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JLPT Results

Sorry - this is the closure post to all my JLPT-ness I talked about last year (and many years before too).
The results were finally in on the 2nd and then the foundation suddenly suspended all the accounts from their test scores, and today it is open again :p

So the results were 391 / 400 yay~~ (a passing score)

based on past statistics that will be probably be about the top 0.05% of all overseas Level 1 takers XD
and no.. level 1 isn't the lowest level, it is actually the highest. :p

So the score breaks down to
Vocab: 99 / 100
Listening : 97 / 100
Reading : 195 / 200

A lot of people asked me why I learned Japanese and what I'm going to use it for.
I learned Japanese because my school required 2 years of foreign language studies to graduate. I thought it was a great opportunity to learn a language I was interested in and that's how I ended up learning Japanese. Anyway, I took the JLPT as a wrap up trophy?? (or acknowledgment??) for my dedication to learning the language. I do believe that it is going to be great to have additional language skills under my belt, but .. at the moment I don't really have any plans with my Japanese skills. Any suggestions? :)

Anyway, it's a happy day :D At least my parents were really happy about the score :p hehe
For those that are preparing or studying for the test, good luck and hope you guys have great results too :D


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