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So, I was poking around craigslist yesterday, and having to be a beauty guru I couldn't help but go into the beauty and health section. Usually, weird things are on sale (like adult diapers or medical equipment stuff, etc). But anyway, I spotted an ad that was selling MAC stuff (( * Tip, if MAC and WHOLESALE go together in a sentence, don't even bother. They are fakes)).
Usually, these kind of stuff are sold by people selling fake MACs, but I clicked anyway, and it was this makeup artist selling her backup stuff for very cheap (all new and untouched!).

So to make a long story short, I scored two things I was willing to buy for full price for only 10 dollars!!! ( 5 dollars each, squeal!!)

I got the Carbon Eyeshadow and the famous Aloof lipstick.

Here's the two together :D Aww~~~ so pretty~~~

The eyeshadow (Carbon)
It's a matte finish and some call it the blackest of black (darkest black shade from MAC?). I have Black tied, but I've been meaning to buy Carbon for such a long time, I am happy to have stumbled upon the craigslist ad.

The Lipstick (aloof)

Aloof swatch.

It's such a pretty color!! I love how it doesn't have shimmers and is a baby pink color. It's a lustre finish and is creamy with a pretty sheen to it. I am very happy with it. And this has been discontinued for quite a while, so I am happy it was super super cheap and new.

Carbon and Aloof swatches :)

I asked her if she still had products left and she said she had some on hold and many more available, so if you are in the 5 boroughs area (NY only) and have the time to pick things up at Bronx, you should check her stuff out :D

She brought a lot more stuff out, but I didn't have extra cash on me and being the cheap me, I didn't want to get out of the station, so I blew my chance. But anyway, sometimes craigslist has amazing deals, so check on it regularly!

I was debating if I should get the goldenaire pigment, but I don't use pigments that much so I didn't buy it. :( If any of you could grab it, go for it!
This is one of those rare bargain deals ^__^

Okay, I should go study :p
have a good one ladies!


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