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Hair style??

I feel like long hair doesn't suit me.. or, I dunno, I feel like my hair style isn't that flattering right now.
I have long hair, with no layers (and some bangs) that come down pass my boobs, and I really need to trim my split ends (it has come to a point where I can't brush it - I guess this is what's making it look unflattering).

I first thought of just trimming it, but I like using the iron to curl my hair, and layers definitely helps when it comes to curling. Yet, they are hard to maintain since it's pretty much all over the place if you don't style it. So I'm still on the fence about layers (plus it took me a good while to grow out all my layers).

And then after thinking for a while, I figured I might just go super short since it's easier to style and my head doesn't feel so heavy. But it's a biatch growing it out, especially when it's passing the shoulder length (which takes forever.. gahhhhh) and I don't get the versatility long hair provides.
Also, my bf thinks it'll be weird if I go short (he likes long hair -_-;;).

What do you guys think I should do about my hair?
I've always wanted super long hair, but I just think my hair isn't structured to grow long. It gets damaged way too easily and makes me look really messy.

1. keep growing and just trim!!
It'll prob. end up like this (don't mind the half-do..)
just look at the length

2. Go super short!

(sorry.. I don't have any surviving pictures with my hair all in it :p)

3. Add layers and keep the length

or a shorter version which is trim + get layers

4. cut it near your shoulders (no layers)
sorry.. this is the only picture surviving :'(
I was drunk! LOL but just try to look at the hair length

5. Just grow out your bangs and don't cut anything

6. Forget it Catalina. don't do anything. Just maintain it somehow.

What do you guys think?? any thoughts???

**PS. can you guys spot me in the first picture? LOL it's my peek-a-boo picture at the Rockefeller center :p

happy me :p hehehe

Oh, and for those of you who didn't come to my blogtv yesterday
I was showing off what my penguin got for halloween :)
please don't tell her to lose weight. In the penguin world,
chubbier = prettier XD

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