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New Circle/Colored contact lenses :)

Hi Girls :)

Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of days. I finally had my JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) yesterday and I was away for a few days to do my usual massive cramming I do before exams :p
For those that were curious, I took level 1 and it was unexpectedly pretty easy. I think I over worried about it. The key point to preparing JLPT is trying out previous exams and figuring out the structure of the test. Once you've understood that, studying will be much easier than trying to tackle it heads first with no direction.

So, other than that :D a few days ago, I received some lenses to try out from
* FTC: I did receive the products for free , but didn't get paid to endorse them.

They are based in Malaysia and I actually like their user friendly website and massive collection. I just want to see more actual swatches of the lenses because the Japanese girls' versions just don't seem "actual". It's always hard to find real-life swatches of products when it comes down to colored/circle lenses.

This is how the packaging came.

I asked for EOS Adult Brown and Hana SPC in natural brown, but there was a bit of miscommunication and I ended up with EOS Adult Green instead of brown.

The Hana SPC's diameter is 14.5 mm, which makes your iris look bigger and rounder, hence making your eyes look bigger (or that's what they say =/). If you have extremely narrow and small eyes, I don't think these will be quite flattering because it will fill your eyes up too much (I think just regular diameter lenses will be more suitable in that case).

The EOS Adult green are 14.0 and they look more like baby blue than green. It also has a blue-purple limbic ring around it rather than a black ring.

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - [ Hana SPC - Natural Brown ] * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

The product swatch picture of these lenses are pretty exaggerated. It doesn't give you that hazel color if you have dark brown eyes like me. It blends in really nicely with dark browns, so if you want to just make your iris look bigger and nothing unnatural, these are pretty good :)

Here's a comparison

It doesn't necessarily make my iris look any bigger than it is. I have a pretty big iris size and long eyes with lots of white showing. I asked my boyfriend which eye looked bigger and he didn't even know I had lenses on :p

Looks pretty natural, you can't even notice the black limbic ring

Looking sideways, it doesn't get stuck in the corner of your eyes and create that awkward "lens separation" :)

Looking up is pretty smooth too. I think the light exposure is uneven in every picture. Anywho, if there is a lot of natural light in this picture, you can kind of see the lens. But the gradation is very natural, so if you like natural looks - this is a really nice choice.

with soft indoor lighting.

You can actually see the lamp reflection on my eyeball :p

(note: see how contracted my pupil is - the light was nearly touching my face)

Even if your eyes are exposed to extreme lighting, these lenses are hard to notice (IF you are an asian and you have dark brown eyes like me). For anyone who has lighter tones, I think it will be way more noticeable than this.

Overall, the lens is pretty thin so it's comfortable to have on. It doesn't have that "floating on the surface of the eye" feeling which is nice. If you want a natural look - it's good, if you want a pop in your eyes - it's not the one to go for. Direct sun light makes the lens a bit noticeable, but soft, artificial indoor lighting makes it hard to tell that you have lenses on.

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - [ EOS - Adult Green ] * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Like all other "adult" colors, the green doesn't necessarily live up to its color name. It rather looks more like baby blue or light lavender-blue. It also has a purple limbic ring, so it at least lessens some of the awkward color contrast.

Indoor lighting really up close.

Looking away.
It is slim enough not to get caught in the inner corner of the eye and make the lens drift from the eye surface. But like most colored lenses, if the original eye color and the lens' color is strikingly different - it does give that detached feeling when you look at the eye at various angles. Also, it is really obvious that I'm wearing colored lenses.

The adult greens are rather like baby blues. If you are looking for an opaque baby blue color, the adult greens do give you that look. I still think the best and natural looking green lenses are the freshlook color lenses (amazingly natural, even on dark brown eyes!). But if you want more of an obviously blue/green colored lenses, these are the ones to go with. I have a lot of blue lenses, and these are the ones that come out the lightest. Others have a hint of foggy-blue, but these are really noticeable.

here's an extra shot of each lens on each eye.

PS. Please excuse my bushy brows LOL I am growing them out to make an eyebrow tut :p

Ok, have a lovely day ladies :)


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