the sponge is my CS brush shedding like crazy -_-)

It has thick fibers intertwined and all you have to do it soak the sponge, add some gentle shampoo on it and rub your brushes gently on it 3-5 times, which will make the shampoo lather, and then its completely clean! rinse the brush under running water and let it dry in the shade on a towel.

I'm so happy I finally found an easy way to wash my brushes! those that can get a grip of these sponges, try it at homeeeee! I totally recommend it ^0^*
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Color Lenses swatches

just for those that were curious :)

my current lenses and some that I used to wear like... 4~5 years ago

- Catalina -

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Anna Sui + Target

I was looking at my twitter today and saw yu11 (she has such a sweet personality) had posted a tweet on Anna Sui getting together with target (more followup here)
This makes me quite jealous of those who actually have Target near by. There are huge huge Target advertisement billboards flashing on Times Square, but there's actually no Target there!!

it's only the stupid billboards messing around with people's head making them wonder where on earth the actual store is? (A. there is no bloody target in Manhattan T-T..)
Anyway, I hope the line comes out soon so I could give myself an excuse to go visit Target in nearly a decade.
spread the word~~!! and hurry come September!

Big shout out for yu11 (or Amilica <3)!!
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Haul + mini review (redundant? kindda..)

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
This is weird, since ya'll should know pretty much in detail about it.
but anyway, I was in the mood to take a picture so I threw my recent haul items on the bed and took a picture. I can't get swatches since its past 2:00 in the morning and I gave my dad my Canon G9 a month ago.., so I'm using an SLR to take all my pictures lately and it is wayyyy to heavy to take a close up and hold the camera with one hand. I need somebody to help me on swatches~~ sorry about that =/
벌써 이 화장품들에 대해 얘기한 적이 있어서 디테일하게 들어가는게 좀 이상할 것 같지만, 갑자기 사진을 찍고 싶어서 최근 산 물건들을 침대에 던져 놓고 셔터를 좀 눌렀어요. 새벽 2시가 지나서 발색도 어렵고, 얼마전에 아부지한테 제 캐논 G9을 드려서 SLR로 사진을 찍는데, 손에 익지 않아서 무겁고 접사하기가 넘 어렵네요 ㅠㅠ. 접사 발색샷을 도와줄 사람이 급해요~~!!
but I'll try to list some pros and cons on the items after a considerable amount of using them (I don't want to jump to conclusions =/)
발색은 일단 접더라도, 지금껏 써온 제품들의 장단전들을 좀 써볼께요 (확실히 이건 좋고 이건 나쁘다라고 섣불리 판단하고 싶진 않고, 그냥 지금껏 느꼈던 느낌들입니다).

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L-R: MAC MSF (Perfect Topping), MAC Paint Pot (Rubenesque), Dejavu (Fiberwig), MAC (Black Tied, Pink Venus), Bobbi Brown (Oil-free even finish compact foundation in #2 Sand), benefit (High Beam), Anna Sui eyelash curler, Mac (Sky Blue, Bitter) and a Mac Palette
* Bobbi Brown Oil-Free even Finish foundation ★★★★★ (바비 브라운 오일 프리 이븐 피니쉬 파운데이션)
I usually don't buy back ups because cosmetics go to waste really easily and I don't like piling up on stuff that I might not use. However, this is one of those that I actually went out and buoght backups in fear of it being discontinued. I've been in love with this creamy, instant drying foundation ever since I bought it. The foundation itself is a creamy foundation, but it instantly dries and perfectly sets into your skin once applied. No clumping or clogging. I can't say enough but I really recommend this for those seeking good foundation
전 화장품은 변질이 쉬워서 백업 제품사는 걸 꺼려하는 경우가 많아요. 그리고 괜히 쓰지도 않을 물건들을 사재기 하는 것도 좋 그렇고.. 하지만, 바비 브라운에서 나온 이 파운데이션은 입에서 절로 탄성이 나올 정도로 좋아요! 너무 좋아서 혹시 단종될까 싶은 오지랖에 당장 백화점에 뛰어가서 백업을 살 정도로 좋아요! 굉장히 부드러우면서도 피부에 닿는 순간 스며들듯이 밀착이 되서 화장이 들뜨지도 않아요. 뭉치거나 밀리지도 않구요. 좋은 파운데이션 찾는 분들에게 권하고 싶어요~ 바비 천사파데가 유명하긴 해도, 전 이게 더 좋아요! :)
* Fiberwig ★★★★★ (화이버위그 마스카라)
So far I have used it like 5-6 times and it is very similar to Blinc's Kiss me mascara, only a bit more moist. If you want to lengthen your lashes with out it clumping or shedding, I think this mascara is a very good investment :)
I sometimes sound like a Japan worshiper, but when it comes to cosmetics, I REALLY REALLY think that Japanese makeup are divine (for Asians, at least). Japanese cosmetics are mostly targeted towards their domestic market, so it suits Asians and whatever shortcomings (?) we could face. Anyway, I really like this mascara.
지금껏 한 대여섯번 정도 썼는데 전설의 키스미 마스카라하고 비슷하지만, 조금 도 촉촉한 느낌이랄까요? 속눈썹을 길게 연출하고 싶지만, 뭉치고 가루날림이 걱정이라면, 이 마스카라를 한번 추천해 봅니다.
가끔 제가 일제를 너무 좋아하는 것 같아 들릴 수도 있지만, 화장품의 세계에선 동양인에게 적합한 화장품을 만드는데엔 아직까진 일본이 갑인 것 같아요. 일제 화장품은 주로 일본국내 시장을 타겟하지만, 비슷한 구조를 가진 이웃나라 사람들에게도 굉장히 잘 맞는 것 같아요. 어쨌든 이 마스카라 추천입니다!
* High Beam ★★★✩✩(베네핏 하이빔)
It does give you an instant glow, but if you have oily or combination skin, this bad boy isn't suited for up coming summer. It gets greasy wayyy tooo easily. it gives you a nice glow if you wear it during winter, but summer is just disastrous :(
I had one bottle before and used it to give some glow and dimension to my face (and it was during winter), so I guess the weather was cold and dry back then and I never noticed that it'll make me look this greasy. seriously, I looked like I was soaked with oil within 2 hours after applying this on my face :'(
즉각적인 글로시함을 표현하긴 하지만... 저처럼 유분이 많거나 지성인 분들에게는 추천하고 싶지 않아요. 특히 여름화장엔 완전 노노... 몇십분도 안지나서 어찌나 얼굴이 떡이 지는지, 건조한 겨울이라면 모를까 여름철이나 습한 곳에서는 절대 쓰지 마세요.
전 이게 두병짼데, 첫번째 병을 썼을때는 춥고 건조한 겨울이라 그런지 얼굴에 그런대로 글로시한 느낌을 줄 수 있었는데, 지금와서 다시 써보니 확실히 여름이나 조금만 따뜻한 날씨에도 쉽게 반응하는 것 같아요. 아주 진지하게 말씀드리자면, 전 이거 여름에 쓰면 어디 기름통에 얼굴을 담그다 온 것 같아요 ㅡ.ㅡ 아 완전 비추해요!
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