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Larger than life ambitions (hurry up!)

Happy halloween everyone :)

btw, there is no blogtv tonight! go out and party!!

I think my upcoming lipstick video is a very good portrait of how my life has always been. When it comes to things like this, I am (or I strive to be) a perfectionist. I set a larger-than-life, super ambitious goal and struggle to accomplish it. I filmed a whopping 1 hour and 23minutes long video yesterday and am trying to trim it down to 20 minutes. I have talked a lot about this and have had several drum rolls, and I feel the pressure to execute a helpful and informative video since you guys are taking time to watch it. I wouldn't like people just babbling nonsense if I decided to invest some time into watching a video, so I don't want you guys to feel like you have wasted time after watching my videos.

So I have been editing since 6ish yesterday up until 2:30 in the morning, woke up and started editing again since 10:00AM and I am nowhere near finishing.
I was always like this in school too. When I had to write a paper (especially a research paper) and presented my drafts and sources professors would always tell me that my focus was too big and grandiose. They would always have to remind me that it was a mere research paper, not a doctoral dissertation. =/
But then again, I would believe that I could produce an amazing paper if I pushed myself enough, and due to the nature of my slow working progress, I would always end up chasing myself down to the last minute, caught in a dilemma to either (A) turn in the paper late, get grade deductions yet finish it up as an A+++ quality paper, or (B) just ignore minor problem and finish it up no matter what the quality is like and hand it in on time and be an average kid who will be forgotten along with many others? -_-;;

This time I decided to venture and take the hidden option (C)!

let my penguin do the work. LOL

thing is.. he has a very laid back penguinality. He is humming and taking his time but keep in mind that he is giving up his halloween night for this, so please be patient and let's see what he can produce for you guys :p


PS. I'm sorry I'm not responsive. I will answer e-mails, YT messages, cbox messages and blog comments after I'm done with this video. I love you guys :D have fun tonight!!

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FOTD + Super determined

I woke up at 7:10 (first time in almost a decade LOL) and was pretty productive today :)
me in my bed editing pictures for my lipstick video.
I am determined to film + edit + upload today.

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New Camera :D

Hi guys,

to make a long story short, I have a wonderful boyfriend :p hehe
I was doing some research on point and shoot cameras, and at first, I wanted the panasonic ZS3 (or TZ7 in Europe and other regions). After talking with my bf about cameras, I did some more research and I decided to get the panasonic fz35 (which is a bridge camera and not a portable point and shoot). While I was being wishy washy about the cameras, my bf had already secretly ordered the ZS3. When I finalized on the FZ35, he ordered another fz35 for me.
So, anyway, I got a new FZ35 +_+ which records in HD (720p, not 1080p tho) and I went to Philly today to do some test shots :). The ZS3 is being handled by my bf instead. Anyway, I actually recorded a unboxing video along with sample clips (it includes Prez. Obama's visit to NYC last night) but I haven't put everything together yet.
I just wanted to write something and I guess this is the latest news :p

please go to my other channel (anothercl2425) to check out test videos in HD.

For the time being, here's Gorden's superb review on this camera.
I'm very happy about this camera since it provides a very wide range of control, great manual control, amazing image stabilization along with 18x super zoom, HD video recording and all the good stuff. This is def. the best deal out of all the options out on the market. I'll upload the video maybe tomorrow :D So hopefully, after my lip heals*, I'll be able to provide better quality videos and details~ YAY!

(* My lips are busted due to harsh, constant rubbing for lipstick swatches :p that's why I can't make any videos at the moment. It's literally busted on both sides.. big time)
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BlogTV + an intro to penguins

hey guys.. I've been in bed all day long and I don't think I can do my regular blogtv today.
My immune system has miserably failed me.


Sorry guys!

* btw, my giveaway is still going on, if you haven't entered please enter since there is still plenty of time. :)

* I've been getting a lot of questions about my penguins, so might as well address it here. I've been collecting my babies for an year and a half, and all of my penguins were bought at the American Museum of Natural History which is located on the upper west side of Central Park.

There are 4 sizes - The big ones that usually are sitting around in my background (21 inch)
the middle sized ones, the small ones and the ultra mini ones.

Prices vary from place to place. I think AMNH has the highest prices. The biggest ones are sold at 55.00 dollars, the medium ones at 20, small ones at 15, minis at 12. I've seen a couple of places online that sell the big ones around 45 dollars, so they are quite pricey to collect. The cheapest place you can get them - to my knowledge - is the Long beach Auqarium of the Pacific (in LA). They sell the big ones for 34.00 dollars.

Recently, FAO Schwarz (located on 5th Ave. next to the Apple Store in NYC) has started to carry the medium sized penguins.

The reason why I only collect these specific penguins is, they are the cutest and closest to the real-life details of baby emperor penguin chicks. Other companies either lack the cuteness, or are totally off at representing what the real babies look like. Also, they are all made from Indonesia (and I am hoping that they will stay that way), and are durable and cuddly. Each of the penguins have their own personality and every single one looks distinctively different from each other. And I am hoping that one day, when I have flashed Bethy Beth (the biggest one in the picture - she is my favorite one. She was the bumble bee in my latest halloween videos) enough, you guys will be able to recognize her face apart from the other penguins :p

Anyway, let me know if you guys spot these wildlife artists Inc. Emperor Penguin chicks. The museum has stopped carrying the biggest ones, and it would be nice to know how many places out there are selling these cute beings. Most likely places to spot these are at zoo stores or museum stores.

Here are some internet sites you guys can check out if you want to buy some penguins.

The penguin place (my fav. site!)
The Stuffed Ark

I've always been attached to my plush dolls. I had quite a large collection (including a bunny since I've always been with since I was two years old). I was traumatized when my mom got rid of them while I was in San Diego. I then started to collect Sea World animals (my baby seal was actually named CL!), but they got lost during transit too. So I started collecting Sony's Doko Demo Issyo cat (Inoue Toro) and Kuro etc al., and now it's the penguins :p I hope my penguins will stay with me for a long time hehe :p
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Wow, it's raining heavily in NY right now :p
I was filming a tut today and had to rely on indoor lighting (which I really don't like to do..)
but, here's the FOTD, I'm still editing my video

Oh, and I feel a bit defeated.
I have been torturing my lips lately (trying to get swatches of every single shade of lipstick I have) and it has led to a painful lump to develop on my lower lip. I think I've been rubbing off the colors a bit too intensely... I'm only 1/3 done going through my lippies and I have to stop the swatching process until my lip cures. I don't want to rub my lipsticks on that developing spot >:'( *cries*

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a peek of my lipstick collection

Hi guys,
I've been busy running around town looking for costumes for my penguins (giggles) and trying to get a lipstick collection video put together. I think my lipstick collection is the biggest category of my makeup collection (around 63ish? I haven't included all of my lipsticks in these photos. Some are in my bag, and some are.. lost somewhere..*cries*)

but anywho, here's a peek of them :)

the mac family

the mounted ones

the high-end ones (a lot of absentees!)

the american drug store ones

the Korean road shop ones

My MAC lollipop loving and snob, YSL Rouge volupte's and my bobbi browns are missing too :( but they will be included in the video (I can't guarantee when the video will be finished. It might be take a long time to prepare it since I have to take a lot of pictures so it could help you guys out if you're considering to buy any of these shades:)

haha, I don't want to sound like a dork, but as a poli sci major, the most reoccurring subject in that field of study was "war", "strategy" and everything history channel-ish or military-ish. I'm like an war expert from crossbows to h-bombs*. So while I was looking at the pictures I was giving each group their positions in an pre-modernized army.

The MACs could be the artillery units
The mounted ones as the mounted cavalry
the high ends as the reserved units
the American drug stores as the infantry
and the Korean road shops as the foreign recruited infantry

-_-.. okay, maybe that was only funny for me. But hope you guys had an amazing weekend :)


* From crossbow to H-bomb is a book written by Bernard and Browdie. It is a famous weapons development (or history) book that sums up how weapons (that are used in combats) have developed over time: from the primitive crossbow to the deadly H-Bomb
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Victoria's Secret shadows are A BOMB!

I was talking with my friend this morning and our conversation led from Project runway - Christian Siriano and then to the CS line (l/e) at Victoria's secret. I have always wanted the face brush (it's huge!! and so fluffy!) and was trying to show my friend a picture of the brush online. And on VS's site, the brush was gone. -_-...
so I started to panic. Since it's limited edition, I was assuming that they're going to take the line away soon. I got ready and went to the store and the whole entire line was still there (thank goat!). So I started looking around and swatched all of Christian's shadows.. and.. er... wasn't impressed. They look beautiful in the picture and in real life, but when you swatch it... it's kind of flat and.... dull.
glided fierce

you can see the rest of the shades here
The two dark colors (royalty and glided fierce) are the most attention grabbing ones. Royalty doesn't have glitters on it, but glided fierce has a lot of golden glitters on it. The problem is the glitters fall off really quickly only leaving a matte charcoal color on your skin: I mean to a point where I was still playing around at the store and when I looked at my hand, the glitters were gone.

So I poked around the other shadows (the VS silky eyeshadow line) and at least they made my trip down to VS worth it.
They are the most (ok, maybe not. but ONE of the most..) pigmented, vibrant and silky shadows I've ever seen! And they're only 10 dollars each!
My favorite colors were between the sheets, beloved, champagne, and fierce.
(fierce and glided fierce -not Christian's line, VS has a shadow with the same name- are very similar, but fierce has silver shimmers and glided fierce has golden shimmers).

I started grabbing all the colors I liked, and it turned out that I'll need the entire collection to satisfy myself -_-;; (that's how much I liked the colors!)
So I decided to wait until January and get all of the colors during the semi-annual sale since I'm not in dire need of shadows at the moment. :p For those of you that are looking for great, affordable shadows, you guys should def. check out VS shadows!!

I've never been attentive to VS's semi-annual sale, but I guess this time I'll finally take advantage of it (woo-hoo!)

Anyway, I just took some shots of the swatches I did at the store.

* the lighting might have washed away the colors. The camera did no justice to the shades!

- Catalina -

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Marie Antoinette and a Sephora Haul

Hi guys!
First I really want to thank all of you for giving me honest opinions about what hair style I should get. I read all of them and I'm scribbling down all the good points you guys pointed out :D

I filmed a tut based on Kirsten Dunst's interpretation of Marie Antoinette in the 2006 movie. It was a requested look and I was really excited about it when I got the request message because I literally grew up with Lady Oscar, and it has so much sentimental values to me. I remember getting my hands on that manga when I first went to Korea as a kid, and throughout my teens and adult life, I have always been particularly interested in French history, especially the House of Bourbon era. Anyway, I did the look as a convertible look, where you could use it as your halloween look or as an everyday look. It just matters on how intense your cheeks and highlighting is going to be.

So here are some pictures of Kirsten in the movie.
The picture above was the requested look.

And here are some more looks from the movie

But I got over excited and tried to bring out the more realistic interpretation of Marie. In Antonia Fraser's book (she's an Antoinette expert), Marie is portrayed of having a long droopy face and large eyes. Nothing similar to Kirsten's high cheekbones and round face.
And Marie was famous for putting on a lot of blush (back then, called rouge) on her cheeks - which was the vouge then. She was like the beauty guru back in her time :p
So this is what the real Marie looked like with her long face and windburn cheeks.


And I had a small Sephora Haul come in the mail XD
Here's the family shot
5 lipsticks and 1 brush
Dior - Dior Addict Ultra Shine 256 (Shiniest Softness)
Shiseido Perfect Rouge 419 (Ariel), 417 (Bubblegum), RS320 (Fuchsia), OR418 (Day Lily)

The swatches are in the same order as the picture
With flash on in a dark room

I really like the Shiseido lippies :D they're so pretty!
I was originally planning to get just the orange one, but couldn't resist the other ones:p

I have a weird way of calculating money so I always end up buying lipsticks that are either on the more cheaper side (14~18 dollar-ish) or more on the expensive side (28~34 dollars-ish). And I always miss the middle ground (20-26 dollars). Weird, huh? That's why I decided to get some mid 20's lipsticks and these were my picks.

Here's a funny story. I was actually looking at Shiseido's website for swatches and after I decided to get some from Sephora, I literally picked out the four latest ones without thinking twice.
here's a screen capture of the shades :p
I don't know why I did that :p

Oh, and the brush! I heard so much oo's and ahh's about it, I had to get it.
The Sephora professional #55 brush!
I heard that it applies foundation like an airbrush!
I am really looking forward to it :D

Ok guys! I'll update this post with a video once I'm done editing and uploading it!


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Hair style??

I feel like long hair doesn't suit me.. or, I dunno, I feel like my hair style isn't that flattering right now.
I have long hair, with no layers (and some bangs) that come down pass my boobs, and I really need to trim my split ends (it has come to a point where I can't brush it - I guess this is what's making it look unflattering).

I first thought of just trimming it, but I like using the iron to curl my hair, and layers definitely helps when it comes to curling. Yet, they are hard to maintain since it's pretty much all over the place if you don't style it. So I'm still on the fence about layers (plus it took me a good while to grow out all my layers).

And then after thinking for a while, I figured I might just go super short since it's easier to style and my head doesn't feel so heavy. But it's a biatch growing it out, especially when it's passing the shoulder length (which takes forever.. gahhhhh) and I don't get the versatility long hair provides.
Also, my bf thinks it'll be weird if I go short (he likes long hair -_-;;).

What do you guys think I should do about my hair?
I've always wanted super long hair, but I just think my hair isn't structured to grow long. It gets damaged way too easily and makes me look really messy.

1. keep growing and just trim!!
It'll prob. end up like this (don't mind the half-do..)
just look at the length

2. Go super short!

(sorry.. I don't have any surviving pictures with my hair all in it :p)

3. Add layers and keep the length

or a shorter version which is trim + get layers

4. cut it near your shoulders (no layers)
sorry.. this is the only picture surviving :'(
I was drunk! LOL but just try to look at the hair length

5. Just grow out your bangs and don't cut anything

6. Forget it Catalina. don't do anything. Just maintain it somehow.

What do you guys think?? any thoughts???

**PS. can you guys spot me in the first picture? LOL it's my peek-a-boo picture at the Rockefeller center :p

happy me :p hehehe

Oh, and for those of you who didn't come to my blogtv yesterday
I was showing off what my penguin got for halloween :)
please don't tell her to lose weight. In the penguin world,
chubbier = prettier XD

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Another Haul..

I was looking at my makeup collection and noticed that I only have a handful of NARS stuff :( I started doing some research online and read a couple of people's blogs and their thoughts on their favorite NARS products.

I'm feeling very Fall-y lately, so I wanted to go with the more toned down, neutral and subtle colors. I read someone's blog (totally forgot who it was.. I was literally jumping from blog to blog..) and she said that the NARS Oasis blush was her HG blush. The swatches looked nice and a bit toned down. So I decided my blush on Oasis. And then, I was reading someone else's blog and she had a FOTD shot using NARS cyprus and I thought it looked really nice - so I decided on the cyprus eye shadow too :)
(google image in "Cyprus" - all cyprus looks look really nice and pretty)

And then, last but no least - I got an additional hydrating lotion for my skin since the temperature seems to be
dropping like crazy. My skin feels a bit dry, so I need more hydration to it.

So here are the three newbies
YSL Hydra Feel Soft hydrating water lotion SPF 15 (1.6 fl.oz, 50ml)
NARS eyeshadow in Cyprus
NARS blush in Oasis

The Blush (Oasis)
It was a bit peachier than what I expected (I ordered everything online), but I think it's a great color. It's a pinky- champaign color with a lot of shimmers in it. It's a very warm, neutral color (great for natural looks and subtle looks!)

The eyeshadow (Cyprus)
Cyprus looks more like my Blonde's gold pigment (MAC) pressed into a NARS case. It's a very pretty, skin-toned bronze color. I had a hard time making it show up on the swatches since it seems to get washed out by the flash. I like the color!! :D and the shimmers are the booger shimmers (like the chunky ones - i.e. Night rider, etc.) so I'm happy with that :)

Below are the NARS swatches (with and without the camera flash - in natural lighting)

Oh, and one of you guys asked for the ingredents on the HERA HD foundation. Surprisingly, they only had three ingredients listed so I didn't bother writing it on the blog (I felt like they only listed the three major ingredients).
but just in case, if one were curious, here's the ingredients for the YSL lotion.

I think this is all there is for today :D
Everything can be purchased at


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