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A reluctant UDPP depotting experience.

I'm not a big depotting fan. I like things in its original packaging, and yesterday I had to (reluctantly) depot my UDPP. Here's how the story goes. I was filming a tut yesterday and after I was done and cleaning up the desk I noticed that my Urban Decay Primer Potion was bleeding.

So I had no choice but to depot this sucker.
I first thoroughly cleaned my cutter blade. The blade is going to go right through the formula and you don't want it dirty :(
I cleaned the blade back and forth for 5 minutes with rubbing alcohol.

Now, identifying the crack was easy. I wiped the exterior of the bottle clean and pushed the applicator in. There was a fart sound and another gulp of UDPP spilled out from the bottom of the bottle.
Look at the filmsy packaging! The bottom part was so thin, it's just asking to be cracked!

I easily opened the bottom part and was surprised to see so much potion left in the bottle. I have been using this bottle for quite a while.. and thought I was almost through it!
but NO.. It was so filled up I felt like the formula was literally spilling out.

after scrapping out some from the bottom, I decided to cut the fattest part (the upper part). At first it was frustrating to saw back and fort with a small cutter, but once the blade goes through, the bottle cuts clean like a soft tofu block.
And again - sooooo much potion in there!! This is an insane amount of formula!

I had to fill two bottles of 5mg sample bottles (full)!

And here's the end of my potion bottle -_-;;;

* Tip: If you are depotting your UDPP, when you scrape the formula into a bottle and the bottle mouth gets all clogged up around the rim, just simply close the lid and tap the bottle down on hard surface or on your palm several times. It will make the formula go down and you'll have a clean rim to put more in the bottle (I know, duh.. high school science - but, just in case you guys needed a tip :p)

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