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Revitalash Week #4

click here to see week 3

I can't believe I'm already at Week 4 :) I have been very good at applying Revitalash every night.
Week four is 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30th

People have asked about side-effects, luckily I haven't had any serious problems.
I had slight tightenings for the first couple of nights, and I don't know if this is because I'm tired, but I noticed that my eye lids have darkened a bit. I'm not sure since I seem to have dark circles too - I will let you guys know once my dark circles go away.

Okay - so I am officially seeing some results.
The lash growth isn't equally same on each side, and there are some individual lashes that stand out more than the others

same ol' front shot. nothing is noticeably different

Ah.. :) the right eye (shown on the left side of the monitor) is definitely growing faster and fuller

You can see three or four individual lashes that are much longer than the others

Profile shot
lashes are still droopy and straight :/

Okay, that's all for this week :)
Oh, btw I accidently poked my eye with the formula brush and it stung a bit :(

Anyway :)
I hope next week will be a bit longer and fuller xP


Click here to see week 5
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NOTD: Suzi & The lifeguard

Today, I present : OPI's Suzi & the Lifeguard :)

While looking at so many OPI shades, this shade has continuously caught my eye. In my opinion I feel like it's one of the prettiest, innocent pinks OPI has.
It's from the South Beach Collection, and it is a shimmer lacquer. It has that slight pearliness to it - but I do have to admit it is quite sheer (or all shimmer finishes sheer? @_@)
I had to coat three layers to feel somewhat satisfied with the color

haha, and I decided to grab objects around me if I'm going to do NOTD pictures. Reason being.. I don't want to hold a nail polish bottle like everyone else does. It's like a Victoria's Secret model walking down the runway, wearing VS panties and holding another pair in her hands!

So I am going to start grabbing whatever is in my reach for my NOTD pictures :p
holding a dark object

and holding something a bit more bling bling-
no top coat applied :)

Ahh- love this color~ it's so girly XD

okay, that's about it. I might do my walking tour video tomorrow. Weather in NY has been really cold and ugly lately so I never had an opportunity to shoot a decent video :p

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone!
If I finish editing tomorrow, I'll have a video up *crosses fingers*

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Huge Package from Sigma

A huge package was delivered today and it was from Sigma Makeup :)
I've been eyeing Sigma brushes every since EnKore introduced it when it first launched last year. After that I saw so many gurus introducing the brushes and also a famous guru bashing the company on her blog.
With all this noise going on about Sigma, I was always curious what the "real deal" was. I mean, I kind of stopped watching videos while doing my research on the brushes because most of the videos were girls showing what they got in the package and screaming awesome awesome awesome and how much they loved the products when most of the stuff was clearly not even opened or used. I have become more cautious about reviews since I've been pretty naive to buy really low quality brushes based on people's oh-so-super-positive reviews.

I will share with you guys what came in the package, and we will objectively go through each product and evaluate it based on ease of usage, product durability, quality, and if it is worth paying for - because I don't want to mislead anyone with a review without even using the product.

Oh and *FTC: I did receive the products for free but wasn't paid a penny to alter my opinions. I wasn't even asked to review the products. They just wanted me to try their products and everything else is conducted upon my own will :)

So here's a couple unboxing shots :D

nice packaging :) huge box..

aww.. and a nice card that had my name on it and a hand written card inside :)

And packed with stuff inside.
A heart mirror, brushes, blush set, smokey eyes set, retractable kabuki.. etc

Some extra brushes that were thrown in

Ah- the famous brush roll
initial impressions : the roll is extremely soft and flexible. Thank god it doesn't smell like some factory chemical drenched hazardous roll :p It actually has no smell. good!

Alright, that's about it.
I will be slowly start posting reviews after trying things out XD


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Snowing Upwards

hehe, I know people don't like it when I am fascinated by the weather but I woke up to a semi-blizzard this morning :p I know the quality is going to suck - but hope you guys can see how it's snowing upwards due to the wind

* And since this is a beauty blog :p
Yay- I'm going to start trying out this Laura Mercier, eh-hem, much hyped about-secret camouflage concealer :) You have to mix the two to get the right shade for you.
Usually my tones are always the first or second most fair tone, but I was matched for SC-3 for this product.

Here are some summaries of MUA reviews on this product.

- It is better not to use as an under eye concealer since it can accentuate wrinkles and cake. (50/50 though)
- You have to use the Laura Mercier camouflage brush
- You can blend and mix the two colors to fit your skin perfectly
- It could be on the drier side (opinions split 50/50 on this too)
- It is Oil-Free
- You have to warm up the concealer before using it
- Shade 2 is darker than shade 3??
- It's initially hard to get used to

Okay, I'll try to keep you guys posted on how this works :) It's been quite a while since I've been this excited about a product

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Review: TheFaceShop Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask

Sorry, I'm not in my right state :p blog sale is still going on

I also wanted to do a short review? or so about thefaceshop's Black Head Nose Clay Mask.
It's a clay mask you put on your nose and around that area to pluck out black heads.

here's what I learned from applying it

1. Don't spread it thin - spread it thickly!! * very important *
- if you spread it too thin, it doesn't even peal off. It's like glue that you can't even rub off
2. let it dry completely
- you have to feel that tight feeling around your pores. and the surface has to be bumpy too
3. Peel it off bottom-up
- don't peel it the other way around. You have to peel it so it goes against your skin texture so you can really pull out the black heads.

So here's the results! It really really hurt when I peeled it off....

* Warning * this can be a bit gross :p

look at all that!

I felt this thrill after ripping this off of my nose. I am going to do this once or twice a month >.<)

For those that are looking for this product, here it is on Amazon.
2pcs the Face Shop Blackhead Ex Nose Clay Mask 50g (2*50g)

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Revitalash Week #3 - Exciting!! :D

click here to see week 2

Sorry about the belated post :p I was taking pictures on Sunday morning and then the battery ran out and it took this long (2 days!) to move my lazy bun and charge the battery to export the pictures.

Week three is : January 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23 nights - and the pictures were taken on January 24 morning.

I was putting makeup on and then realized that I had to take the pictures, so I have a bit of glitters on my lids. No mascara or anything on the lashes though! :)

Man.. looking straight seems to be the exact same since I started :'(
It's probably because my lashes are straight and not curly

Here's the closed eyes shot!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!
Why am I so hyper??? I see results!

here's a comparison to last week for those that don't want to go back and forth.
My lashes got FULLER & LONGER!!!
here's a good way to compare - compare individual lashes: for example, the far left outer one on the left eye - it was super short last week, but has grown like crazy this week!
*jumps around with joy XD*

Here's a shaky looking down shot :p
it's glitter on the lashes, not other living organisms >:(

and here's a close up shot.
Lower lashes seem to make progress too.. or is it just my wishful thinking? :p

Can you see that gap on the upper lid? I literally plucked that part out with my Anna Sui curler :( teaches one a lesson to always get rid of the mascara and eye shadow goo on the curler before every usage.

Anyway, that is all for this week :p sorry the post was a bit belated-
And no profile shot this week, it's really hard to hold a heavy SLR with one hand and take a profile picture without shaking.

Oh, and just for those curious - the glitter is from KATE Dual Carat (BR-1), Lenses are Hana SPC in Natural Brown, and the camera used was Canon 50D+Canon EF Wide-angle zoom lens (16-35mm) with the flash on with some daylight coming in, and cropping and curving, etc was definitely with photoshop CS4 :)


click here to see week 4
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Hot Pink Nails :)

Ahh.. the story of my life :p
I am not the risk-taking style so once I settle on something, I love buying the same (or almost same) products over and over again. I was looking at my recent purchases and nail polishes I already had, and I realized that I have way too many hot pinks!

Here's the line up
All five look similar in color - hot pink!
So I'll try to compare them

here's how I compared them. I took one dip and tried to utilize each nail color using that given amount.
(Full hand swatch - From left to right: OPI, essie, VOV, VOV, NYX)

* OPI - Don't Know... Beets Me!
- It's a more berry-magenta color compared to essie (status symbol) & VOV (Barbie Pink)
- Application is smooth and buildable
- Once applied, the formula spreads out to create an even smooth surface (very good!)

Color : 8/10
Texture : 10/10
Drying Speed: 9/10
lasting Power: 10/10
Overall: 9.5/10

* essie - Status Symbol
- It's a brighter pink than the OPI
- Very buildable
- A bit more watery than the other polishes
- Creamy shine after drying is the best out of all

Color: 9/10
Texture : 10/10
Drying Speed : 9/10
Lasting Power: 9/10
Overall : 9.75/10

* VOV Barbie Pink
- The best "neon plastic pink" color
- Truly lives up to its name
- Not buildable at all
- Clumps and doesn't even out
- Takes the longest to dry out

Color: 10/10
Texture: 6/10
Drying Speed: 2/10
Lasting Power: 7/10
Overall: 6.5/10

* VOV Pastel Red
- Sheer texture with tons of shimmer in it
- Doesn't even out
- Hard to build

Color: 8/10
Texture: 7/10
Drying Speed: 8/10
Lasting Power: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

* NYX Dolly Pink
- hehe.. didn't even know I had this color :p
- Drying speed is fast but the formula runs a bit
- Darker berry tone than even OPI
- Quite Sheer

Color: 8/10
Texture: 8/10
Drying Speed: 9/10
Lasting Power: 5/10
Overall: 7/10

I didn't even know I had the NYX polish, but glad to see that it has a different tint than others :) All in all, I still love pinks and hot pinks so I am not going to discourage myself and I am going to continue buying hot pinks :p
What's your favorite shade? :)
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FOTD + @

I rediscovered how important angles are when taking pictures or filming videos. haha

It's a rainy (drizzly) day in New York today! and I am home waiting for my Kimchi Chigae and rice to finish cooking.

* Announcement *
I have another channel on YT ( and I decided to do a series of walking tours of NYC. I never took advantage of the place I reside - it is probably because NYC doesn't fascinate me at all. I grew up in huge cities most of my life and having lived in a humongous city like Seoul, Korea the size or coolness of NYC never struck me as amazing. Also the city noise and the dirtiness of the city was never appealing enough to call it my "dream city". I have always felt that I was stuck in this city for the wrong reasons. BUT, But it is, I decided to change my attitude and start touring with you guys. I know a lot of people dream of coming to NYC (either to live or to visit), and since I happen to live here I will virtually take you guys around with my camera and experience the city.
To tell you the truth I haven't been to a lot of places either so we will venture on to take the city one step at a time :)
I usually walk to anywhere I have to go. And I will take you guys along with me to various corners of NYC.

Anyway, here's a daily dose of cuteness for you guys :p
- The animal on the right is a baby snow leopard :)
He's been in many of my videos and people called him a dog, a lion, a tiger, a white bear.. haha.. :) but he's a Snow Leopard.
If you guys have been poking around my blog, you might have noticed that I love snow leopards and I support an organization called the snow leopard trust. Snow Leopards are endangered spices and I really wish these beautiful cats could exist without disappearing.

And last but not least - here's my recent pizza LOL
I am pretty bad at cooking but I finally got my dough to rise so the crust could be chewy (yay!)
and the squareness .... it just happened to turn out like that :p
It was so huge me and my bf had to eat it for two meals :p I challenge papajo*ns!! (jk jk)

Have a nice weekend!


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New Bobbi Brown + OPI's

Uh-Oh.. do I hear another era of obsession starting?
I have more OPI's coming in, and I will do full handed swatches with the nail stuff. For now, it's just the Bobbi Brown FoundationI have to go to an event tonight and it takes me forever to do my hair and makeup :p So this post is going to be short.

1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15
2. essie (status symbol)
3. OPI - in my back pocket
4. OPI - Green-wich village
5. OPI - Who needs a prince?
6. OPI - Samoan Sand
7. OPI - Sand in my suit
8. OPI - Got a Date To-knight
9. OPI - Don't know... beets me
10 & 11. OPI Sephora - top & base coat
12. Laura Mercier - Eye liner in Black Ebony

Ok, so with the foundation. I already have too much foundation and I didn't want to buy another one before I finished the already existing ones - but I couldn't resist *cries*.
I think for a lot of Asians, Bobbi Brown is like the default makeup (at least in Korea - Bobbi Brown has a huge following there) brand. I too find Bobbi Brown's makeup very suitable for my skin type.
I read a review on the skin foundation, and the person wrote that it's really like "skin". Smooth, soft and adheres with no clogging or streaking.
So I was like, "wait.. sounds like an HD foundation texture, I have to try it out!!"
and I bought the skin foundation in my shade (2 Sand), and after trying it on the back of my hand I get the feeling that it's going to be my HG foundation.
When I pumped it, the formula seemed a bit too watery, but after I spread it out on my hand I was amazed at how quickly it created a smooth, soft layer of even coloring (unnoticeable though) on the back of my hand.
Even with the flash on, it doesn't seem to bounce off a lot of light despite having SPF 15 in it.

I'm going to try this out for tonight and see how I like it on my face :)

The nail swatches will come slowly, and the LM eye liner - I'll have a separate post regarding how to use it

Have a nice day! :)

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Fail or minor success? (The Yellow Curlers)

Out of boredom I decided to try out the yellow balls Maggie sent me a while a go. Can't remember or new to the blog? you can go here and read about it and giggle at the witty comments :)

Despite watching a video explaining how to use the balls, I still haven't figured out what the right way is. The guy in the video keeps dropping the balls, and since I don't understand Taiwanese (or Mandarin, not sure what they are using in the video) I could never figure out if I had to start curling from the bottom or from the mid-section -_-...

But anyway, I decided to try both methods.
Curler 1&2 were positioned near the roots and the rest of the hair was curled around the curler.
Curler 3&4 were positioned at the end of my hair and curled upwards toward the roots.

* I curled the hair when it was 80% dry, so I did have some moisture left in the hair after my shower.
* I also left the curlers in my hair for about 1 hour
* haha, excuse my super messy room, yellow lighting, PJs, no-makeup-face, and huge contrast in my pictures. I am just trying to show the results in a clearer manner.

I first uncurled #2. Ugh... I really don't recommend these curlers to those that have severe damage to the hair. My hair got tangled and I literally had to rip off a chunk of my hair to get the curler out
See how it kind of gets all twisted towards the end? it's because it's all tangled down there >:(

Here's the raw impressions of the results.

hehe,, yes :p the camera happened to focus on my penguin in the background.

and here's a shot of the results after combing through it with my fingers

you can definitely see that curler 1&2 had better results.
and curler 3&4 are meh...

Overall, I was actually quite impressed.

I think once you've mastered how to use these (and not tangle your hair) and style your hair quickly, it is very effective.

Here's a bonus shot of what happened to my ends.

I do have really dry, yucky ends to start with.. but the whole tangling made it even more unattractive..

I am willing to try these again :p and if I do master it quickly enough, I'll try to make a tut before I cut my hair

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Jewelry in the Mail

Sometimes I do get contacted by various people with various reasons wanting me to promote their products. I usually don't bite every single offer given (I rather reject most of the offers) unless I am confident in that company's products or if it is a good cause and makes me want to help them out. Well I think Justine's case was motivated by both reasons - good quality AND my personal belief that people should complete their education.

Justine messaged me asking me if I wanted to try out some of her products because she had to support her schooling. I went to her site and it was very well managed with so many cute stuff. I definitely said yes, because I really want to support her education, I think her prices are competitive in the market (A lot of places charge like 50% more on similar products!), and I think she's a very talented person (great craftsmanship and effort put in the items when seen in person:)

Her site is - please support her :D

Here's what came in the package she sent me
haha :p starburst!!!

First the Earrings :) This is 'When Love takes wings'

So cute :D You have to be careful not to put the wrong side on, haha
She has a lot of winged designs which I think is catchy and cute

Here's another winged design 'Petite'
Very small and cute :) reminds me of Yazawa Ai's ご近所物語
What's it called.. happy berry?
-- this.. :p

Here's the necklace. OMG, so pretty :D My bf saw it and he usually doesn't comment on stuff like this but he was like "what's that? it's pretty"
haha.. this necklace got my bf's approval :p
It's really pretty because it's so reflective and shows a lot of colors depending on the lighting and angle.

And here's a cute ring that was also sent.
really good details and cute! you can adjust the size :)

And last but not least, here's the group shot :)

I love her cute designs and after seeing them in person, I am happy I made a decision to promote her site :)
So please, if you have time, please check her site out and support her if possible. She has really cute items ranging from swarovski to hime style items :)

* FTC: I did receive everything for no cost, yet I am not monetarily compensated to alter my opinions or support of the site. I did not receive a single penny and am not going to in the future for my opinions.

Justine and another girl (Sophia) are the only people I am voluntarily supporting at the moment, I hope you guys could help them out too :)


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Revitalash Week #2 - tiny results?

Click here to see week #0
click here to see week #1

I've already wrapped up my second week of Revitalashing :) Is it just me, or am I starting to see tiny results? These results aren't visibly noticeable, yet I can feel it - or so I think I do.
What I hope to get out of reviatlashing is 1. more strength, or rather curled up lashes (I hate my weak, droopy lashes) and 2. fuller lashes

My week #2 is January 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 - applying Revitalash on my upper and lower lashline every night before I sleep.
I first dip the tip in the formula, sweep across the upper lashline, and with the residue go over the outer corner part of my lower lashes.
I feel like there is one particular lower lash that has grown a lot (it's positioned on the center of my lower, left lashline) and a couple of individual lashes that seem to be longer than others.

No apparent change when eyes are opened normally

but check this out-
the right eye (seen on the monitor) has seemed to grown longer-
I still want fuller lashes~ My lashes are too thin and sparse

Looking down (sorry about the greasy skin :p I took pictures as soon as I woke up)

looking up..
Can't really tell if there's any progress

Finally the profile shot
Lashes seem weak and curled inwards. >:(
Please gain some strength!!! XD

Usually the results are to show after 4-6 weeks, so I am not even half way there to merely see any results. I will be patient and not freak out :p


click here to see week 3
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