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Damn you limited editions!

I was on my way home, and I strolled into Duane Reade (a ny/nj based drug store) to see if they had the laundry detergent I was looking for. Normally, I don't browse around - I just go straight to where I need to buy things and come out. But for some odd reason I started browsing and I walked into the cosmetics aisle. I was surprised to see a lot of brands with their seasonal limited editions (I guess I'm old school.. this was all new to me :p) and I stopped in front of Maybelline's Summer 2010 Salsa Sun display.

The model was so pretty, and usually I have a very weak spot for pretty girls. Not that I'm sexually attracted to them.. I just like them because I have this blind hope of becoming pretty like day, haha.

First I thought she was Adriana Lima, and then started doubting myself (the model has a much softer look than Lima) and then just stood there staring at her for the longest time.

The eye makeup didn't necessarily click with my taste. You can barely see what she has on. In the description it said she had on the sunset trio, but it was way to hard to tell. But the lips!!!!... the lip color was soooo pretty! And when I looked at the display box there was this huge "Limited Edition" written all over the place.

Turns out the model is wearing '938 Spicy Cinnamon' which looks like a color I would never pick out on my own will.. but I grabbed it anyway in hopes of (a) fooling myself that I could look like her if I wore the same lipstick and (b) limited edition would really increase the value of the lipstick and make me look cool (jk).

All in all, I fell for Maybelline's marketing and caved in and bought two limited edition shades from the Salsa Sun (Summer 2010) collection.

I'm not a bronzer, eyeshadow junky so I skipped on those and the nail color didn't really attract my attention.

(btw, don't mind me if I'm making a big deal out of these lipsticks. I've never bought a Maybelline lipstick in my whole life and these are my virgin lipsticks :)

So here are the two shades I picked up. I don't really understand when people say drug store products are cheap. I guess it's just a NY thing where all the prices are jacked up and cheap is no longer cheap. I paid $16.31 for these two lipsticks (and it was the cheapest out of walgreens, cvs and duane reade)

938 Spicy Cinnamon & 936 Southwest Sizzle

The Spicy Cinnamon has a brown cover (I guess it's categorized as the neutrals) and the Southwest sizzle has a red cover (under the red family). Both look similar but the finishes and textures are totally different.

Spicy cinnamon (left) has a pretty thick, creamy texture and doesn't have any shimmers in it. The stick itself isn't matte - it has a nice sheen, but when it is applied on a surface it puts a LOT of color on in one stroke. On the other hand, Southwest Sizzle (right) has gold reflects in it and is pretty sheer when applied on a surface. It's a glossy-pigmented color if that makes any sense.

Here's how Spicy Cinnamon applies
It's extremely pigmented, and hard to put on with the stick itself. I think using a lip brush will make the process easier.
Also, as a side note - I look nothing like the model -_-.
I rather look like a lipstick terrorist. I think I'm going to have to give this to my mommy since she likes super dark shades like this one.

The Southwest Sizzle swatches like this.
I like this color better than the Spicy cinnamon color since it's brighter and a bit more transparent than the other one. However, the pigmentation is intense, so using a lip brush might be a good idea for this lipstick too. Also, the golden shimmers don't really show up with the lipstick is applied on the lips. They somehow magically disappear and it's only the redish color you can see.

The color reminded me of Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in Sun Touched Terra
Which is also a dark red-coral color with gold reflects in it.
here's how it looks like :)

I think it's almost identical so if you guys by any chance liked the lancome sun touched terra - here's the perfect drug store dupe for it :D

Alright - I think I'm going to go now. I caved in because of the whole "limited edition" marketing, but overall I really like the texture and pigmentation of these lipsticks. The only down side is the awful scent it has. But that's frivolous unless you're planning to snack on the lipstick itself :)

Have a nice weekend!


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And the winner is.. :)

So the mini giveaway is over, and the last cut off was stephmint123 4/22/2010 11:51 PM .. who btw isn't even my follower and decided to participate anyway :(..

Please don't try to be a freeloader (definition here)... next time I'm just going to delete comments that try to take advantage of other people's chances.

ladies, if you don't care to follow why even participate and ruin the party and lower the chances for others that deserve a better chance? I don't think that's cool..

I deleted already deleted comments and people who left multiple comments (I reduced multiple comments to one per person to be fair to others) and it was trimmed down to 335 people :D

I generated a random number and the winner is..

Number 65 :D yay! fiery :)

Please send me your mailing address so I can send you the palettes :D
and if I don't get an address by next friday, I'll randomize numbers again x)

Thanks everyone for participating!

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Review: Missha M Real Complete BB Cream

A lot of people have been asking me where I got my Korean cosmetics. There's a lot of places in the states and Canada where you guys can get Korean cosmetics. I think one of the more aggressive brands is Missha.
I was contacted and sent this product for a review for the company itself (not for the general public), but I asked and got permission to share my thoughts about the product with my blog followers. My tone is #21 in light pink beige.

So, let's start with how the site explains this product.

It sounds like a lot of pros and good stuff one would get from this product.
What I want to start off is the expensive price tag. It's a bit on the high side ($45.99) for 45g of product. But the M line is the higher-end line of the Missha products, targeting people with more mature skin rather than those in their early 20's.

The packaging is to die for. I love how they cased the outside shell with clear plastic. The pump is attached, covered with a plastic cap that has a brownish tint to it. The color gradation adds a nice touch to the design too. All in all, the packaging really sold me.

Here's some comparison with another BB cream (Tony Moly) and regular foundations. BB creams usually have a gray undertone to it. As you can see in the picture, BB creams definitely stand out with their gray tone.
Compared with the Tony Moly BB cream, the Missha one has a bit of rosy-pink undertone to it. Texture is more on the watery side than creamy. If I tilt my hand, the formula drips a bit.
When spread out, you can see that it has a pink hue to it. What the pink undertone does is brightens up the face - possibly providing a whitening effect (effect - not actual whitening in my opinion). If you look weird with pinky tones, this might not be right for you.
One of the things about a lot of Korean Products is, the lack of variety in colors. Missha only provides 21 light pink beige and 23 yellow beige. I would have liked to use the yellow beige, but 23 is too dark for my skin.. so there's that big loop right there. The product seems to be targeted towards a very narrow range of people.

Here's how it applies.
I have huge pores, redness, acne scars, freckles and a ton of other stuff on my face. If you look at the after look (btw, I applied two layers) the redness is corrected drastically. Pores are covered decently, but my pimples, acnes scars and bumpy areas (lower part of my cheek) aren't covered up perfectly. Despite the fact that I put on two layers, a lot of blemishes are a bit visible.
Also, my nose must be getting old. I can't really smell the scent - so that's a good thing! :) And this BB cream is pretty matte compared to other BB creams I've tried recently. It doesn't have that oily base, so it doesn't give you that oily glow. It stays put pretty long and corrects any unevenness that your skin has. I also haven't had any breakouts while using this product.
People complain about BB cream residues and how hard it is to wash off at night. I cleanse three times at night, so I didn't have any problems with residues, but if you like to just wipe your face with a makeup remover, I'm not sure if you will have some cream left on your face. If you wash it all off, I find no reason for your skin breaking out.

So here's my final verdict of this product.

Very chic and nice packaging.
Doesn't have a strong scent
good enough coverage (mostly for pores and uneven coloring)
Doesn't oxidate
Doesn't break me out.
Semi-matte Finish

Color range is very very limited
Coverage for acne, rough surfaces aren't good
Does give you a bit of "made up" look - so if you want that "no makeup" look this may not be the product you're looking for


You can read more about another BB cream here

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small giveaway :)

since a lot of people scolded me and told me to give away stuff I'm not going to use, I decided to give away the two sigma palettes I haven't touched since receiving them.
It's the smokey eye set and the blush set. I've already depotted them, but they are brand new. I haven't even swatched them. (and sorry.. I threw away the individual cases).

All you have to do is leave a comment "enter me" - you can only enter once.
you have to be my blog follower, and I will ship anywhere the winner is (internationally? yes!).
and one person takes both palettes :)

giveaway will end on April 22nd, 11:59 PM EST

Good Luck!!
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Nails Nails Nails

Hi, everyone! :) sorry for being MIA for a bit.

So I was going through my camera memory card, and noticed that I had taken a lot of nail photos during the past month or so. Here are three that I've managed to put together.

OPI - Sand in my Suit

It's a nude sandy shade from the South Beach collection. When applied, it actually does look grainy and sandy :p It's a bit frosty and looks almost like an extension of my skin color (MAC NC20, yellow undertones) on my nails.
I wouldn't say it's flattering to my skin tone, but I wouldn't say it's an awful color.

Application: a bit streaky, sheer, leaves some brush marks
Pigmentation: weak
Layers needed for full coverage: at least 3 coats
Lasting power: 2-3 days with top coat.
Overall: 3.5/5

Essie - Shelter Island

Shelter Island is a blue creamy shade that was part of the North Fork Collection. I thought this was going to come out a bit brighter and in a fresher tone. But the blue shade isn't that flattering when applied. I think if it was a bit brighter, it would have been a great spring/summer color to wear.
Maybe it's just my yellowness around my fingers that bounces off the color in a dark way, but the color truly stands in a very odd spot. It's not perfectly blue, a bit too dark to be sky blue, too light to be ocean blue, too blue to be greenish blue... it's just a very ambiguous blue.

The color on the camera actually came out very vibrant and minty-fresh, but the color in real life is more like the essie bottle color on the left. Just think of the color toned down with a bit more of grayish tint to it.

Application: a bit watery, but creamy and smooth
Pigmentation: Medium
Layers needed for full coverage: 2 coats is more than enough
Lasting Power: 3 days with top coat (doesn't chip easily, but does tend to peal off)
Overall: 3/5 (that's how much the color is dull blue)

Essie - Lacquered Up

I think it was part of essie's spring 2009 collection. I usually look really old and weird with red nails, but this color is SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty and flattering! It's like a bright bright, super glossy tomato (or chili pepper) red, which makes your hands look youthful and fun.
I don't like nail colors that make my hands look dark and dirty, but this one actually lightens up my hands :) yay!!

Application: Creamy and thick
Pigmentation: Strong
Layers needed for full coverage: 1 coat is enough
Lasting power: 3-4 days with top coat (doesn't chip, but does peal)
Overall: 5/5

Alright, I'll try to keep you guys up with what nail colors I'm trying out. After my initial "OMG, I'm falling for nail polishes!" phase, I have gotten worse. I can't seem to stop buying nail polishes x( The reason why I'm not posting haul posts every time I buy something is because I feel obligated to do swatches and initial reviews, and what can I say :p I only have ten fingernails and initial reactions and reviews after usage are often conflicting.

But hope you guys enjoyed the tiny reviews. I'll try to keep them coming :D

Oh! and btw, did you guys see Ugly Betty ending last week? :'( So sad ABC had to sabotage the show by moving it around. I was a huge fan of UB from the beginning. The colors, the fashion, the hair, the characters were so fun to watch. I loved all the ladies in the show (Amanda, Wilhelmina Slater, Hilda, Christina and even Claire!!). They were so fashionable, fabulous, gorgeous and fun to watch. My favorite was Amanda and Wilhelmina since both came off initially as bitchy and mean, but turned out to be people with warm (or at least a bit of) hearts. And I loved both of their over-the-top fashion sense :)

I loved the ending song (UB always seems to end episodes with good songs), so if you care to listen here's the song :)
It's Macy Gray's Beauty in the World

Have a fab day!

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Kumiky (Kumiko) Popteen Look

I know a couple of people asked for her look a long time ago :'( If you want your name credited for requesting, please e-mail me or send me a YT message! Sorry

So, thanks to the boyfriend, who doesn't mind feeling embarrassed to buy girly magazines for me, I was flipping through the recent popteen May 2010 magazine and noticed a reccurring new trend within the models. (For New Yorkers, you can get plenty of Japanese fashion and beauty magazines at Kinokuniya @Midtown East)

The makeup has become wayyyyyy more lighter, and brighter!, than a couple of years ago. The tanned skin with somewhat heavy-looking eyeliner look is definitely out. Now it seems to be minimal eye shadow with clean, thin lines and a lot of eyelash tricks. The trend seems to be shifting from Dolly-sexy-glam to cute & girly.

That's why I decided to do an updated Japanese makeup inspired look - featuring Funeyama Kumiko (Kumiky).

So here's the cover of Popteen May, 2010
This was what mostly inspired me. As you can see, her lower lashes totally break the rules of eyelash application.

When you look at most Asian eyes, the reason why they look slanted isn't necessarily because the upper lid is slanted, it's mostly the lower part of the eyes that are slightly slanted upwards (no offense, I have slanted lowers too :-p). So when you look at people with bigger eyes (no matter the race), a lot of them have droopy or straight lower lids. This makes the eyes look like they are widening towards the end - creating an illusion of wider, bigger eyes.

Kumiko's eye makeup is basically along the same line.
As you can see, her natural eye shape (lower lid) is slightly curved upwards and she created a false line using lashes to make her eyes seem bigger, longer and wider than they are.

Here's a good look at her makeup.
Fascinating trick isn't it :)

If you look at her before makeup eye, it looks like a normal round shaped eye with a big circle lens sitting on it. But after pulling her makeup tricks, her eyes look bigger than life :)

Her look is basically a very dolly look. Big puppy eyes, nothing smudgy and heavy. Chalk-white, baby pink cheeks, pink lips... All in all a very lovely, cute look that isn't too over the top.

Hope this tutorial and post helped you guys understand and break down Kumiky's beauty secrets :D

Stay pretty!

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FOTD & NOTD + New Lenses

I failed making a tutorial today. I tried - screwed up - started from scratch - and then screwed up again :'( So, I didn't want to waste makeup and did a really freaky look. Surprisingly, it came out pretty good on my iphone.
So here's some photos of my camwhoring and fotd

So far I love my hair... but, it's so hard to style. The ends keep on flipping all over the place and I feel like I have to master some easy way before the hair drives me nuts.
Oh, and how do you like the new lens? They are natural grey (Hana SPC's). I love Hana spc's because they don't dry out my eyes at all! It enlarges the iris a bit, but like its name, it looks pretty natural :)

I have gel liner (stila) and eyeliner (pencil - MUFE, aqua eyes in 0L) all over my eyes
Barry M Fine Glitter Dust #4 (Silver) on my lower lid (Sorry about the confusion!)
Beauty Credit Blush in PK02 - Peach girl on the cheeks
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect 267 on top of Lancome Color fever gloss 'sizzling' (lips)
and Hera HD foundation as my foundation

Earrings are from ekilove :)

Also, Nails nails nails :)
I love these bright yellow nails!
It's not neon, and it doesn't make my skin look darker, yay!!!!

Alright, I'll try to get a tag video up asap
Have a nice Friday night!

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I finally did it!!
I was procrastinating ... like forever, but last night after literally yanking the comb out of my oh-so-damaged hair, I realized that the time had come :)

So, I chopped out most of my hair x) (Yo-c salon - Keiko: Reasonable priced and very nice service ♡)

(had my hair tied back, please ignore the dents :p)


It's hard to see the hair since it's quite dark in the room, but I feel really anew and fresh!! x)
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Review: MAC Ever Hip Lipstick

haha, I feel like I'm doing an awful lot of MAC lipstick reviews lately! Despite the fact that I am pretty indifferent with the trend and collections MAC comes out with - I had to get this lipstick.

So this is one of the lipsticks from "Give me Liberty of London" collection. My intention was to buy the peachstock lipstick, but after looking at the entire collection I ended up getting this one - "Ever Hip".
Oh, and if you want this you should hurry. I called every MAC store or counter in Manhattan today and only one place (Saks) had this lipstick in stock. That's how fast these are selling out!

Ever Hip is described as a "creamy light coral" shade with a cremesheen finish
I think it's more of a coral that has the right amount of pink balanced in it, which takes away the awkward orange tint some corals have. Although the lipstick color looks strong, it's pretty transparent when swatched. The swatch on my hand (above) took me three strokes. So don't get intimidated by the color of the stick.

Before we go on, I do have to comment about the packaging.
I'm not a big fan of LE packagings, but this collection is quite cute.
The sleeve (inside and out) is decorated with flowers and the bird.
This collection reminds me of the Asian card game (in Korea we call it "go, stop").
I can't really pin-point which month it resembles.. but the LOL collection just reminds me of this game :p I feel like it could easily blend in as the 13th month.

Anywho, a lot of people rave that it's a rare coral color, but I have found a very similar shade.
First, I pulled out all of my pinky-coraly colors. At first glance, it seems like Ever Hip is similar to YSL or Barry M, but wrong.
(L-R: Lancome Color Design "Debut", Dior Addict High Shine "530", MAC "Cursty", MAC "Ever Hip", Missha "Fanta Dream", BarryM lip paint "147", YSL Rouge Volupte "13", MAC Slimshine "Missy") ..and I swatched them three strokes each on my arm.

Although they all look pretty similar, only the Lancome lipstick looked really close to what Ever Hip looks like in real life. Lancome had a bit more red to it, but the texture and color was nearly identical when swatched.

Swatches on the lips (T-B: Bare lips, Half applied, Fully applied)

As you can see I have dry (and crazy) lips. The formula isn't very good at covering up my flaky lips. Since it's so sheer, I had to reapply and reapply. Now if you have rough surfaces like me, that will result in goos of lipstick piled around you flakes. So you have to exfoliate and prep your lips before applying this lipstick :p
Other than the not-so-buildable-texture, I love this lipstick. Great shade, good amount of sheen, cute case..
Hurry and call your local stores if you're a Coral lover and if you are planning to get one. They are running out fast~

here's a video that's featuring the lipstick :)


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