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My First OPI~ and a lot of help needed

Hi :)
I think I already said that I am not into nail polishing in one of my videos, and I still am very dubious about how long this craze is going to last.
My nails are sad. And by sad, I mean really sad. My mom and I have really weak and brittle nails. I always watched my mom cut her nails really short (so she won't hurt herself) since I was a kid, and I too have inherited that habit. My nails are so weak and like thin paper, if I grow them out they either bend backwards or rip off. So I would have to cut them short or peal them off (which freaks the hell out of my boyfriend LOL). So to me - it never made any sense to put so much effort into my nails if they had to be cut off so often and are not manageable.

But put away the sad story, I've been into red bean (or read bean paste) color for a while and couldn't resist buying this OPI shade: which is "Barefoot in Barcelona" - which I think is the closest to a wearable red bean color

So here's the swatch (no base or top coat :p).
(sorry, it's a very weird swatch picture :p)

I do have a question for you nail experts out there.
I am a total novice to the nail polishing world, I only have a filer and nail polish remover. What do I need and what do I have to know? I figured that I will need a base coat and top coat (which I will buy over the weekend), but what else? anything else I have to know? please help me :p
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