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The UK Haul & swatches

So, I made a haul video featuring some products my boyfriend got for me while he was in London :)
For all those UKers out there, this might be a dull post haha. Oh, and my boyfriend really liked London. He's pretty much flying all over the place a lot, but London seem to have excited him for some reason :p

Anywho, so if you already haven't seen the video, here it is.

To cut to the chase, here are some photos.

I would usually do swatches and photos with the Canon 50D, but all the memory cards are full and I have little patience to empty them out. So today's swatches are all taken with my panasonic fz35

Here's everything minus the sleek palette

The Lipsticks (L-R: GOSH 134 Darling, Barry M 100 Baby Pink, Barry M 146 Dolly Pink, Barry M 147 Peachy Pink)

Gosh 134 Darling lipstick swatch.

Verdict: Compared to the Barry M lip Paints, I think the gosh is superior in quality. The texture is extremely creamy and silky and it is a true beige, nude color. It's not matte and has a sheen to it.
Overall, I do think it being a bit more expensive than the Barry M Lip Paints makes sense.

Barry M #100 - Baby Pink

Verdict: It looks matte in the picture, but it actually is more on the creamy side. You have to apply a lot of layers to get the thick baby pink look. The sheerness is comparable to MAC glaze finishes. Other than that I like how the lipstick isn't scented.

Barry M #146 - Dolly Pink.

Verdict: Much more vibrant and pigmented than the Baby Pink. Only a couple of strokes delivers great pigmentation. It has a bit of glossy sheen like the baby pink.

Barry M #147 - Peachy Pink

Verdict: Matte, peachy (almost neon) pink. It's matte so it is a bit drying than the other two lip paints, but the color is amazing. If you build up the color it comes off as a bit neon coral. It is the right amount of pigmentation and isn't an awkward color - so surprisingly enough, I think this can be used as an everyday color.
If you don't like it thickly applied, one layer delivers a look of "tinted.. yet in a matte texture" look (if that even makes sense LOL)

The Sleek Palette (The Original 594)

The exterior.
woah! that camera picks up a lot of dust LOL

The colors.
Very nice colors :) I like..

swatches accordingly on my hand.

a close-up.

Verdict: As you can see on the lower hand lighter colors, the formulation is a bit crumby. A lot of excess shadow could get all over the place and while I was swatching, I had to blow off the excess shadow dusts. But other thatn that, I think the colors are fab :)

The Dazzle Dusts & Fine Glitter Dusts.
(L-R: 8 Silver Iridescent, 24 Old Gold, 39 Tan)

(L-R: 53 Chocolate, 97 Dark Chocolate, Glitter dust 4 Silver)

(L-R: 4 Glitter dust Silver, 22 Glitter Dust Black Gold)

Swatches in natural lighting, no flash

Sheez, the swatch pictures do no justice to how glittery and pretty these are. I think watching the video will help you understand how massive these glitters and sparkles are.

Other goodies :p

Amazingly enough, all of the emperor penguins I have are babies. And the boyfriend brought back three additions to the collection - and they are adults!! XD
The funny thing is, most of the babies tower the adults so it is funny to see them sitting together, but I really like these penguins. :}

so cute XD

and since I am obsessed with stationary stuff (especially notebooks), he bought two penguin notebooks for me :D how nice, hehe.

I'll try to post the MAC pigments post soon

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