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Jewelry in the Mail

Sometimes I do get contacted by various people with various reasons wanting me to promote their products. I usually don't bite every single offer given (I rather reject most of the offers) unless I am confident in that company's products or if it is a good cause and makes me want to help them out. Well I think Justine's case was motivated by both reasons - good quality AND my personal belief that people should complete their education.

Justine messaged me asking me if I wanted to try out some of her products because she had to support her schooling. I went to her site and it was very well managed with so many cute stuff. I definitely said yes, because I really want to support her education, I think her prices are competitive in the market (A lot of places charge like 50% more on similar products!), and I think she's a very talented person (great craftsmanship and effort put in the items when seen in person:)

Her site is - please support her :D

Here's what came in the package she sent me
haha :p starburst!!!

First the Earrings :) This is 'When Love takes wings'

So cute :D You have to be careful not to put the wrong side on, haha
She has a lot of winged designs which I think is catchy and cute

Here's another winged design 'Petite'
Very small and cute :) reminds me of Yazawa Ai's ご近所物語
What's it called.. happy berry?
-- this.. :p

Here's the necklace. OMG, so pretty :D My bf saw it and he usually doesn't comment on stuff like this but he was like "what's that? it's pretty"
haha.. this necklace got my bf's approval :p
It's really pretty because it's so reflective and shows a lot of colors depending on the lighting and angle.

And here's a cute ring that was also sent.
really good details and cute! you can adjust the size :)

And last but not least, here's the group shot :)

I love her cute designs and after seeing them in person, I am happy I made a decision to promote her site :)
So please, if you have time, please check her site out and support her if possible. She has really cute items ranging from swarovski to hime style items :)

* FTC: I did receive everything for no cost, yet I am not monetarily compensated to alter my opinions or support of the site. I did not receive a single penny and am not going to in the future for my opinions.

Justine and another girl (Sophia) are the only people I am voluntarily supporting at the moment, I hope you guys could help them out too :)


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