A disastrous tut - wasted

Some of you might have seen it on youtube last night, but I uploaded a tut, and nothing was right. The colors were weirdly yellow, the description was never saved, the title I saved was gone.. and a whole lot of disastrous things.

I've been trying to alter how the video colors come out, but I just think it's beyond my abilities, so I will post the end result, and hopefully try to gather myself to film this tut again. The problem with me is, editing the film takes up a whole day and I have this sense of exhaustion after I finish a video - but I'm crossing my fingers that the recovery period will rapidly decrease in the near future.

So here's the end result

It was a tut on soft, winged out eyes that could be achieved in less than 5-10 minutes.
Sorry if I got any of you confused or waiting.

Hope nothing like this happens in the new year >_<)