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How Much is Too Much?

Happy Holidays :) I hope everyone had a great Christmas day yesterday!
There's a snow storm in New York today, so I am staying snug at home.

I was trying to put a book and my computer on my desk today and realized that my desk, well.. not only my desk but my entire room, was overtaken by makeup and beauty products. I'm not the most organized person to start with, so I do realized that there's other stuff going on on my desk, but everything is somehow related to beauty or youtubing.
Being a beauty guru (whatever that means :/) on youtube for a year and a half has surely made my makeup inventory explode to a point where it feels a bit overwhelming. I asked myself out loud "Geez, what the hell.. How much is TOO MUCH?! I have too much of everything!!"

I do have to admit that I love collecting makeup since it's pretty to look at and it gives me a weird satisfying feeling of possessing pretty things I like and others envy. I remember before I started youtubing, I had a modest amount of makeup. I had a bit of everything and never really felt the need to collect every slightly different shade of baby pink possible in the world (not to offend those that are really into it, since I too am still really into it, but back in the day pink was pink and one or two lippies were enough for me).
But I guess it is the weird psychological trap I fell into and felt like I HAD to have so many things to complete me. I never realized how much stuff I had until today while I was trying to make some wiggle room on my desk. Everything, everywhere is jam packed with makeup - and the pictures are only the tip of the iceberg.

((warning it's messy because I can't even attempt to clean things out - I am saving the cleaning part for the end of the year or first thing next year :))

Nail polishes.. My biggest failure.
Most of them are only swatched once or never used. I was ambitious about becoming a "nail-girl" and never followed through. They've been sitting patiently waiting to be used.. :/

Mascaras, BB creams, brushes, a hidden box of not-my-favorite-lipsticks, liners, creams, hand lotion, lipglosses and random stuff I throw in to clear my desk off. :(

Ekk!! Messy :/

Even in my drawer.. random things thrown in when I'm busy and not really thinking of where to put things. I guess these are my elite products. They are the most frequently used products.

Another drawer filled with things thrown in and not really utilized properly.

anther drawer being abused :/

skin stuff

another randomly-throwing-things-in-drawer. (I even have halloween makeup! what?! LOL)

Palettes and stuff not touched for months and new backups and unopeneds waiting to be used :/

another freakin drawer filling up with randoms.

I took the pictures to figure things out and how I am going to try to reduce the volume of my products. I guess I wanted to share some thoughts of how I'm starting to open my eyes to reality and realizing that I don't really need a sephora store in my room to get me made up. Even with making videos - I don't use my entire inventory to make videos. It's rather the opposite. I use a very limited amount of products (and I tend to use my favorites over and over again) and most of the products I have stored have never even been used in my videos.

It's useless to scorn and say "Oh Catalina, you're so wasteful. Why buy all the stuff if you're not going to use it blah blah?!", I know. I already addressed it so I'm going to start to try to reduce things. I'm not going to give away stuff because the majority of the stuff I have are things I bought with my own money (if I want to get rid of things I got for free, I will gladly give those away for free). Once I am done sorting things out I am going to do a blog sale and try to price things in an affordable manner, but that will be about it. A lot of things are going to be tossed and sold, but I am really looking forward to a more minimized, less cluttered life where makeup doesn't dominate a lot of my living space.

I guess I'm starting to realize that more isn't always better. I feel like I am becoming my mother (who is an extreme minimalist :p), and having too many things is actually starting to work against me. We will see how things turn out, but today I just wanted to share my enlightenment with you all :p

Have a great weekend and if you're in a snowy area - please take care if you have to go out!

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