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I dyed my hair (again..)

OMG, I totally forgot that I had Blogtv today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just realized it!!

I'm sorry guys T_T
I will hold a session from 11:00 AM - till however long (EST) on Sunday afternoon September 20th (today).
Please come join me then.

I've been really hating my roots coming out because my hair is always on the messy side, and the root/hair color difference made me look worse. Also fall/winter is right around the corner and I felt no need to keep the bright colors since I really don't think light colors are worth keeping during cold weathers (you kindda look.. out of place..).
So, I took a stroll to Rickey's and debated between "medium brown", "medium ash brown" and "light ash brown".

I know that brown with red undertones are in at the moment, but I have a really hard time copping with that since I have a prejudice of that particular color (it's just me, I'm weird about a lot of things).

So, I first bought light ash brown and then changed my mind to medium ash brown.
I wanted a specific color, and it's the Tyra color. Well, just the brown part, not the red highlighty parts.

The color in this photo looks a bit off, but if you watch America's next top model you'll know what I mean.
I wanted a much more darker color with barely any golden undertones to it.. and I think I failed -_-;;

I might have to dye it again sometime later since I don't want to torture my hair too much.
Below is a reference video where Tyra's hair color is shown. Love the intensity of her color :)

and I just made a video to let you guys know what I used and some before/after photos

* Some updates on me *

I have these phases... and I recently recovered from a cream shadow craze.. and now I'm slipping into a foundation craze.. - _ -;;
I really don't know how to control my spending issues..

I have to start my project 50 pan project or something like that so I can stop myself..
I literally feel like I need professional help.. and I'm not even joking T_T

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