January Youtubing: My seven-day project

On the last day of 2009, being super motivated about the new year, I decided to embark on a seven day project for my January Youtubing. I did say that my goal was 8 videos per month, but I knew that was going to be difficult for a person like me.
So, in order to motivate myself, I made a seven days project- filming seven tutorials for the first seven days of the month. And to add some fun to it I decided to feature each of my big penguins in each video :)

A lot of people noticed the penguins in the background but nobody was able to point out that they were all different babies :p

So here they are~ my precious baby penguins :)

All of them have been in my video backgrounds, but I never had a chance to put them all together in one video.
If I had some time left in January I would have made the eighth video with all of them in the background at once :p

Anyway, I felt like January was a special youtubing month since (a) I got a lot of videos out and (b) all my big penguins got a chance to be in the background :) I feel like it was a good start of the new year.

next time you see one of them try identifying who it is :p
and I hope you all had a nice February 1st.