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Revitalash Week #1

Click here to go to week #0

Oops, sorry this post is a bit late. My router went crazy last night and I couldn't get this up

I started Revitalashing on January 2nd, and it has already been a week. I applied it every night (Jan - 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 - 8 nights total before I took the pictures :)

Luckily, I have had no side-effects yet. First two nights I did have a slightly tight feeling on my lids now and then, but that was about it. After the third night, I couldn't really feel anything anymore. Now my impatience is slowly creeping in and I feel like I should dab on more and more!! >.<)!! (( of course I'm not going to do that tho! haha ))

Anyway, cheers for my first week and here are some pictures.
The pictures were taken at night so I had to make the contrast huge so you guys could see the lashes.

Captions are just me.. analyzing the situation (aka. babbling away)

nothing visually different when seen with eyes open.
lashes are still weak, droopy and short.

Am I hallucinating?? Seems like the eye on the left side (of the monitor) has longer lashes than last week..? It is hard to say since they are still short and brittle.

Here's the problem with my lower lashes.. I barely have any on the outer corners of my eye. I wish I could have more lashes on that area :{

I realized that I didn't have a profile shot of my lashes last time.
but here it is.. :p

and the looking down shot.

My verdict: It's only been a week and I do not expect any visual difference. I haven't noticed anything dramatic and I think it's normal. We will see as the weeks go by :)

click here to see week 2
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