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My indecisiveness on Hair

I know I've asked you guys what hair style I should get and never went through the process. Well, I'm still indecisive of what I should do about my hair. I know I should chop off the damaged parts, but.. what else?

I'm thinking of a long bob, which seems to be in for 2009-10!!

Kristen Dunst did it..

Paris did it..

nonono.. not amber, sorry - she's from afterschool!

Jessica * Yoonah (SNSD) did it..

Jessica Alba did it

Amuro did it

Gwyneth Paltrow did it..

But I wasn't swayed by these celebrities, since it all seems like a short-term trend and it's a must to brighten your hair and have it touched every now and then. I wouldn't want to chop off more than half of my hair and then make it go through another harsh coloring session :(

but, argh...
I was flipping through seventeen magazine today and I found this!!
I don't know who Nozomi and Yukina are, but both of their hair looked so so cute it actually made me want to go short. I think the girl on the left (assuming that she's Nozomi?) looks so fresh and cute in this hair style. But yet again, you always have to factor in the cruel reality - that it only looks good on her because she has a cute face to start with! :(

Anyway, I just wanted to share some pictures with you guys
what do you guys think of such short hair??? :)
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