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Moistfull for the win!

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a great labor day weekend :) and for those that are starting school - have fun!! School is fun! Don't miss out on anything while you are a student.

I wanted to rave about a product.
I haven't emptied anything out in a long time, and I used this product up very quickly (well, it's probably because it was a sample size bottle :p). But nonetheless, I really REALLY liked it.

It's Etude(house)'s collagen moistfull cream

It's scented (boo..), and is quite milky and gel-like but I liked it because you can actually feel your skin getting moisturized. The only problem is... it's only available in Asian countries >:(
So for those that are in the states like me, you are doomed unless someone offers to buy you this while they are in Asia. But I'm just going to put this out there for those that might have a chance to get their hands on the product :)

It's really nice! I recommend it!!

Since we are talking about skincare stuff, a lot of you might be wondering what's up with my skin since my last post. I first wanted to say that I really really appreciate all of the comments and how supportive you all are :) I read every single comment and have a list of things I am going to try out.
At the moment I am not using mederma. The only reason is because I don't know where it is -_-;
But anywho, here is an update on my skin.

It's disgusting so I made the picture small :p I think my situation hasn't improved at all. I got my prescription for birth control pills (since I highly suspect hormone imbalance, as some of you pointed out) and I am trying to get more sleep. Someone also mentioned lung problems and others brought up internal problems in my body. I do think that most of you pointed out valid concerns so I am going to get checkups on a lot of things.

I am also drinking a lot of water (which results in constant running to the bathroom and under-proforming at work.. ah, such a dilemma) and avoiding coffee like the plague. I was never a big snacker, so I'm just trying to cut off the occasional bite-size chocolates. I'm also back on track with my workouts and eating veggies :D yay. Fortunately, I don't mind the taste of organic kale (it's a superfood! eat it ladies!), so I munch on it everyday as during dinner.

Anyway, I an going to babble on about what is going on in my life. I think I am at a physical and emotional weak point, where I am even thinking of turning to religion for mental strength. Also, I am in love with Super Junior's KyuHyun :p ahhh, he's so smoking hot!

I think I like him because there are a lot of things I can relate to him :/ He has a pretty long face like me, his upper lip curls in when he smiles (but he has much better teeth, my teeth are too short and small), he looks older than his age (so do I! bahaha).. but, I mean, who am I to compare myself to a younger dude/celeb :p I like him because he's good at what he does and you can see him always trying to get better. Good quality - that's what I like about him.

Alright, Sorry I rambled on :(
I miss hanging out and talking(?) to you guys.

Much love,

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