Grabs of the day

Hi everyone :)
The weather here is was piping hot when I went out, and pouring like madness when I was walking back home, and the rain stopped the moment I stepped into my building.. =/
Anyway, here's some new goodies I got today :) Some are for myself, and some are for the sub-gifts of the giveaway I recently had on YT.

Family shot :)

Bunch of Lancomes :) They all smell soooo good

An Armani Set :) the mascara and eyeshadow is just what I wanted!
the eye pencil is like the bummer =/ but oh well, I'll try to make use of it

*Typo: intesne (x) intense (o) :p

Nina Ricci's primer-ish stuff.
not very impressed on the first use..

Benefit Powder pop! palette :D

Lancome pencils

Eyeshadow :D whoo hoo~

Nameless brand's shadows. They were $1.99.. can't go wrong with that :p