NYC Meetup

Hi everyone, there was a small NYC meetup today. It was nice and cozy and not too overwhelming. Sorry I didn't post anything about the meetup. I wasn't sure if I could go or not. Anyway, they are planning to do another meet up in October, so I'll keep you guys posted :)

So here's some pictures that managed to come out nice.

Mel (

Angela again (this is my favorite picture of the day)

Amy (

Charlotte (Mona's dog)

Angela and Mel

Girls Walking

And the crazy.

After the meetup Mel and I walked from 14th and Park Ave. S to Port Authority (42nd and 8th), which was a nice walk, haha. And Mel got her first taste of Shake Shack :D for those that are visiting NYC or in the area, you guys should def. try out Shake Shack. and I mean it!

It was really fun meeting up with the girls :D hope there will be more meet ups soon.