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Kumiky (Kumiko) Popteen Look

I know a couple of people asked for her look a long time ago :'( If you want your name credited for requesting, please e-mail me or send me a YT message! Sorry

So, thanks to the boyfriend, who doesn't mind feeling embarrassed to buy girly magazines for me, I was flipping through the recent popteen May 2010 magazine and noticed a reccurring new trend within the models. (For New Yorkers, you can get plenty of Japanese fashion and beauty magazines at Kinokuniya @Midtown East)

The makeup has become wayyyyyy more lighter, and brighter!, than a couple of years ago. The tanned skin with somewhat heavy-looking eyeliner look is definitely out. Now it seems to be minimal eye shadow with clean, thin lines and a lot of eyelash tricks. The trend seems to be shifting from Dolly-sexy-glam to cute & girly.

That's why I decided to do an updated Japanese makeup inspired look - featuring Funeyama Kumiko (Kumiky).

So here's the cover of Popteen May, 2010
This was what mostly inspired me. As you can see, her lower lashes totally break the rules of eyelash application.

When you look at most Asian eyes, the reason why they look slanted isn't necessarily because the upper lid is slanted, it's mostly the lower part of the eyes that are slightly slanted upwards (no offense, I have slanted lowers too :-p). So when you look at people with bigger eyes (no matter the race), a lot of them have droopy or straight lower lids. This makes the eyes look like they are widening towards the end - creating an illusion of wider, bigger eyes.

Kumiko's eye makeup is basically along the same line.
As you can see, her natural eye shape (lower lid) is slightly curved upwards and she created a false line using lashes to make her eyes seem bigger, longer and wider than they are.

Here's a good look at her makeup.
Fascinating trick isn't it :)

If you look at her before makeup eye, it looks like a normal round shaped eye with a big circle lens sitting on it. But after pulling her makeup tricks, her eyes look bigger than life :)

Her look is basically a very dolly look. Big puppy eyes, nothing smudgy and heavy. Chalk-white, baby pink cheeks, pink lips... All in all a very lovely, cute look that isn't too over the top.

Hope this tutorial and post helped you guys understand and break down Kumiky's beauty secrets :D

Stay pretty!

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