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It's called genetics

Like seriously?
I literally laughed when I saw these comments. (didn't I already tell you, don't write comments back to back, it's too obvious).

whore and dude.. what a combo!

I mean, seriously? I have a long face, why would I add more length to face by adding an implant to my chin?
This will be the first and last time I address such issue, but I'm sorry to say this, it runs in the family. Like it or not, unless you change my genes I'm always going to have my walnut chin.
If I had the opportunity to put implants in my body, wouldn't I aim for the boobs or booty instead of making an already long face longer?
My mom gave me the genes to have a double folded and round protruded chin like the pictures below. I feel extremely sorry for my mom and cousin having to use their pictures. I'm not going to explain myself anymore because of some ignorant people thoughtlessly speaking out of their asses.

so are you going to say my mom and I got implants in our chins together?
Our chins just happen to look like that.

Everyone in my mom's family wrinkles and creates dimples in their chin when they smile or pull their mouths.
So I guess people who naturally look like that are all subject to implant accusations, sheez.. sounds like some people need a life =/

even my mom's older brother's son has the thing about his chin

So, boo to those thoughtless people who just think verbal diarrhea would make them feel better about themselves.
I mean it's not just me, some youtube people often display obnoxious attitudes thinking they are all cool behind their monitors. If you think you can boost your self esteem via youtube, think before you write or talk, there's a reason why we have brains.

Peace out girls
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