Review: MAC Viva Glam GaGa Lipstick

I decided to participate in the Gaga craze and picked up a Viva Glam Gaga lipstick today.
It's a pretty pink (lustre finish). A lot of people have said that this is a "wearable" pink, but.. um.. if you're in a professional or conservative field, I'm not sure if this could be wearable everyday lippie. It's kind of flashy under certain lightings
It has that nice shine lustre finishes usually have.

I randomly pulled out some pinky mac lipsticks I had :) - just so you guys can compare how it looks like.

It's a pretty barbie.. I mean Gaga pink :p

I swapped some lipsticks that came close to the color
As you can see Gaga has soft pigmentation and a really nice sheen

Here's lip swatches. (Bare lips - half applied - fully applied)
It's quite sheer so you have to build up quite a lot to cover up your bare lips.

and here's a full face swatch, so you can see if the lipstick jumps out or not (NC20 skin with a lot of yellow undertones)

and some cam whoring LOL I haven't done this for years. If you use isight, the lipstick comes out more like neon-purple. But the picture above is the accurate color

Alright, I have some presents I got from a blog follower today but I'll post that post separately :p I feel very pampered from all the nice gifts people generously give me! thank you all (*__)