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Revitalash Week #9 & #10

Ekk, I'm not sure if it's week 9 or 10
I've been taking pictures of my lashes every Sunday, so I will edit and merge the past two week pictures with this post once I find them.

These are Pictures from March 7th
I haven't missed a single day :D yay!!

I was putting mascara on, and I noticed how long my lashes were, so I decided to do a comparison shot.
left is Mascara (2 coats, I believe) and right is just bare lashes

I know, I know.. The mascara is clumpy. It's mostly because I was mixing all sorts of mascaras and it clumped up really bad.

So far, I haven't had any weird signs.
I noticed that someone asked me about the lid darkening on my last Revitalash post, and yes I do think there has been a slight darkening on the rim of the lid (where the formula is applied).
Also, new hair is growing out!
Mostly on the lower outer corner of my eye and a few have started to grow on my lid -_-;;
I am planning to pluck them if they are too noticeable.
The only thing I am waiting for is the curling part. I know it's not guaranteed but that's the thing I'm still crossing my fingers about :p

Other than that - I'm happy about the growth progress :D

What do you guys think? Do you think my 10 weeks of effort was totally worth it?
Also, when should I stamp the end date? I don't think this is sustainable in the long run (or is it?)

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