FOTD 081109 + new colored lenses

wearing Ch622 in natural lighting

one close up, one mug shot.
they don't look that artificial :p (i think) but if the flash goes off, the colored part is def. going to stand out!

* A note on these new lenses.
I've only tried on two pairs, and maybe I need some time to get used to them. Compared to freshlooks lenses, I feel like these geo lenses are a bit thicker, thus rolls around on the surface of my eye a bit more than the freshlooks.
Also, when I blink, the lens just stays where it is so my eyes roll back and not the lens, and when I open my eye, it is a split second, but you could kind of see the syndication get out of wack. I feel a bit of pressure on my eyes, but please keep in mind that my eyes are very very sensitive and have had many problems in the past, so it could just be my problem. :)
Other than that, I like these since they don't look too obvious in real life, especially in indoor settings