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Happy New Year! :)

Hi girlies!
How did your new years go? I had an awesome countdown hehe :p

Anyway, I guess I'll post my new year's resolutions on my blog to help me feel motivated.
I have learned that bigger than life ambitions are just going to make me feel bad about myself if I can't do them. So I decided to go realistic this year.

1. Write a summary or at least a one-line entry in my journal everyday.
- I've been on and off with my journal, but I do think I write more entries than an average person so it's not a big deal. And it's a great tool to keep track of my life. not that anything spectacular is happening in my life at the moment :p

2. Reply within 24 hours.
- I have this really really bad reputation among my acquaintances and friends as the "where on earth is she" girl. I have a horrible time replying back to people or returning calls. If you have wrote me something and have gotten an answer back within 3 days, you were on the fast line. I am going to work on this problem and get back to people within 24 hours. - this is going to be my biggest challenge of the year. -_-;;

3. Film AT LEAST 8 videos per month.
- I know this sounds like a ridiculously small amount of videos, but you really have to put my personality and situation into the equation. I film more videos than what I put up. I believe that I am borrowing your time and I do not want you as the viewer to have a bitter taste in your mouth and feel like you have wasted your time after you are done watching my videos. I might not be the best out there and I might not be your type of guru to watch, but I really really want to have at least one helpful tip in my video and want them to be diverse and fun to watch.
Also after changing recording devices and editing softwares, every single video eats up at least 8 hours to edit and get things right. I might edit everything and then just throw the video away because it's not worth putting up. So, what goes up gets reduced to a small amount of videos. But I will try my best to get more videos up for you guys :) I promise!

4. Work out at least 5 times a week.
- Ah.. the cliche one. Haha, well I feel like I should really work out since it makes me feel better when doing so. I don't necessarily have a set goal in mind, I just like the feeling of running for a long time and getting that runner's high.

5. At least 4 posts per week
- Yes, devote more time to my blog and post more often. I am determined to do more reviews and helpful tips on this blog.

6. healthier diet
- I'm having extremely bad acne right now - which indicates that my diet is out of whack. I should cut out flour and the amount of sugar intake and try to have a more disciplined diet.

Anyway, as motivated as I am today - I re-filmed the tut I messed up a few days ago. I feel happy that this one's lighting came out great and how I got to fix up a problem from 2009 in 2010 (haha, I'm superstitious like that :p)

it looks pretty much the same from my last post, but it's a whole new video :p

Happy New Year and let's all have a super good year! yay for 2010!!!
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