Revitalash Week #5 - unusual hair growth?

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Hi all,
Sorry this post is a bit late. I did take the pictures on the right date though :p I forgot to upload them yesterday.

So week 5 consists of January 31st, February 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 = 7 nights total. I think week 5 was a sucker since most of the nights I cried myself to sleep (thinking about family, though decisions I had to make, disagreement with the bf, sad movie, etc. :p) and I think that washed a lot of the formula away.

As usual, I took pictures with Canon 50D, flash on and I rendered the contrast so you guys could see the lashes better.

Front shot - the ends seem to have grown a bit, but no noticeable change in volume

Looking down - shaky picture

Eyes shut - left eye (right eye actually) lashes are definitely growing faster than the other side

A few have come a long way :p

Okay, this is the problem shot (please don't mind the overgrown brows, I'm growing them out for a tutorial)

there seems to be unusual hair growth down my lower lid. can you guys see the small black hairs coming down like a tear stream? -_-;;; is it because I cried a lot and the formula went down with my tears???????? o_0 is this thing that powerful in such a short amount of time? :"( anyway, facial hair seems to be growing... and they aren't white - but black, and black as lashes D':


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