Miss Rose swatches

so, for those of you who asked about the palette. I did make a review thingy, but the lighting was sucky so I decided to just post.
Miss Rose is a chinese brand, and you can get it on ebay by searching for "wet eyeshadow" (it's pretty cheap)

so here are the swatches (click to enlarge :)

w/ flash

w/o flash

my palette is no.1, there's another palette
here's the back of the box where both palette swatches are :)
(click to enlarge)

I don't know why the shadow gets flaky when I rub my brushes on them, but if you put it on your eye lids, they apply on a more creamier way. err, hard to explain, but the color payoffs are pretty good :) it's like in the middle of dry powdered eyeshadow and cream eyeshadow.