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My First Barry M Dazzle Dusts :D

Yay! They finally came!
I was always curious about BarryM's Dazzle Dusts and was searching ebay for one, and this seller had 2 up for $7.00 each. considering that only three individual items were listed on ebay, I thought it was a good deal.

The thing that sucks for us here in the state is it's hard to get our hands on stuff like this because of the shipping coast exceeding the actual product cost. Anyway, I had no choice in the colors since it seemed the seller bought these out of curiosity on her trip to the UK and decided not to keep them. One was in number 98, and the other 90.
I solely got these because of 98.

So here's how they look like. *they are tiny in size*

they don't look that small since they are next to each other, but they are as small as a quarter.
If you dip a regular shadow brush in there, it'll fill up the opening.

On the bottom, there are the numbers for each shade.
I got 98 (Petrol Black) and 90 (Pearly Mauve). I had no choice since the seller was only selling these two LOL.
But the 98 really made me buy these two since it looked like a very promising color +_+

I think 98 is the newest color?

It reminds me of a fly.

Especially when it's under some intense light (like a camera flash)
something like this..?

It's actually very pretty because the shimmers change color under different lighting. The original color is an extremely dark redish-brown (almost close to black, but if you look closer, it's more of a dark brown) and it seems like it has red undertoned-purple sparkles (I don't know if this makes sense LOL).
But if I take a picture with the flash on, the shimmers come out like that fly picture. It has turquoise and greenish tones that stand out.
Pretty impressive!

I think that fly picture sums up my whole explanation for 98! haha
The eyes are the color of the original color when examined under natural light, and it's body and wings are exactly how the shadow looks like with the flash on :p

Ok, moving on to the 90 (Pearly Mauve) color.
I didn't particularly have any expectations for this color. I just bought it since the seller had these two up together and combined shipping made this free shipping, so I felt like "why not".

It's actually a very pretty lavender color (not mauve at all :p) and really reminds me of one of my NARS shadow (I think the name is Strada.. or something close to that), except this one has silvery shimmers in it (Strada has gold)

When swatched, it comes off a bit lighter than the 98 petrol and doesn't pack up as much as 98 does. When photographed without any flash, it looks rather dull and dry.

But I've come to a conclusion that BarryM's dazzle dusts are meant to be photographed under flash. LOL
Look at the major difference when the flash is off and on! The color and shimmers instantly transfer into a gorgeous glow when under a camera flash :) it almost looks like lilac cream.

Anyway, that was my small package I got today :D
My initial impressions of BarryM dazzle dusts are pretty good

Nice pigmentation
awesome 3D shimmer effects that I haven't seen before
cheap cost
versatility in use (subtle and/or dramatic)

Sucky packaging (a bit too small)
no inner lid to prevent DD getting all over the place
Only sells in the UK

these are the lenses I was wearing in my Beauty Blender video.
They look really light, and I wanted something near white (hehe), but when they are worn, they look a bit too natural. so if you guys are into natural looking color lenses, these are the ones to go for

these are from doll.ten (meaning doll shop in Japanese), and the model number is CH625

I wonder if there will ever be a cl2425 model number LOL

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The Beauty Blender look (FOTD)

Here's a video you guys can refer to..

So, I was planning to do a very simple and clean look for my tutorial today - and I also changed the format! I was explaining and putting makeup on at the same time (yikes!). As I'm babbling away about the gel liner, I noticed that the screen darkened (which usually doesn't happen when I'm filming)... I checked the monitor and oh god... -_- the video camera wasn't running!

I got a bit frustrated, and I couldn't start filming again since the eyeliner part was the most important part and I couldn't erase my entire face makeup just to do the eyeliner again. I dabbed the rest of the gel liner on the brush and made thick, dramatic eyes with three tails zooming out at the end. (yes three for.. uh... three for no particular reason)

I canceled out the mascara, because the lines already looked like lashes
and I didn't want to make the look even more dramatic and dirty (?).

So here's the full face shot.

And the products I used were

MISSHA - Pore minimizing first cream (primer)
Estee Lauder Double wear + Stila illuminating moisturizer + HERA HD + MUFE HD (I mixed them all up and built up the foundation several times)
MAC MSF in Perfect Topping

Benefit creaseless cream shadow / liner in Sippin' n Dippin (l/e)
Stila - Kitten
Kate - Dual Carat in BR01
Tony Moly Gel liner in Black
Sephora colorful mono mat. no1 (black)

Lenses from Doll.Ten in CH625

MISSHA creamy matte lipstick in Baby Milk
NYX gloss in Sorbet

And.. of course the glasses shot :)

Plus.. my hair shot...
the color is fading already!! the golden color is coming back way too fast T-T... NOOOO!!

Anyway, what a day :p
I really should stop using my isight and do something about my camera situation. I've experienced this recording failure wayyy too many times :'(

** oh, btw.. here's a short story of how I got to buy the beauty blender. **
I think it was right before I started posting videos on YT, I was watching a video of Kim Kardashian getting her makeup done.

In the video, the MUA explains what the pink thing is, and I thought it was pretty cool, so I ordered it in a heartbeat.

*note: I thought this part was hilarious..
On part two, when Mario is about to put mascara on, Kim face crumbles up and she looks so uncomfortable about the fact that he's using a drug store mascara.
"Ok, I'll try it...probably a lot cheaper than the one I've been using.. I like Lancome and MAC"

psssst...Lancome is under the L'Oreal group... -_-..
It's not A LOT cheaper, it's only a bit cheaper..
cheaper doesn't necessarily mean bad quality.
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My.. err.. Princess mirror

hahahahaha, some of you guys commented about the princess mirror in my haul video. It's from Beauty Credit and was 2000 won, which is like $1.80 - really cheap. My friend laughed at me saying that she never saw anyone purchase such thing (since these are more freebie-ish things they easily give out). But ANYWAY, I thought it was funny and wanted one so I can carry it around and use it when needed.

The problem is... either the mirror is too small, or my freakin face is too big. (I think it's both).
My face doesn't fit in the mirror when held close, so I have to extend my arm .. and by doing that, I can't see the details on my face. (rawr!!)

So I decided to give it to my penguin.

LOL problem is, their faces are quite big too LOL.
see how small the mirror is..

I don't even know what to do with this LOL
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Some other random hauls

Err.. really don't want to turn my blog into a haul posting blog, but I felt the need to post and let you guys know what I'm buying :)

So, a while ago, I finally got the Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation. It is so talked about, and provides massive coverage, doesn't grease up, stays in place all day long (and then I can go on and on about how good it is).
Anyway, here's a shot of double wear, I got my shade in 17 or 1W1 in "Bone"

It has spf 10, and is 30ml (like most foundations). It comes in a rectangular container with no pump.. (boo.. - but I heard that if you cut the stem of MAC's pump or shove it in real hard, it'll fit the bottle neck..). It's suppose to give you medium to full coverage and stay in place all day long.

I've only used this a couple of times, so can't really comment on it because I want to play around with it more, but I like it so far :) I really want to love it - and try all sorts of combinations out.

If you want to see what shade suits you, I think the Estee Lauder site is the best (and they give you samples and free shipping if you shop over 50 dollars!)
The shades may be a bit confusing but basically the letters in between the numbers are the tones. So W means Warm tones, N means Neutral tones, and C means Cool tones :)

And I finally got my first package from a while ago. According to pinkiecharm, BC is the only authorized site to sell discounted stila cosmetics (or so.. can't remember her exact quote). Anyway, I was always looking at the site and never really had the urge to buy anything.. until I saw the ULTAmate set.
So I ordered two things from the site. The ULTAmate set (which they don't say so on the site, I don't know why...) and the smudgepot trio set.

When I opened the box and saw how tiny the smudgepots were, I felt a bit cheated..
The description only sited "smudgepots" and I definitely thought they were going to be regular retail sized ones. Instead, they were tiny...
but oh well... they were only 12 dollars (regular smudgepots retail for 20 dollars at Sephora), and I think it'll be better since I can quickly use them up and move on.

The reason why I was looking at BeautyCrunch was to see if they had the famous "Kitten" Shadow. I swatched it at Sephora and liked it. As I was browsing, I found the ULTAmate set, and it seemed like a good deal. It's not like those stupid combo sets where you get some good stuff and then the other stuff that tagged along are shitty stuff you'll never use. This set was up for 18 dollars, and everything in it was pretty decent!
I feel like I scored on this one!
This is what you get for 18 dollars.
1. Convertible color dual lip and cheek cream - Peony
(I love pinkicharm's reviews and she raved about this shade, so I'm really looking forward to it.)
2. Full sized Stila major lash Mascara in Black
3. Full Sized Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer in Shade 1 (lucky me :p that's my shade!)
4. Full Sized Shimmer shadow in Mystic
5. Full Sized Shimmer shadow in Golightly
6. Full Sized Ultra Shimmer Shadow in Kitten
7. Full sized shimmer shadow in Wheat
8. Full sized lipglaze in "Ulta"mate pink

And then, last but not least...
I went out today, and was passing the MAC store.. Ugh, just had to step in and I started asking the MUA about concealers (if I should get an NC or a NW) - and he said that since I don't really have dark circles, I should just get NC and took the product to the counter, and before I knew it.. I was walking out of the store with a concealer in my hand -_-;;;;
But I am willing to try this concealer out, since whatstyleistonickel had a video of what he couldn't live without and was raving about the mac studio finish concealer, I decided to try it out.
To me, MAC is like an old boyfriend. You hate him, yet you love him. You wish you could live without him, yet if you think about it you can't live without him. You want liberation from him, yet you're so dependent on him... and so on. I have this really big love/hate relationship with MAC, but I am trying my best to love and appreciate it as much as others do. So, here goes my new journey with this concealer :D hope I like it!!

And then.. here's just a simple EOTD.
I used..
HERA HD foundation (LOVE!! the more I use it, the more I like it!)
ETUDE HOUSE - Face designing powder
KATE Dual carat eyeshadow in BR01 (both shades)
MAC Black Tied eyeshadow (for the outer V)
TONLY MOLY Brown Eyeliner Gel (Great product!! doesn't smear AT ALL! LOVE!!)
MISSHA 4D Mascara
Sephora Colorful Mono Mat No.1 (for setting the gel liner and eyebrows)

And.. um.. a random shot near madison square park. Because the weather was superb!


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Massive Korean Haul Swatches and Initial impressions

Sorry this is sooooo overdue.
I don't have a compact point-and-shoot camera (that's functioning!) at the moment, so I had to take the pictures with an SLR, tripod and all that. and editing was a bitch :p

Things to consider
1. My nails are the ugliest color because I've had hair dye all over them :( I need to hide it with dark nail color.
2. I am a VERY furry person. I have a lot of hair on my arms so don't mind the hair that you'll see here and there LOL

So, here's the video that you can refer to..

and here are my swatches and initial impressions of the products! :)
If you'd like to read it in Korean go here

토니모리 (Tony Moly) :
*Missha's official US site:
더페이스삽 (thefaceshop) :
뷰티 크래딧 (Beauty Credit):
보브 (VOV) :
에뛰드하우스 (Etude House):

& Hera HD, Lancome, Arittaum and Dior were brought at local shops or Korean Department stores.

Skin food Lip&Cheek (4-Apricot & 3-Grapefruit)
I thought it was going to be a lot bigger, but they are really really small.
Man.. if I knew they were going to be this small, I should have bought some more.
So, these are the dupes for Bobbi Brown's Pot rouges..

wow.. it looks so hard, I wasn't expecting it to be any good.
look how pigmented the product is! and it glides on like butter, It is soooo smooth
And the products really smell like their names LOL
This one smells like Apricot.

Same as above. It's like butter!!
When I first saw these two side by side, I thought they were pretty similar in color, but look at the difference. They really live up to their fruit names!

The only problem is.. it doesn't come off as smoothly as it went on..
I tried to clean it out with cleansing oil.. and you can still see the color remaining on my hand.

TheFaceShop Black Head EX Nose Clay mask
Haven't tried it out yet, so I can't really say how it performs..
the formula is pretty watery, and is white like shown above.
It takes approximately 8 minutes for the thing to completely dry.

kin Food Coffe Creamy Sheer Lipstick "Orange Slamon"
I really should have paid attention while I was ordering LOL
I really try to avoid whatever that has "Sheer" in it, becasue duh.. it's going to be sheer.
But everyone was raving about this color so I got it, when you just look at it, it looks so matte and pigmented....

and when you apply it, it's very sheer LOL. But it's a beautiful coral color, so that's good enough. I love coral/orange colors :p

Skin Food Coffe Creamy Sheer Lipstick "Cherryaid"
Geez... I was expecting a true ruby red matte lipstick..
and I failed! LOL
It's more like a glossy gel type, and you can see through the color.
Not matte at all.. very glossy and loosely pigmented.

btw, both products smell like chocolate coffee (yum~)

Skin Food Honey Glossy Lipstick "Rose Jelly"
It's a very pretty matte-looking pink color, yet if you swatch it it's more of a glossy, loosely pigmented lipstick. You can barely see the color and if you have pigmented lips, it will be hard to cover your original lip color with this product alone.

HERA HD Foundation (compared with MUFE HD foundation)
As much as MUFE's HD is popular in the states, HERA's HD is the hype foundation in Korea.
So I decided to compare both of them (btw - shades are HERA 21 and MUFE 117)

The exterior.
Both contain 30ml, and they both have pumps!! (BRAVO!)
The downside of HERA is... the bottle color is their signiture purple color, which makes it hard to see what the color of the formula is, and how much is left.
But you do have to put into consideration that HERA is a Korean brand (they only have 3 shades - specifically for Koreans since it's a domestic brand: 13, 21, 23 - as fair, light, medium light) and since it's a more high-end brand, they make you sample and test your shade before you buy so you won't have to return it. So I guess the color of the bottle really doesn't matter.

one pump for each foundation. MUFE is waterier than the HERA one.
Also, HERA has much more yellow undertones to it.

I started to apply them.
As you can see, HERA is a bit yellowier.

Left is MUFE, Right is HERA.
HERA's coverage is a bit thicker.
If you take a close look and compare, MUFE actually accentuates the wrinkles and the hair on my hand. On the other hand, HERA evenly smoothes out everything. I know not a lot of ladies don't have such thick, long hair on their faces so the hair part really doesn't matter, but it was a good yardstick to compare how the foundation actually covers the surface.

15 minutes later, I placed a napkin on my hand and evenly pressed it to see how the application actually applies on the skin.
As you can see, MUFE was pretty uneven compared to the HERA one.

I think the HERA one is superior to the MUFE one. The only shortcoming is that it's a bit too yellow.

Banila Co. Prime Primer Matte
The texture is like gel, and the color is a merky white-ish color.

I tested it on my hand with HERA's HD foundation. The left part is the part with Banila Co.'s primer.
I applied the same pressure and the left one went on like butter. You can tell how cakey the rigth one (bare skin) is.
The close up shots show how the foundation was evenly, or unevenly applied with or without the primer.
impressive. yet, it has silicon in it, so for those that don't like silicon, this is a big no-no.

VOV Castle Dew 9 colors dia cut palette in BE901 Planet Diamond
This is the exterior. LOL, I think the LV wannabe cuts are cute.
the shadows are all connected to each other and the whole palette is a one whole thing.

they were all swatched according to the palette. The first line wasn't impressive. Very hard to see even though I did several swipes.
The last three are my favorite :p

VOV Castle Dew Diacut 9 colors Palette in E902 "Planet Shine Star"
So this palette has nine separate colors in their own pans. The majority of the pans were shaky!!! I might have to use superglue to glue them back on so it can be sturdy.
This palette has way more shimmer than the other one. However, the second row had a hard time coming up on my swatch. They are all labeled with the green arrows. (colors are all according to the palette)
The ninth color (black) is a matte color. It has glitters on it, but when you apply it, the glitters all fall out and only the matte stays.

MISSHA Creamy Matte Lipstick "Fanta Dream, Pale Heart, Chic lavender & Baby Milk"
The first three had so many recommendations, I just had to get them. And baby milk is more of a new one, but it looked so pretty I got it based on my decision :p

So here's a group shot
They are in the same swatch position as in the group picture. As I was swatching Chic Lavender, I realized that it looked pretty identical to MAC's snob.

So I took out my snob and compared it with Chic Lavender.
OMG =0=)!!!
I was so surprised to see how identical the colors are.
I would say that they are 99% identical to each other. The only difference is MAC being a bit thicker.

So I got excited about comparing shades, and decided to do a comparison on all of them. I pulled out my MAC's Creme D'Nude lipstick and did a side by side comparison with the Pale heart. Of course pale heart is a matte color and Creme D'Nude is a cremesheen so the finishing is going to be different.
But the underlying colors are pretty much the same. :) impressive.

Fanta Dream is a coral color. I LOVE coral colors (especially lippies) so the moment I saw FD, I thought that it looked similar to my MAC slim shine in Missy. So while comparing them, I brought out my MAC Curtsy too, and they all looked quite similar side by side
The colors are really similar. The only difference is the finishing.

The Baby Milk color is more of a cotton candy pink color :)
I think it just came out and was added to the creamy matte line.
Contrary to the other colors, Baby milk isn't matte - it has a bit of shimmers in it. I compared it with NYX's Strawberry milk and they are quite similar. I would say that the Baby Milk applies more evenly and doesn't cake.

Etude House - Proof 10 Eye primer (compared with UDPP)
Eye primer vs. eye primer :p

Since both aren't translucent, they do leave a bit of color behind
As you can see, UDPP is a bit lighter (whiter?) when rubbed into the skin
Etude House's primer was a bit waterier than UDPP.

Alright, than let's test out their performances :)
I am going to use Cover Girl's quad, and the second color with the green arrow on it
The first swatch picture is just two spots on my bare skin.
The third picture is the same shadow patted on top of proof 10 and UDPP.
As you can see, the colors are much more vibrant, yet Etude House makes the color a appear a bit darker than what UDPP does.
The last picture is all four of the swatches compared. - The top two are on bare skin, and the bottom two are on shadow primers (L:Etude house, R:UDPP)
*And they are all using the same shadow. Look at how big the differences are! :)

MISSHA Lucid Tine
It's like a jelly-type lipstick. I wasn't expecting any matte or full coverage.
It's a sheer coverage with a lot of glossiness to it.
I would say it's like a lipgloss made into a lipstick!

Tony Moly - Berry berry stick in "Pink Girl"
This is the prettiest color I got out of all the lipsticks. It looks so smooth and candy-ish.
however, it's like the MISSHA lucid tint.. it's a sheer lipstick, and if your lips are pigmented, you will be able to see your lip color through the lipstick.

Banila Co. It Shiny - #9 Coral Romance
I got it as a freebie when I ordered my primer from Banila Co.
I've heard so much good things about Banila Co., I am really looking forward to this.
It's more of a pinky-peach color (vibrant) and the only thing is.. the oily part and the formula kind of separates when you apply plenty on your skin (or lips)

Aritaum Golden Khaki vs. Lancome Erika-F
Golden Khaki is a dupe of Lancome Erika-F. So I put them side to side and compared them.
They are both in a pewter shade, and the only difference is.. Golden Khaki has silver shimmers and Erika has golden shimmers.
They both look fabulous and it's hard to tell on the camera, but in real life, I can tell apart the differences, especially when the light reflects them. I think Erika has a softer glow.

...And suddenly my Benfit creaseless cream shadow (Skinny Jeans) struck my mind.
It's also famous as a Erika-F dupe!
So I swatched it right next to Erika-F
from left to right : Gloden Khaki - Lancome Erika - Benefit Skinny jeans..
pretty similar, eh?

Dior Addict - High Shine 503 "Spotlight Coral"
It's the typical high-shine. The emphasis is more on the shine than the coverage. I like how subtle the shine is. But after swatching it... I was like "wait a minute.. I've seen this shade before?"

So I brought back my Orange Salmon I swatched earlier and put them side by side.
The Dior is visibly more shimmery, but check out the swatches!
Both are like orange jellies and the swatches are very similar. :)

After swatching the two, I suddenly remembered that I had another similar shade!
It the Lancome color fever in Debut. So I swatched that one next to the Dior and Skin food.
It is similar, but there is a slight difference.
Lancome has more red undertones, and a bit thicker.

So I got super excited and started to pull out other shades, and decided to compare my YSL Rouge Volupte in 13 Peach Passion.
I was like nah.... it's not even close :/
YSL has more pink and reddish undertones and is wayyyyyy thicker than the sheer lipsticks.

TheFaceShop Color to cheek trio :)
I think they were specifically made to duplicate Shu Uemura -
the exteriors all look similar to Shu Uemura's blushes.
I meant to get OR203 too.. but forgot to tell my friend to get that one too :(

TFS COlor to cheek (BR801)
It's a highlighter, and I tried it on my hand.
I think it's a bit chalky and you can see a lot of white on it. So when you stand below the light at certain angles, you can see the chalkiness.

Anyway, I decided to compare it with my favorite highlighter - Helena Rubinstein's Fairy Dust in 01. Angel face.
The colors are similar, and both are meant for a subtle glow.
However, as you can see, thefaceshop's highlighter has an extreme amount of whiteness in it. You really have to work on blending it out, and don't build on it too much! :)

Color to Cheek (PK102)
Looks like an ordinary pink, but if you look at it, it has a bit of gold shimmer to it. However, like many blushes with golden shimmers in them, the gold doesn't show that much.

So, when it comes to bright pink with subtle gold shimmers I always think about Bobbi Brown's Pink Sugar (it's a shimmer blush). And I compared them side by side.
they look alike to the naked eye, but when you swatch them ,there's a big difference. TFS's blush is a bit whiter and has more shimmers in it. Also, it's a bit lighter shade than the Bobbi Brown blush.

As I were doing the swatches, I remembered that I had NARS's angelika. You can't say that you've tried the famous pink+gold shimmers blushes until you've tried Angelika.
So I swatched Angelika too.
They all look pretty similar, but when swatched, they have their own unique colors.

Color to Cheek BR803
A peachy shade with gold shimmers in it.
It definitely reminded me of NARS orgasm. But.. ugh.. I smashed the who thing on the ground a long time ago, so I don't have anything to compare this blush to.
I like this one the best (out of the three) since it lacks that chalky appearance.
It blends in really well and has a very natural glow to it.

And for the sake of it.. here's the original Shu Uemura Rebirth Collection (2008 L/E) blush in Orange Harmonious

Tony Moly Lovely BB Cream in Bright
My First BB cream! LOL I felt obligated to get a BB cream since so many of you asked if I use BB creams. My first impression was "creamy". I thought it was going to be watery, but it was rather creamy.
Well... it's pretty obvious on the swatch picture how it works :p
It definitely covers up, but doesn't cover that much blemishes. Also, it becomes really white.. so it has that ghostly effect.

TheFaceShop Illuminating Blusher in 3. Violet
The blush is really cute. It also comes with a small fluffy thing you can use to apply your blush.
So I thought it was going to be purple purple. Like really purple. But it's more like a subtle mauve color with lots of pink undertones to it.
The case is too small to dip a blush brush in, so I had to swipe it with a shadow brush. The color seems pigmented on the brush, but when applied to the skin, it is really hard to tell the color difference. Very VERY subtle shine with a hint of mauve in it. I really had a hard time trying to capture the color in the camera.
It also kind of has that chalky finish (a little bit)

Beauty Credit Color to Cheek (PK02 - Peach Girl)
OMG.. I asked my friend to get the 03, but that was discontinued and she bought me this one, and I feel like I've hit the jackpot LOL.
It is such a pretty color!! I love this color. and it doesn't have the chalky feeling that most of the blushes had. Just the right amount of shimmer and just the right amount of pigmentation. The color definitely reminded me of NARS super orgasm.

LOL So I took out my Super Orgasm and compared them side by side.
Super Orgasm has huge glitters as big as my boogers! LOL
If you compare them side by side, NARS got owned by Beauty Credit LOL
awesome pigmentation and kudos for BC Peach girl.

Beauty Credit Lovely Cheek Color (PK01 - Vanilla Pink)
It's a matte baby pink blush.
Very very soft colors, and it is hard to blend in.
And it has that white chalky vibe like many other blushes.

Etude - Face Designing Brightener
It's a nude color compact powder type highlighter. (It's scented btw)
and it does get chalky too, but it is easy to blend. And when you blend it in well enough, you can get that shimmery look like how it came out on my swatch.
The point is to blend blend blend!!

And this is just the other side of the box. pretty illustration LOL

Skin Food T&I Zone (dupe for Dior Glam)
I bought two of these since they are very small.
When I first opened it, there was this elevated hole.. (more like a volcano shape), and the formula looked really yellow. I was quite disappointed and after opening the hole and applying it on my skin I was like " OH!!!! NICEEEEEE"
It's really reflective, and the awesome part is, it reflects a really pretty pink shimmer. (no yellows LOL)

Etude house - Baking powder pore cleansing powder wash
It's like a powder and you have to rub it on your pores when your face is damp.
I haven't used it so I really can't say anything about it.
It doesn't have a scent to it.

Etude Fresh Cherry Tint (#2)
It's really cute and small.. and the formula is almost neon pink.
I forgot that it was a tint, so left it on my hand for a minute or two, took the pictures and tried to wipe if off like picture 1 (that is labeled 1.)
It stained and didn't budge a bit.
I tried to get it off with cleansing oil, and that's picture 2 after the cleansing oil.
It's more like a stain paint. LOL it really doesn't get off so be careful not to get it on your clothes!

Beauty Credit Lovely Powder Pact Mat (#21)
Such a cute cute packaging :)
and the formula feels awesome. It's like silk. Very very soft and light.
It's more for setting purposes and it doesn't add coverage to the foundation when applied. The green arrows are pointing to edge of the applied area.

MISSHA 4D Mascara
Nothing much to it. LOL
My friend said that it separates and is very clean (no smudging), but it's not a buildable mascara.

MISSHA the styel perfect concealer (light beige)
I put it next to my HG concealer (Shu Uemura) to compare, and I have to say.. it is quite impressive.
The color is pretty much the same (it does look a bit yellow in the picture, but it really isn't)
and the texture is really soft.
Anyway, so I tried to conceal my Etude tint I got earlier LOL.
The left one is MISSHA, the right one is SU Uemura.
MISSHA applies a bit thicker and unevenly, but the performance is pretty much the same.

Tony Moly Gel Liners in Brown and Black
It's actually very creamy and soft. If glides on well and it very pigmented.
The downfall is that it doesn't dry quick enough so it might smudge while you're blinking your eyes while it's sill wet.
And the last picture is half rubbed with a swab that had a drop of oil on it (since our lids get oily through out the day, I wanted to test it and see if it smudged)
I'm not sure about the staying power since I haven't formally tried it out all day long.

Beauty Credit Lashes (the numbers are on the left)

Samples from HERA (anti-aging set)
The cream was 10ml!! that's like a full product you can pay for in the states!

All this... just for buying one HD foundation. HERA gave my friend all these samples for buying the HD foundation.

HERA HD powder pact - it was so small and cute, I just had to take separate pictures of it :p
Really small and cute

The bottled smapled

Face masks and sheets, cleansing clothes from HERA and other brands LOL

All the other samples!! massive!! :D

Free Pouches (3 HERA and 1 ETUDE)
- you get the ETUDE pouch as a gift if you spend over 30,000 won, which is like 25 dollars in the states!
I really love how much freebies you get when you're not even spending an insane amount of money! I wish Sephora would go with this strategy :p

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