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My.. err.. Princess mirror

hahahahaha, some of you guys commented about the princess mirror in my haul video. It's from Beauty Credit and was 2000 won, which is like $1.80 - really cheap. My friend laughed at me saying that she never saw anyone purchase such thing (since these are more freebie-ish things they easily give out). But ANYWAY, I thought it was funny and wanted one so I can carry it around and use it when needed.

The problem is... either the mirror is too small, or my freakin face is too big. (I think it's both).
My face doesn't fit in the mirror when held close, so I have to extend my arm .. and by doing that, I can't see the details on my face. (rawr!!)

So I decided to give it to my penguin.

LOL problem is, their faces are quite big too LOL.
see how small the mirror is..

I don't even know what to do with this LOL
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