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Err.. A Goo Hara Look

I think lower lashlines have a lot to do with how I look. I didn't emphasize so much on my lower lashlines today, and my made up look looks.. somewhat.. weird =/
I did a tut on this look today (still editing) and will post a video on this post when the video is up.

It was a Goo Hara inspired look.. and.. haha, I realized that it wasn't all about makeup, it's all about her dolly face!

Anyway, the whole thing was about her Cat eyes, or rather, fish-tail eyes.
here's a blow up of her eyes.

And I think it was one of the most uncomfortable tutorials ever. The lenses kept drying out my eyes and I was literally squinting and crying the whole tutorial. And for some reason, I look like I aged 10 years since last tut. =/ maybe it's because of all the junk food I am eating lately. Or because my stress level has shot up like crazy.

Anyway, here's a look of the finished look (I'm not trying to say I look anything like Hara, I just liked her makeup -_-;)
this is after the tut.. wasn't really happy with it.. I might not post it

And here's an evening shot w/o the blue lenses and after a nap.
check out how the eyeliner didn't smudge at all! even after a nap! (and trust me, I'm a wild napper. I roll all over the place)

Anyway, just another FOTD
here's my very unhealthy diet :'(

Sep. 2. 2009 (Wed)

Breakfast: Cheerio + nonfat milk + OJ + Coffee
Lunch: Big fat PIzza (my demons!!) consisted of cheese + black olives + jalapeno peppers + pineapple + mushrooms
Dinner: Twirlly pasta with 100% tomato sauce mixed with mushrooms + kale + a fake sausage patty

Sep. 03. 2009 (Thu)

Same stuff all over again
Breakfast (it's pretty much ALWAYS this. sometimes a bagel is thrown in, but not lately)
Lunch: left over pizza
Dinner: Skipping because somebody couldn't manage their time

I shouldn't eat pizza anymore.. it's making me thirsty all day long :p

So, let me know what your demon food is. I'm curious!

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