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Belated Blog award.. (kind of?)

I think I was tagged and then untagged because I didn't respond fast enough :p but I am going to go ahead and do this, hehe. (I have no shame! XD)
--* I take it back :p It was Dee (or Hanidee on YT) that tagged me! I'm sorry, I got confused~

It's the over the top blog award, and it was from the lovely Blovet Beauty.
She is having a blog giveaway so please go follow her blog, she has quality reviews and a lot of fun posts and tutorials :)

anyway, here we go.

Where's your cell phone: On the bed

Your hair: Oily, slightly curly, super damaged

Your mother: A survivor and a sweetheart :)

Your father: A Gentle Genius

Favorite Food: Anything bad (cheese, too salty, junk food)

Dream last night: umm..

Favorite drink: OJ

What room are you: Hmm? difficult, but I am in my bedroom

Hobby: Making videos

Fear: Failure, rejection

Where were you last night: At home, doing blogtv

Something that you aren't: persistent

Muffins: cranberry

Wish list item: at the moment.. bra babies

Where did you grow up: US, Korea and then US again

What are you wearing: PJ shirt, undies.. (I just took a shower!)

Your pets: at the moment, none.

Friends: Patient, really nice people

Something you're not wearing: pants (I just took a shower;;)

Favorite store: The gift shop at the American Museum of Natural History

Favorite color: Black, gold

Last time you laughed: can't really remember

Your best friend: My friend in Korea.

Place you go to over and over: Sephora

Person who emails you regularly: Boyfriend

Favorite place to eat: Moma Cafe 2

Anyway, I have to tag people too, but I'm not sure who didn't do this so I will leave it an open tag.

please feel free to do this and just comment the link and I will put it on this post so we can all share and know each other better :D

Fine out more about Elana!

Fine out more about Reen!

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