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New Bracelet x)

I came home and this bracelet was waiting in the mail for me :)
yay!! It's a present from Liza of Fluer De lis Creation. thank you thank you!

It looks so sparkly and pretty x)
I will try to wear it in my next video so you guys can see how it looks like. For the moment, I'll sneak a model picture from her site -.- so you guys can see how it looks like :p

My bracelet model is the one in the far back :p

I know I sound ambitious, but every time I receive hand-made products I have this huggggeeee urge to buy supplies and try it out myself too. I feel like I might be able to acquire the skills pretty easily.. but I don't think I have the sassy taste to put things together in a pretty manner :/ My stuff will just be a big glump of messy ambitions haha.

No, but I mean seriously.. should I give it a try? or should I just let the experts do it and put more time into making videos and blogging? :p I get bored easily so even if I do start.. it might not last long after a few attempts.

Anyway, I think Liza still has her giveaway going on (just checked and it's open until June 25th) so go check it out and support her and her site :)

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