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Another Haul..

I was looking at my makeup collection and noticed that I only have a handful of NARS stuff :( I started doing some research online and read a couple of people's blogs and their thoughts on their favorite NARS products.

I'm feeling very Fall-y lately, so I wanted to go with the more toned down, neutral and subtle colors. I read someone's blog (totally forgot who it was.. I was literally jumping from blog to blog..) and she said that the NARS Oasis blush was her HG blush. The swatches looked nice and a bit toned down. So I decided my blush on Oasis. And then, I was reading someone else's blog and she had a FOTD shot using NARS cyprus and I thought it looked really nice - so I decided on the cyprus eye shadow too :)
(google image in "Cyprus" - all cyprus looks look really nice and pretty)

And then, last but no least - I got an additional hydrating lotion for my skin since the temperature seems to be
dropping like crazy. My skin feels a bit dry, so I need more hydration to it.

So here are the three newbies
YSL Hydra Feel Soft hydrating water lotion SPF 15 (1.6 fl.oz, 50ml)
NARS eyeshadow in Cyprus
NARS blush in Oasis

The Blush (Oasis)
It was a bit peachier than what I expected (I ordered everything online), but I think it's a great color. It's a pinky- champaign color with a lot of shimmers in it. It's a very warm, neutral color (great for natural looks and subtle looks!)

The eyeshadow (Cyprus)
Cyprus looks more like my Blonde's gold pigment (MAC) pressed into a NARS case. It's a very pretty, skin-toned bronze color. I had a hard time making it show up on the swatches since it seems to get washed out by the flash. I like the color!! :D and the shimmers are the booger shimmers (like the chunky ones - i.e. Night rider, etc.) so I'm happy with that :)

Below are the NARS swatches (with and without the camera flash - in natural lighting)

Oh, and one of you guys asked for the ingredents on the HERA HD foundation. Surprisingly, they only had three ingredients listed so I didn't bother writing it on the blog (I felt like they only listed the three major ingredients).
but just in case, if one were curious, here's the ingredients for the YSL lotion.

I think this is all there is for today :D
Everything can be purchased at


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