I need some goals

sorry, this ain't a beauty post.
I just need to set some goals to beautify my life and have some structure so I won't regret how I wasted my twenties.

short term goals

- work out everyday
(and not just swimming.. like cardio and sweating and all that sexy stuff -_-;;)

- fix speech presentation
(ugh, I can't seem to get that SoCal influence out of my life.. I put "like" in between every single word, I mumble, ummm a lot, and so on..) I really sound weird when I speak, so I should work on that

- read ..
(I haven't finished a single non-school-related book this year.. yet!!.. I feel embarrassed..)

- respond!!
(phone calls, text, comments, e-mails, and real-life conversation in general.. )

long term goals

- really have to cut out snacking and cheese from my life
- learn how to take care of people
- get into a habit of sitting straight.
- learn another language

..anything else?