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Hi everyone, so as the video explains, I got a package from cookieyuri.
here's the box shot before anything was opened..

Here are the skinfood sugar plum shadow boxes.

Some lip swatches..
This is one of my favs - NYX Tea Rose.
Omg!! so pretty!!

This is inglot's 148 - I wore it in the video :)
it's such a pretty bold little color

Here's inglot's have to check the video tomorrow (this computer doesn't have audio :(

Another inglot - you will know what shade it is if you have watched the video ;)

And this is the inglot sleek gloss in #63
I love this gloss!! it's literally waterproof!! it doesn't budge a bit!!!!
It is a bit sticky at first, but it will stay on your lips even if you were french kissing someone for 4 hours!

Here are the skin swatches of the lipsticks

And this is the inglot lip paint.
It's so pretty I can't dare swatch it :'(

Here are the nail colors. I think it's pretty obvious which color is which.
They are really really sheer and I think it will take multiple layers to make it opaque.

This is the sleek storm palette. love!

And OMG! the cargo Catalina Blush!!!!

For some reason I keep on failing the swatches...darn..

One of the inglot freedom system palettes..

Here's the other palette

the Modelista Palette

Here's a Model's prefer palette..

and last but not least, the earrings :D

thank you Cathy (that's cookie's real name :p) for sending me such a wonderful package! I really appreciate it *sniff sniff*

And I will try to get back with regular blogging / youtubing soon :)

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New Cleansers

Hi everyone :)
I just wanted to post a small entry on the recent change in my skincare. I ran out of my Lancome cleanser, so I had a chance to switch my cleansers. I decided to go for St.Ive's only because Fuzkittie used it and she seemed to be happy with it :p

Also, CVS was having a St.Ive's sale where everything St.Ive's was 2 for 6.99 so I grabbed the new Green Tea Cleanser and Scrub.

the Cleanser
- It smells like a green jell-o shampoo. The gel part is quite slippery and a small amount goes a long way. Usually I only use half a pump since one pump is too much. I haven't seen any particular miracles happening on my skin yet, but I am willing to wait since it will take a while for my skin to adjust.

the Scrub
- It looks like green tea ice cream in a tube, LOL. It's nice. When I first squeezed it out I thought it was a cream formula, but it has tiny tiny scrub beads in it so it feels like you're exfoliating your skin. It's not as intense as the Lancome exfoliator (which I think is insanely intense on the skin), but it seems to do the work. After I rinse it off I can feel my skin much softer and smoother.
Out of the two, I would go with the scrub, since it seems to have a bit more of an apparent effect, but if you don't like scrubbing agents you should stick with the cleanser.

Lately I've been having horrible skin problems (small zits all over, serious acne and a ton of other stuff), and I'm hoping that St.Ive's might do some damage repair.

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I will try to resume blogging and youtubing, and bring some joy to this site :p

Thanks for sticking with me guys!

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Review: MAC Lazy Day Lipstick

Yikes, sorry for over-posting today, but I can't wait until tomorrow since these are selling out pretty quickly.
I've caved in and got one thing from MAC's To the Beach collection, and duh... it's a lipstick. I should feel ashamed at this point and stop obsessing about lipsticks. I've noticed that every time I get really stressed or annoyed I go out and get a lipstick. haha.. so yeah, today wasn't a good day for me :p

I was originally thinking of buying "Beachbound" and/or "thrills" along with lazy day, but none of them really appealed to me. Beachbound is definitely a beautiful pale peach lippie and I understand why everyone is going crazy over it, but it just doesn't fit my face. I tried it on and it DOES look like I literally went to the beach and had a mouthful of sand. My lips look too grainy and dusty-dirty looking, even though the lipstick is a glaze. It brings out the yellow and redness around my mouth (old acne scars and such) and makes my mouth area all dirty and weird.
But nonetheless, here's a small swatch of beachbound along with lazy day and one of the lipglasses.

Okay, enough of beachbound - let's get on to Lazy Day.
Lazy day is a Lustre finished lipstick described as a light dirty blue pink by mac. I think it has a bit of a grayish hue to it too. It's more on the smokier pink side than bright and light.
It's hard to see with the naked eye, but this lipstick has a bit of silvery flecks in it.

A lot of people assumed that it was similar to Lady gaga lipstick or Angel, but I think it's neither. If you look at the tube, the color looks almost identical to Angel, but when you swatch it it's totally different. Lady Gaga doesn't even get close to Lazy Day's color.
I think the closest match I can get with my lipsticks is Aloof from MAC (discontinued). Aloof is super sheer but Lazy Day is even more! All swatches were swatched three times on the back of my hand and you can see how sheer Lazy Day's pigmentation is.

Let's see how it swatches on the lips. It's definitely not a "stand out" pink. I had to swipe and swipe over and over again on my lips to get the color going.
Ha, sorry - I didn't have any makeup on and wasn't in the mood to take pictures with my glasses on. But as you can see it's a very subtle pink color that's not as bright or neon as Gaga or other light pink lipsticks.

The texture is extremely creamy and isn't drying at all. The only problem is the weak pigmentation. And because of that I had to pile on a lot of lipstick, which resulted in the lipstick sliding around. So when I talk or open my mouth - the lipstick would have a line of goo across my lips. :( not good.

Other than that, if you like light pinks that aren't screaming for attention - this could be a great lipstick. :)
If you like brighter, bolder colors - you should pass on this one.


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New Bracelet x)

I came home and this bracelet was waiting in the mail for me :)
yay!! It's a present from Liza of Fluer De lis Creation. thank you thank you!

It looks so sparkly and pretty x)
I will try to wear it in my next video so you guys can see how it looks like. For the moment, I'll sneak a model picture from her site -.- so you guys can see how it looks like :p

My bracelet model is the one in the far back :p

I know I sound ambitious, but every time I receive hand-made products I have this huggggeeee urge to buy supplies and try it out myself too. I feel like I might be able to acquire the skills pretty easily.. but I don't think I have the sassy taste to put things together in a pretty manner :/ My stuff will just be a big glump of messy ambitions haha.

No, but I mean seriously.. should I give it a try? or should I just let the experts do it and put more time into making videos and blogging? :p I get bored easily so even if I do start.. it might not last long after a few attempts.

Anyway, I think Liza still has her giveaway going on (just checked and it's open until June 25th) so go check it out and support her and her site :)

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OPI - In my back Pocket & I'm back

Orange nails! ..that look exactly like the color shown in the bottle. :p
The texture is creamy and thick. I only applied one coat for the swatch photos and it's pretty darn thick.

So I'm back from my trip and man.... leaving and coming back to New York gave me a lot of mixed feelings. New York is a very convenient place. It would be harder to find things that aren't here than things that are here. So many things, places, people and even more people are in this small island. But on the other hand, there's an abundance of too many things. It's more like a crowded poultry farm where everyone is rubbing elbows, irritated and everything is on the verge of all hell breaking loose. But all in all I've come to back to the city, a place where I call it home, and I have been trying to adjust for the past two days. I will resume my blogging/youtubing ASAP. I just wanted to say Hi :) and that I'm glad to be back.

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