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Package from Mel :D

It was my birthday the other day. And on my way out, I checked the mailbox and I had a package from Mel waiting for me x)
We were talking about the NYC limited edition blushes on twitter, and we agreed to pick up extras if we found the blushes. Mel found the blushes at ulta, and she sent me a package full of goodies with the blushes x) It wasn't initially intended as a b-day package, but the dates kind of fit in and all in all it turned out to be one :D

here's what was in the package. These are all practical stuff that I needed to, or was planning to buy!

First off are the blushes.

Remember how I was talking about drug store products having all these crazy limited edition products? Well, N.Y.C. had come up with their limited edition - Shock Value - a while ago, and the creme stick blushes were included in it. The limited shades were "Plaza Pink" and "Wild Berry", but I think Mel just got me the Big Apple Blush instead of Wild berry :D

Anyway, here's a swatch of "Plaza Pink" alone (on a NC20 skin)

The name says pink, but it's actually more of a coral color.
The creme stick itself looks pretty hard, but if you apply it on the surface of your hand, it applies in a smooth manner. I first had some watery liquid come off first, but I think it was just some sort of formula separating from the stick. Other than that - I was pretty surprised at how pigmented the blush was.

Here's the Big Apple Blush too. (It's the top one)

Big Apple Blush is like a Berry-redish color. It too had minor difficulties when first applied (crusts of the edge kind of got chunky on my skin), but after that, there wasn't anything noticeably wrong.
They blend out really well too. Maybe I'm still suffering from my Benetint nightmares, I always fear that things that are supposed to be blend out are just going to sit, dry and stain in a blotchy manner. But, the creme blushes were very creamy and easy to blend even after a couple of minutes just sitting on my skin.

Here's the rest (eos lip blam & OPI Shrek-Tacular Minis)

Haha, when I saw the mini OPI's I started laughing. The colors are amazingly similar to the Shrek colors, especially "who the shrek are you?".
Fiercely Fiona reminds me of China Glaze's Lemon Fizz, but other than that, all of the other colors seem to be unique :)
The sizes of these bottles are really adorable too. I've never had an OPI mini, so I "awwwed" when I first saw these. The formula of all four colors is a bit watery. If you look at the pictures above, one coat is very thin. You will need at least a good two or three coats (Fiercely Fiona will need three at least). The only color that was washed out is Rumple's Wiggin' (typo in the picture.. -.-). It's more like a soft lilac color than a white-purple tone :p

And the eos lip balm!!
I've heard so much about it and I was actually talking about how hard it is to find the product! and then bamb!! it comes in the package x)
I started using it yesterday, and I love how light and moisturizing it is! It doesn't clump or create weird skin balls around my lips, and it stays fresh through out the whole night! Amazing!! I would definitely recommend this lip balm! I always found the soft lips balms a bit too chappy and creamy, but eos is extremely light-weight. *claps hands*

Also, I received a nivea lip balm too, but I am going to open it after I use up the eos lip balm :p
Other than that I received some face masks and green teas <3

Oh, and here's my 8th big penguin + my new bear!

Ha, funny how things work out.
These big penguins have been extinct for quite a while in the market (probably because they are too big and too expensive), but my boyfriend found this one at FAO on my birthday. I think FAO is going through inventory and I think they found this one buried away somewhere and they brought it out for sale (since it was the only one sitting with the sharks :p). I'm quite happy I added a new penguin on my birthday, hehe :) [The bear was long overdue, so no need for an introduction :p]
Anyway, if you guys see a penguin in my videos with a tag still on its wing - it's the new baby :p I haven't come up with a name for it yet.

Hope you all are getting ready for a nice weekend +_+)/

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