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Hair Color

Hmm... first off, the former president of S.Korea killed himself yesterday. For a lot of reasons it was very shocking for me, I really hope public figures in Korea would stop taking their lives so easily. ='(

Anyway, so I was looking at a lot of Korean forums due to the sudden death of the ex-president. And I somehow drifted into a hair forum and found the perfect shade I've always wanted!

It's the upper two shades!! (btw, that's Hyori, if anyone was wondering..) the perfect soft mocha-brown with no golden/orange/yellow undertone to it!
It's such a difficult shade, every time I attempted that color at the salon, the results will be more like this.. (it's me btw, when I was a bit younger than now -.-)

the results would always have that golden undertone to it, which I thought (and still kind of think) is a bit tacky. Anyway, I might take Hyori's picture to a salon and ask if they could do the color.

And the situation would prob. go down like this

Me: Hi! um, I really want this specific hair color, and I don't like golden undertones, blah blah
Stylist: Oh, yeah yeah, we could do that color because we use blah blah blah
Me: Ok, let's do it then +_+

(few hours later)

Me: ........ (T_T) I told you I didn't want goldiness in my hair!!!! I'll have to dye it black again!

...its not even the first time
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