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OPI - In my back Pocket & I'm back

Orange nails! ..that look exactly like the color shown in the bottle. :p
The texture is creamy and thick. I only applied one coat for the swatch photos and it's pretty darn thick.

So I'm back from my trip and man.... leaving and coming back to New York gave me a lot of mixed feelings. New York is a very convenient place. It would be harder to find things that aren't here than things that are here. So many things, places, people and even more people are in this small island. But on the other hand, there's an abundance of too many things. It's more like a crowded poultry farm where everyone is rubbing elbows, irritated and everything is on the verge of all hell breaking loose. But all in all I've come to back to the city, a place where I call it home, and I have been trying to adjust for the past two days. I will resume my blogging/youtubing ASAP. I just wanted to say Hi :) and that I'm glad to be back.

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