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a peek of my lipstick collection

Hi guys,
I've been busy running around town looking for costumes for my penguins (giggles) and trying to get a lipstick collection video put together. I think my lipstick collection is the biggest category of my makeup collection (around 63ish? I haven't included all of my lipsticks in these photos. Some are in my bag, and some are.. lost somewhere..*cries*)

but anywho, here's a peek of them :)

the mac family

the mounted ones

the high-end ones (a lot of absentees!)

the american drug store ones

the Korean road shop ones

My MAC lollipop loving and snob, YSL Rouge volupte's and my bobbi browns are missing too :( but they will be included in the video (I can't guarantee when the video will be finished. It might be take a long time to prepare it since I have to take a lot of pictures so it could help you guys out if you're considering to buy any of these shades:)

haha, I don't want to sound like a dork, but as a poli sci major, the most reoccurring subject in that field of study was "war", "strategy" and everything history channel-ish or military-ish. I'm like an war expert from crossbows to h-bombs*. So while I was looking at the pictures I was giving each group their positions in an pre-modernized army.

The MACs could be the artillery units
The mounted ones as the mounted cavalry
the high ends as the reserved units
the American drug stores as the infantry
and the Korean road shops as the foreign recruited infantry

-_-.. okay, maybe that was only funny for me. But hope you guys had an amazing weekend :)


* From crossbow to H-bomb is a book written by Bernard and Browdie. It is a famous weapons development (or history) book that sums up how weapons (that are used in combats) have developed over time: from the primitive crossbow to the deadly H-Bomb
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