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Intro to Jemma Kidd

I was sent a couple of products from Jemma Kidd, which is a beauty school line that is based in London, and trying to widen its US market share. I believe JK could be purchased at Target, and some products might not be in yet.

So here is how the story goes. It was eons ago (I believe more than months ago), I was contacted if I wanted to try out some of JK products. It sounded reasonable, and I asked for some products that interested me. It took like half a year for me to get the products, but nonetheless, they have come (finally)!

I will be doing this post as an intro post, since I myself haven't had a chance to test it out - and then I will try to keep you guys updated on how these work.
Here's what I got from JK.

I asked for a couple of lipsticks that interested me, but they didn't even bother to send me the lip products :( Being a lipstick junkie, that was a bummer. I would have preferred lipstick over lipgloss or brushes. (I'm writing this post in a very subtle sour tone because the wait was soooo long, I forgot what I even expected from this brand, and with a bit of disappointment of how things were arranged and not well communicated).

But, anyway.. I am only bitter with how the company runs things, and not the products themselves. I hope that is clear.

The red boxes are the regular JK line products, and the black ones are from the pro line.

Here are the specifics.

This is the blotting powder. (or pressed powder, however you like to call it)
The official name is Bio-mineral perfecting powder (mine is in 01 light)
It comes with its own pump and seems like a decent size. I like the design of the case.
I will let you guys know how it is after a week or two.

This is an interesting one.
very interesting!! I guess you can use it alone, or as a glitter base. I haven't tried it out yet, but I wonder if it will crease.

Here's a concealer - the official name is Mannequin skin brightener and concealer duo

mine is the lightest shade, and it's a bit warm.

Glosses in candy and coral.
oh.. how original :)

the coral color looks a a bit red in the pictures.

Okay, that was a quick overview of the products.
The ones that intrigue me is the lip & eye gloss and the tinted moisturizer and primer.

I'll try to use these in future videos and let you guys know what my thoughts are.

Have a great long weekend

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