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So what's up, Catalina?

Hi Everyone.
I feel extremely embarrassed how I just literally abandoned my youtube and blog for nearly two months. Some of you may have noticed, most of you might have not - but basically there has been a big change in my life - and I guess today's post is about what's up with me lately.

As some of you might know, I finished school and was a homebody for nearly a year. I had ample time on my hands and making/editing videos, photos, blogging and all that fun stuff was pretty easy to do. I wasn't in a rush to find a job, nor was a I worried (ha! stupid? that's what I think so to). It wasn't until recently I ran out of the luxury to sit at home and do what I like to do. In easy words, youtubing and blogging didn't pay even a small portion of the high living expenses of living in New York. A lot of things gave me a reality check earlier this summer. So what did I do? I threw myself out into the job market, and luckily got a job quicker than I thought I would.

So, to make a long story short - I have been busy with work and trying to adjust to a new life style and that was taking up too much time. I've tried to make some videos, but filming while the sun is setting is just not fun :'( With my personality, I just couldn't upload unsatisfying videos.

Anyway, that was a short reporting of why things are slow on my side. I will try my best to continue blogging and youtubing but please bear with me and understand that I don't have as much as time as I used to. I think having to work will definitely change many things, and that will also include my youtubing. I have been more focused on makeup tutorials, but I think I will have to throw in more reviews, collection videos or anything that doesn't require so much editing and time.

Okay, I'm going to go and continue to edit the video I filmed a couple of days ago.

Take care guys, and stay healthy! :)

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