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Fail or minor success? (The Yellow Curlers)

Out of boredom I decided to try out the yellow balls Maggie sent me a while a go. Can't remember or new to the blog? you can go here and read about it and giggle at the witty comments :)

Despite watching a video explaining how to use the balls, I still haven't figured out what the right way is. The guy in the video keeps dropping the balls, and since I don't understand Taiwanese (or Mandarin, not sure what they are using in the video) I could never figure out if I had to start curling from the bottom or from the mid-section -_-...

But anyway, I decided to try both methods.
Curler 1&2 were positioned near the roots and the rest of the hair was curled around the curler.
Curler 3&4 were positioned at the end of my hair and curled upwards toward the roots.

* I curled the hair when it was 80% dry, so I did have some moisture left in the hair after my shower.
* I also left the curlers in my hair for about 1 hour
* haha, excuse my super messy room, yellow lighting, PJs, no-makeup-face, and huge contrast in my pictures. I am just trying to show the results in a clearer manner.

I first uncurled #2. Ugh... I really don't recommend these curlers to those that have severe damage to the hair. My hair got tangled and I literally had to rip off a chunk of my hair to get the curler out
See how it kind of gets all twisted towards the end? it's because it's all tangled down there >:(

Here's the raw impressions of the results.

hehe,, yes :p the camera happened to focus on my penguin in the background.

and here's a shot of the results after combing through it with my fingers

you can definitely see that curler 1&2 had better results.
and curler 3&4 are meh...

Overall, I was actually quite impressed.

I think once you've mastered how to use these (and not tangle your hair) and style your hair quickly, it is very effective.

Here's a bonus shot of what happened to my ends.

I do have really dry, yucky ends to start with.. but the whole tangling made it even more unattractive..

I am willing to try these again :p and if I do master it quickly enough, I'll try to make a tut before I cut my hair

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