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Review: MAC Snob

All the MAC stores that I used to go to were always out of snob. :'( Although it is a pretty popular color, it seemed super hard for me to get. But anyways, I finally got my hands on it today - and I have to say I like it a lot :)
Unlike many of the popular discontinued or limited edition lipsticks, snob is an ongoing color that is particularly loved during the summer.
The price is the same as all other MAC lipsticks - 14.00 (+tax) dollars in the US

When you look at it, it looks more pinkish than when it is swatched on your lips.
Even the swatch on my hand looks like a pinky-purple tone.
When applied to lips, the MAC sample (on lower left) is the nearest color.

Since a lot of people have reviewed Snob with Saint Germain, I compared it with Angel.
I think the colors go by the order of St. Germain - Snob - Angel: as St. Germain being the lightest and angel the darkest.
As you can see, snob has a more lavender touch to it, which will make it your lips look more paler than what angel will do.

If you apply the lipstick, you'll notice how dry the finishing is. Like many MAC lipsticks, if you don't prep your lips or have dry and flakey lips like I do, it's going to be really hard to apply and blend in the color. A lot of it gets gooed on to your flakes or in between the cracks on your lips.

Cleansing: I used eye & lip makeup remover to erase the lipstick. Still chunks are stuck here and there, so you should throughly remove the lipstick.

* My thoughts on Snob*

I personally love love lavender-pink shades, so this lipstick is perfect for me. However, if you have very dry lips (like me!) or have a dark tan or skin tone, this could make you look a bit sick since it is on the pale side with purple undertones to it.
Also, the lipstick doesn't seem to last long, especially after talking a lot, or carefully eating food. If you are planning to wear this all day long, you should definitely carry it around with you and reapply when the color fades.

- Catalina -

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