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Review on Cleansers + some info on skin and diet

These short reviews are based on my personal experiences. My skin is more or less dehydrated on the surface yet gets very oily really quickly. Also my skin is more on the sensitive side so please keep that in mind too :) I'm not picky with the brand and I don't have any wrinkles and I don't want my skin any lighter. The only factor I consider is "Will it help me prevent my sporadic break outs?".
Here's a tip ladies.
To prevent breaking out is to eat right, drink a lot of water and to keep your skin hydrated. It may seem odd, since oily skin types are more prone to acne, and people might think that they should dab whatever excessive grease on their face and keep it matte and dry.
WRONG. drying out your natural oil will make you more and more oilier down the road. Our body reacts to external factors. If you keep taking away the oily layer, our body is going to think that it needs to produce more oil to keep that natural layer since it is essential for our skin. So never try to make your skin squeaky dry. That is just asking for more oil.

Also, same with starving.. Please don't starve yourselves. It may seem like a shortcut to weight loss but it is actually a shortcut to fat deposit. Threat your body well, since it is a known fact that it is not the fat we are losing, it is the water weight we are losing. Fat does not disappear, it has to be burned. If you lose a lot of water, the fat density is going to get gooier in your blood which makes your blood sticky. Also, if you repeat skipping meals and starving yourself, you are gearing your body into a fat storage. Your body will be deprived of so much energy that is needed from food, it will grab on to anything that comes in and will have a tendency to conserve it. That means your metabolism goes down, your body tries to slow down everything and losing weight through exercise (if you decide to work out, thank god!) will be harder for you than a regular meal eater.

I should have written that on another post, sorry if I'm jamming random stuff into a single blog post :p

so back to the cleanser reviews...
here goes-

Dior Rinse-Off Cleansing Foam

I ended up using two bottles of this product. I don't think you'll feel ripped off with this product. You have to squeeze some out and lather the formula on your face to make it foamy, and it will basically take away all the heavy makeup. But I wouldn't recommend it to people with dry skin type. It gives you that tight feeling after you pat your face dry. You have to apply lotion right away, that's how strong this baby is. It strips away a lot of oil on your face.


Skinfood green tea foam cleanser
I know a lot of SKINFOOD stuff is coming into the states (you could find them in walgreens), but I think it's more like sheet masks and stuff. Anyway, this stuff is good. It's a Korean brand, and their brand image is food you feed your skin instead of eating it yourself.
I used a total of three bottles. I would usually use one per semester (roughly 16 weeks) and bought these every time I went back to Korea. I'm not sure if this particular cleanser is still around, but I loved it. It's a bit too light to erase heavy makeup, but it is def. one of the better cleansers out there to use in the morning.


Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
I used the one where three small ones came as a set. I usually have very bad luck with most of Clinique's products (they have a strong ethanol smell..blah~) but these were the best ones I've dealt with so far. They don't leave any soapy residues and are quite good for just washing your bare face in the morning. They are too weak to be converted as makeup removers.


Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam
I became addicted to foam cleansers after skinfood, so I bought this one because it was (a) cheap cheap cheap (b) acne solution caught my eye (c) I wanted a foam cleanser to replace my beloved skinfood
Hmm.. I don't have anything bad to say since my acne situation didn't get worse. It just never cured my acne, hence, no solution.. BOO :(
It's just ok. nothing special about it. I think Neutrogena stuff works better on acne


Neutrogena Oil-Free AcneWash

I give this product a lot of credit for stopping crazy break outs. I used this during my freshman year, and that was when I gained my freshman 15 and was so stressed out, I was breaking out like an acne monster. I used this with a combination of Cetaphil lotion, and my skin cleared out after I used up a bottle. But I really wouldn't recommend it to the dry-skinners.. It really really pulls out so much of the oil.. your face will actually feel like cracking up if you don't apply enough lotion after usage.


Lancome Bi-Facil Eye makeup remover.
One of the most famous makeup remover products out in the market. I think this is one of the longest surviving Lancome products that hasn't been hit by discontinuation.
I've used several bottles of this, and it has two layers. One is the more watery colored layer, and the other is the blue-tinted part. After shaking it (to mix the two), all you have to do it apply a small amount on your eye lids and wipe it off.
I think the product works great. Except it leaves a oily layer and has that strong rosy scent (the famous Lancome smell) to it.
Overall I think it lives up to its reputation :)


Dior Cleansing Milk

Horrible.. horrible..
It's suppose to be soft and gentle on the skin, but my face always had that tingly burning sensation after usage. Also, I don't know why there was such a rave about this product. One of the worst products I've ever used. Can't even clean out basic foundation. Two thumbs down.


Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
One of the hidden treasures in drug stores. When I was in Korea, almost every dermatologist recommended Cetaphil. It's weird at first use because it doesn't foam or anything. It's just this gooey, liquid that you use to wash your face. It is extremely moisturizing (or more on the oilier side, i guess) and leaves a layer of moisty feel on your face. It's really really gentle on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, this is one of the cleansers you should go with.


DDF Acne Scrub

It's the one that am currently using. I used to use this with Clinique's Acne solutions, but after I ran out of that, I'm just using this twice, daily. It has micro beads in it, so I guess it exfoliates the skin :) I love the smell of it and used to love it when I started off with it, but I don't think it improved my acne situations. Also, the freaky thing about it is what is written on the back

.. are you kidding me -_-?


Lancome HUILE DOUCEUR Remove-All Deep Cleansing Oil

It's one of the more okay products. It takes away a lot of heavy makeup without much effort. The only thing is, if you have a lot of eye makeup going on, or if you have loads of waterproof mascara on, you'll have to kind of put some force on to rubbing the stuff off.
I didn't have a problem with it. But for some reason, I feel reluctant to buy the product again.


SHU UEMURA Skin Purifier cleansing beauty oil

I always try to promote this already famous product. I fell in love with it the moment I started using it. It's for eye makeup removal, but I will always pump some extra and erase my whole face with it. Considering that it is an oil-based cleanser, some might get concerned that it will leave a oily residue, but it really is at the minimal level compared to other products. It's very very gentle on the skin, and powerfully erases so much stuff off with barely any effort needed.
I love love love love this product >_<)b


POND's Clean sweep


Sephora Face Eye makeup remover
OMG... I have a lot of faith in Sephora products (just because sephora is owned and managed by LVMH.. -_-;; I believe they will have better quality products that some BS company..) but anyway, I was looking for a more cheaper makeup remover, and I bought this..
After using it once, I had terrible reactions. My eyes swelled up, I started to develop dry skin flakes around my eye, my eye lids were irritated and itchy to a point where I had to take medication..
First I thought it was something else, and later one, every time I tried to use this makeup remover again, my reactions got worse and worse.
I wonder why, but I had a really really bad experience with this particular remover =/
Sensitive skin people, don't even try this remover.. really not worth the risk


Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
I first thought it would be a foam type cleanser, but it has a shampoo-y texture to it and you have to lather the formula on your hands and them use the foam to wash your face. I would say it is suitable to rinse off makeup, but mascara and waterproof eyeliners resist this baby. But Foundation and other stuff come out pretty easily. Like all other Neutrogena products, I find this product very drying too. Have to apply tons of lotion right after I'm done washing my face.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub
This gel-like cleanser has that minty refreshing feeling to it along with huge microbeads in it. It doesn't deep clean enough to remove heavy makeup, but is suitable for normal cleansing along with exfoliating. I found it too harsh on my skin (I'm more on the sensitive side), so I ended up using it as a foot scrub every time I took a shower.. -_-;; It sounds gross, but for those who like to wash their feet thoroughly should consider this as a feet cleanser. It's so refreshening and cool :D

- Sorry about the late update :p I'm sick and busy at the same time T-T

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getting ready for summer

Ok, summer is coming up and decided to seriously work out again. I've always had a problem with my body image (and still do) and have tried every single diet out in the market and there is nothing else than workout + diet control that can make you healthier and fitter.

For some reason I've lost 10 lbs from my heaviest point in a period of 4 weeks, and I'm kind of worried about my health.
I decided to run 45 minutes (remember, your body doesn't start burning fat until after 20 minutes of running. so if you run 10 minutes everyday, you're not burning any fat. just the carbs.. so if I ran 45 mins, that just means i burned 25 minutes of fat.. BOO!)
stair steppers 20 mins, some arm exercise and ab workout sets
.. and relax in the jacuzzi at the end of the day..
(or is this a goal larger than life? LOL)

I don't want to get skinny or anything, but I really want to get fit with no flabby love handles hanging out =/

I'll let you guys know if I have some progress along the road.

(just wanted to post a goal publicly so I could commit to it :p)
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aww, so purrrdy <3

Amuro latest ViVi ^^

I love her hair!

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L.A. Girl Mega Pearl Shine anybody?

I've been meaning to do a review on these eye shadows, but never had the time to do it =/

I think a lot of you are more familiar with LA colors, but I think this is a sister branch or the same company with differently named products.

here's the bunch I bought like a month ago from cherry culture
I had a discount, so each shade was under 3 dollars.

(click to enlarge :)

kamikaze, crystal cocktail, purple hooter , Strawberry Daiquiri
mint julep, sangria, pina colata, lemon drop
mimosa, blue passion, hurricane, pink tutu
silver fizz, bellini tini, frozen rose, avalanche

so that was the family picture (with flash)

and here are individual swatches (w/ flash & w/o flash - natural lighting while raining outside), click to enlarge :)

(L -> R): Bellini Tini, Mimosa, lemon drop, Pina Colata

* -------------------------------------------------------- *

(L->R): Pink Tutu, Frozen Rose, Strawberry Daiquiri, Purple Hooter, Sangria

* -------------------------------------------------------- *

(L->R): Mint Julep, Blue Passion, Kamikaze, Hurricane, Crystal Cocktail
(I just love the blue tones!!!)

* -------------------------------------------------------- *

Silver Fizz & Avalanche

* -------------------------------------------------------- *

my verdict

overall quality ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
packaging ★ ★ ☆☆☆
price ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I think this is very similar to the miss rose palette I did a review on
it is soft and I guess more on the wet e/s type and it is very sparkly

when applied to skin it is flaky and at the same time cakey (if that makes sense..)
you have to smear it out several times to make it look smooth. When applied to eyelids, it's more on the cakier side.
But aside of that, it is hella cheap, and the colors are vibrant. Once you get used to using them, smudging out the colors won't be a big deal.
also, they are the same size as the MAC shadows, so if you like shrinking everything into compact stuff like me, you could depot these and put them in any palette (elf, coastal scents, mac.. you name it)

the shell of the packaging is very flimsy so be careful when dropping it

----------- (etc.) -------------

oh, and here's a picture of my missing baby =/
I think I took a picture of her and then put it back into the MAC bag and threw her away while I was moving...
If anyone sees her, please tell her to come home to mommy

MAC Lollipop Loving
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I need some goals

sorry, this ain't a beauty post.
I just need to set some goals to beautify my life and have some structure so I won't regret how I wasted my twenties.

short term goals

- work out everyday
(and not just swimming.. like cardio and sweating and all that sexy stuff -_-;;)

- fix speech presentation
(ugh, I can't seem to get that SoCal influence out of my life.. I put "like" in between every single word, I mumble, ummm a lot, and so on..) I really sound weird when I speak, so I should work on that

- read ..
(I haven't finished a single non-school-related book this year.. yet!!.. I feel embarrassed..)

- respond!!
(phone calls, text, comments, e-mails, and real-life conversation in general.. )

long term goals

- really have to cut out snacking and cheese from my life
- learn how to take care of people
- get into a habit of sitting straight.
- learn another language

..anything else?

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P&G phasing out Max Factor in US (2010)

uh-oh...bad news for Max Factor fans!
I haven't tried other stuff, but I love LOVE Max Factor's mascaras. Funny thing is, if you read the article, it is quite true. I can totally relate to it. I learned about Max Factor when I was in Korea while I was talking about makeup with with my Korean friends and this Japanese girl who tagged along. Max Factor is def. more appreciated in Asia, and it would make total sense for MF to focus more on the global market if that's where most of the revenue is derived.

If you look at Japanese magazines, the most used US-mascaras seem to be MAX FACTOR mascaras and the intense XXL® Volume + Length Washable Microfiber Mascara from Maybelline (or not? this is just based on my shallow observation)

Anyway, aside of all the babbling, MF is pulling out of the US market.. NEXT YEAR!
I should start piling up back-ups before 2010 comes and I have to buy MF overseas with a ridiculous price =/

---------- Here's the article in whole --------------------

P&G phasing out Max Factor in US

By DAN SEWELL – 3 days ago

CINCINNATI (AP) — The Procter & Gamble Co. plans to phase out U.S. distribution of the century-old Max Factor makeup brand, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

The Cincinnati-based consumer products maker said it plans to keep selling Max Factor overseas, where its sales have been strongest, even after it ends U.S. sales of Max Factor products in early 2010.

Spokeswoman Anitra Marsh said sales of CoverGirl makeup have risen the past eight years and are nearing $1 billion a year, while Max Factor sales, which total $1.2 billion a year globally, have been better overseas.

The two brands are sold widely by U.S. drugstores and other large retailers and online.

Max Factor was founded by a Russian immigrant who had worked as a makeup artist for the Royal Ballet in pre-revolutionary Russia, according to Procter and Gamble's Web site. After moving to the United States in 1904, Factor opened an eponymous makeup and perfume concession at the World's Fair in St. Louis, Mo. In January 1909, he founded a Los Angeles theatrical makeup shop where he developed and packaged the first greasepaint in cream form, according to the site.

P&G credits Factor with the idea of matching makeup to a person's natural coloring and with inventing cake makeup, first for movie actors, and then popularizing the use of makeup by women across the country at the end of the Great Depression.

P&G acquired the brand from Revlon Inc. in 1991.


the link :
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Hi! and some Hair care tips +@

Hello everyone-
I am literally lying in bed and unable to get up (I've been moving for a couple of days, and my back and shoulders are so sore...)
check out the mess I have to deal with ='/ (and it's only one side of a room! T-T)

I felt bad for being MIA for a couple of days, so I'll drop some hair care tips I've learned here and there throughout my life

Rule #1

It's basically the 101 of hair care, but never flat iron, curl or apply heat on wet hair. Blow drying isn't that healthy for your hair either. It is best to let it air dry but if you don't have time, try blow drying your hair with cool/warm air before you start straightening it

Also, if you want to brush your hair while it's wet, avoid dense combs or brushes and try to use a wooden comb with large teeth (what's the name of it? I totally forget.. anyway)

No yanking or twisting.. Also, never tie your hair when it's wet. I can't stress this enough, but just let your hair dry out before you do anything to it. Your hair is very vulnerable when it is wet and if you mistreat it, it will become damaged really easily.

Rule #2

rub your hair on what? I meant, don't rub your hair against each other, especially when your towel drying your hair. that's just asking for trouble. =/

Rule #3

I don't know what the difference is, but my stylist would always tell me that cutting your hair with scissors (like craft scissors or regular scissors we use daily) is very bad for your hair. Maybe it's because the blade is blunt? I really don't know the reason to it, but if a professional says so, I just tend to bow down and follow their instructions.

I've read in a magazine before that Brittney Spears would have a Japanese handmade $3,000 scissors to trim her hair or ends, and discard it after a one-time-use to keep her hair in top condition. Obviously, this was when she was all popular and more focused on her singing career, but I guess scissors do matter. So if you trim your own hair or bangs at home, go to a beauty supply store and buy yourself some professional scissors for the sake of you hair~

Rule #4

Split ends are like the ugly pimple on a beautiful face. It just makes your hair look flaky and dull and dry. If you start to spot split ends, go to the salon and get them trimmed out. They tend to tangle, which will make your hair harder to brush through, and the split ends cause more split ends, eventually spreading them ugly splits all over the end of your hair. They can't be cured or glued back together, so just forget about it and trim your hair every once in a while. That will make your hair healthier.

Rule #5

Applying hair dye or constant perming will seriously damage your hair. It is the best to let it as it is. Whatever alternation you give to your hair will involve harsh chemicals, and doing that too often will damage your hair and the roots.
So unless it is totally necessary, don't be too harsh on your hair. You might look all fab and gorgeous at the moment, but in the long run, you are more likely to the victim of hair loss and balding. Or worse, you could suffer from scalp-burns (if you use too much chemicals), and could have empty patches in your head.
Always try to understand what the trade-off is for beauty, and think properly and know what risk you are willing to take before you jump at anything

Rule #6

It's not just about your shampoo bottles, but always have a good habit of looking at the ingredients listed at the back of whatever you are eating or putting on your body. It has direct contact with you so you wouldn't want to risk anything harmful by being careless.
So go check and see if your shampoo contains SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE (or simply SLS). It is a cheap chemical that is used as cleaning agents for garage floors etc. Many manufactures put this in to make the "foam" of the shampoo, but I don't think anyone could say "Geez! that's so healthy and good for my hair!"
Try to go with shampoos that are made of natural ingredients and avoid dangerous products that contain SLS. If you are not sure, you could always call costumer service of the company and ask for the ingredients list.

------------- personal brag? or so LOL ---------------

Ok, I'm not the socially active kind of person. I like being by myself and looking at the wall and mumbling stuff to myself while rocking back and forth.. (not really, lol) but, anyway! when it comes to makeup, I have no connections whatsoever. I'm like this outsider of this huge industry and I never thought of getting to know anyone in it because the people that are surrounding me are more like bankers, wannabe bankers, consultants, wannabe consultants, law school kids, wannabe law school kids, dorks or wannabe dorks.. -_- I mean, you get what I mean, right?
I don't have anyone who is even remotely related to the fab-glam of the makeup world around me. And I'm like come on! it's NYC! the mecca of MUAs!!

But, going back to the point I was trying to make. So, while I was busy with moving around the other day, I got a chance to meet someone. She's not a professional MUA, but the cool thing about her job is, she is the person who is actually purchasing all the products for the show (and shall I say, the show = one of the most famous musicals on Broadway?! - no more details for the person's privacy). So she is constantly at the MAC PRO store (she said that the entire crew uses only MAC products) and the company has so much leftovers or over-purchased stuff (like stuff they bought, but never got a chance to use) they have to get rid of it as quickly as they keep on purchasing new stuff.
So she sold two new PowerPoint eyeliners (engraved) and a pro LE e/s all for 25 dollars (and they were all new and boxed/packaged - awesome! Retail price would be $40.00 + NY tax of 8.75% or so) to me. I told her I'm a recent graduate with no life -_- and only with the love of makeup, she laughed and told me that she'll def. let me know first when she had stuff to get rid of for a fairly cheap price.
Ohhh, how I wish it was like a huge variety of products =/ I mean I'm cool with MAC, but it would be nice to get all sorts of new stuff for such cheap prices =p

Ha! so that proves my theory.
I have always thought that paying full price for MAC was foolish (it is just my personal theory and weird way of logic). You could somehow wriggle around and find a way to pay less for MAC stuff since it is so popular, and everybody has it - it is very easy to get things cheap compared to Chanel or Shu Uemura products.

anyway, there's going to be no video for that, since it was just a personal route of getting stuff. But, always keep your eyes open~ You never know what good things will happen to you!

Have a good one ladies


* PS. just a couple of pictures of the entrance of the MAC Pro shop in New York. I thought it was so ghetto, I just had to take pictures on my very first trip there.

the buzzer.. to the secret society.. LOL

the building it's in. No sign, no nothing... it was just so weird for me =/ and across the street, there's a huge regular MAC store
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