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Review: TheFaceShop Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask

Sorry, I'm not in my right state :p blog sale is still going on

I also wanted to do a short review? or so about thefaceshop's Black Head Nose Clay Mask.
It's a clay mask you put on your nose and around that area to pluck out black heads.

here's what I learned from applying it

1. Don't spread it thin - spread it thickly!! * very important *
- if you spread it too thin, it doesn't even peal off. It's like glue that you can't even rub off
2. let it dry completely
- you have to feel that tight feeling around your pores. and the surface has to be bumpy too
3. Peel it off bottom-up
- don't peel it the other way around. You have to peel it so it goes against your skin texture so you can really pull out the black heads.

So here's the results! It really really hurt when I peeled it off....

* Warning * this can be a bit gross :p

look at all that!

I felt this thrill after ripping this off of my nose. I am going to do this once or twice a month >.<)

For those that are looking for this product, here it is on Amazon.
2pcs the Face Shop Blackhead Ex Nose Clay Mask 50g (2*50g)

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