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Travel Makeup

Believe it or not, I travel too (awkward laugh). I may have made myself look like I sit home all day playing with my penguins, but I'm actually out of town every now and then. Usually, I'm pretty lazy with packing and wait til the last moment. But, today I started a bit early and had the time to take pictures of what I lug around.

I only have one rule - go with the same color theme.
I usually don't take every single color I have, I create a mental image of what I want to look like, and I stick to that look through out the whole trip. Usually it's natural looks (like brown, gold, beige, and nothing crazy) and less colors.

1. cotton pads and Q-tips.
Omg, I would be powerless without these! A must!!

2. Contact lens stuff.
I usually wear glasses, but if I have to wear my shades, I have to have lenses on that day.. so yeah. Bulky, yet necessary

3. Sunscreen
needless to explain

4. Etude House Baking Powder wash
randomly chose it, but I might change it to Lancome and take the Lancome itself, since Etude's cleanser is a bit drying.

5. Botanics Eye makeup remover.
The only makeup remover I'm taking.

6. MAC Tenderling Blush
I used it to contour. It's such a nice bronzer for pale or light skin tones.

7. MAC Well Dressed blush
You can never go wrong with this baby :)

8. Canmake Highlighter
I'm taking it because it's small and does the job.

9. Kate Dual Carat GD-1
-- I decided to take it out. It's really similar to #10, and no need to get greedy :)

10. Kate Dual Carat Br-01
All I really need is this small compact palette.
It's shimmery, yet doesn't make you look hot and stuffy.

11. MAC Color forms Warm Eyes Palette
This is when palette come in handy. Enough variety of colors and its compact size is great.
I'm taking this to use the shadows as "pop" colors.. although they are pretty neutral themselves :p

12. Urban Decay Primer Potion
Depoted, so it turns out to be handy

13. Eyeliner sharpener
Just in case my pencil breaks

14. 2 MAC shadow refills (Perky, Blanc Type)
-- Might drop them out of the list. I'm still debating

15. Beauty Credit Lovely Matte Powder
Normally I don't set my foundation, but if I'm going to be out and about all day long - might as well set it :)

16. Chanel Vitalumiere
One foundation is enough, and I like it light weight :)

17. eos lip blam
love love this ^__^*

18. Sephora colorful mono mat. no.1
One of my staple products.
Can't live with out it. It sets my liners and does my brows

19. Shu Uemura Pro Concealer
I'm shade 7yr medium.
Just one concealer is enough.

20. Stila Smudge Pot in Black
Can't give up them eyeliners +_+ gwah!!

21. 3 Lipsticks
Tarina Tarantino - Candy Jar
Mac - Viva Glam in Lady Gaga
Mac - Syrup

22. MAC Prep+Prime
since it's super light, might as well take it :p

23. Chanel Lotion
The only lotion I'm taking (Cetaphil is too big :/ )

24. Shiseido Lash Curler

25. Three Chanel Lipglosses
I think lipglosses are more practical than lipsticks when you're outdoors for a long period of time. They are easier to reapply and won't melt in your bag/purse
I'm taking my summer shades :D

26. Fiberwig Mascara
I'm only taking one mascara

27. 2 pencil liners
MUFE - Aqua Eyes 0L (black)
Missha - Super Extreme Waterproof eyeliner

28. Clarins Stop imperfections locales
I don't know what to say about this, haha. It's suppose to be one of those things that stops your zits and clears them up. I've used up one bottle and I recently started on the second bottle, but I really can't say it makes sudden break outs disappear. It just kind of cools down the inflammation (if there is any), and.. smells nice. But what the heck. It's tiny, so might as well take it for the heck of it.

They seem like a lot, but it's probably because it's spread out.
I'm only taking a couple of brushes and a small sized travel hair straightener other than this.

Oh, and don't mind the toothbrush in the background. It's not yellow because it's old x) It originally came yellow. It's some nano, anti-bacterial super bristles.. or something like that. You can get it at whole foods, whole body section! It's really really good! I love that toothbrush

Okay, well - I'll have to go and continue packing.
I'll see you guys again when I'm back in New York :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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OPI - Rumble's Wiggin

OMG, I love it!
It's a cool lavender shade and it's such a pretty color, I keep on staring at my nails :p I think it's more like a sister to 'suzi and the lifeguard'. You know what I mean? It's a pretty pastel color, and so girly!
It's part of the Shrek-tacular collection from OPI and I only have the mini sized bottle. But this is one of those colors I am willing to buy again and again.

Like I said in my first impressions, the color is a bit watery so you definitely have to apply two coats or more. Other than that, if your skin is great with cool toned colors, you should check this shade out x)

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Skincare and Diet

I uploaded a video regarding my current skincare. I do want to clarify on a couple of things.

A lot of people might have been shocked at how much lotion I use. Urm, I think there's a misunderstanding of lotion amount = oiliness. If you are an oily person, you should use oil-free products. Moisturizers provide moisture, and if you feel like your skin is creating too much oil, there are some things to look into.

For example, your moisturizer can be a misfit for you.
you might feel perfectly fine, but the moisturizer you're using can be either providing too much or less of the moisture you need. Usually people like me (dehydrated oily skin types) tend to think that they are too oily and try to put a minimum amount of lotion on their skin. The thing is, our body tries to adjust a lot of things. So if you don't give yourself a sufficient amount of moisture, your skin is going to produce more oil to makeup for what is lacking on the surface. When we cleanse/wash our face, we are stripping it from makeup and a natural layer of oil we produce. Once that oil layer is gone and not provided with adequate amount of coverage, we start to produce more oily stuff to make up for that. Always try to give your skin a good amount of moisture, and eventually that could help calm down a lot of oil secretion.

Also, I said I was going to write about my diet. It's a long story and I have strong opinions on a lot of stuff, but my basic point is - you are what you eat. A lot of people think eating is a joke and only think of catering to their taste buds. But you should really watch out what you put in your mouth, because it's directly related to everything you are.
You can try to use expensive creams and luxurious products to make things up for a better look, but the easiest way is to fix the most basic problem - your diet.

If you eat a lot of hydrogenated oil, processed sugar and carbs, that is going to directly reflect on your health and yes - on your face and skin. If you like food that's soaked in oil and has a lot of sodium in it, that's all going to stay within your body. If you don't drink enough water your body will pay for it. And you would wonder why you have so many skin problems or health issues.

Everybody knows what is good and what is bad. How many people can argue that french fries or take-out food or juicy hamburgers are good for one's health. And how many people can argue that broccoli, kale and organic tofu is bad? My point is, you don't have to go hardcore like me. But you should try to be conscious of what you eat and try to stay healthy :)

I should be more specific about what I eat, but basically - I eat anything that doesn't have eyes. I barely fry stuff - I bake or steam them, and I try to get my daily veggies and good amount of water in my system :)

I'll see you guys in my next post!

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Time for a third round? :)

It's been about half a year since I filmed my lipstick collection video and these are the newly acquired ones ever since that video :D
I'm not sure if I collected all of the new ones or if there are some I forgot to include, but these are basically pretty much my latest ones. As you can see - I have changed my taste a bit :p I've started to buy more natural, darker tones rather than crazy statement colors :p
I'll try to start the swatching process, but it's going to take a while. Last time I kept rubbing my lips to get the lipstick off and ended up with blisters all over my lips.
But I'll try to get round three of my lipstick collection out soon ;)

Have I reached my 100 lipsticks mark yet? I'm not sure haha. But I think I am almost there. I'll try to count all of my lipsticks and see how many I have XD

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Package from Mel :D

It was my birthday the other day. And on my way out, I checked the mailbox and I had a package from Mel waiting for me x)
We were talking about the NYC limited edition blushes on twitter, and we agreed to pick up extras if we found the blushes. Mel found the blushes at ulta, and she sent me a package full of goodies with the blushes x) It wasn't initially intended as a b-day package, but the dates kind of fit in and all in all it turned out to be one :D

here's what was in the package. These are all practical stuff that I needed to, or was planning to buy!

First off are the blushes.

Remember how I was talking about drug store products having all these crazy limited edition products? Well, N.Y.C. had come up with their limited edition - Shock Value - a while ago, and the creme stick blushes were included in it. The limited shades were "Plaza Pink" and "Wild Berry", but I think Mel just got me the Big Apple Blush instead of Wild berry :D

Anyway, here's a swatch of "Plaza Pink" alone (on a NC20 skin)

The name says pink, but it's actually more of a coral color.
The creme stick itself looks pretty hard, but if you apply it on the surface of your hand, it applies in a smooth manner. I first had some watery liquid come off first, but I think it was just some sort of formula separating from the stick. Other than that - I was pretty surprised at how pigmented the blush was.

Here's the Big Apple Blush too. (It's the top one)

Big Apple Blush is like a Berry-redish color. It too had minor difficulties when first applied (crusts of the edge kind of got chunky on my skin), but after that, there wasn't anything noticeably wrong.
They blend out really well too. Maybe I'm still suffering from my Benetint nightmares, I always fear that things that are supposed to be blend out are just going to sit, dry and stain in a blotchy manner. But, the creme blushes were very creamy and easy to blend even after a couple of minutes just sitting on my skin.

Here's the rest (eos lip blam & OPI Shrek-Tacular Minis)

Haha, when I saw the mini OPI's I started laughing. The colors are amazingly similar to the Shrek colors, especially "who the shrek are you?".
Fiercely Fiona reminds me of China Glaze's Lemon Fizz, but other than that, all of the other colors seem to be unique :)
The sizes of these bottles are really adorable too. I've never had an OPI mini, so I "awwwed" when I first saw these. The formula of all four colors is a bit watery. If you look at the pictures above, one coat is very thin. You will need at least a good two or three coats (Fiercely Fiona will need three at least). The only color that was washed out is Rumple's Wiggin' (typo in the picture.. -.-). It's more like a soft lilac color than a white-purple tone :p

And the eos lip balm!!
I've heard so much about it and I was actually talking about how hard it is to find the product! and then bamb!! it comes in the package x)
I started using it yesterday, and I love how light and moisturizing it is! It doesn't clump or create weird skin balls around my lips, and it stays fresh through out the whole night! Amazing!! I would definitely recommend this lip balm! I always found the soft lips balms a bit too chappy and creamy, but eos is extremely light-weight. *claps hands*

Also, I received a nivea lip balm too, but I am going to open it after I use up the eos lip balm :p
Other than that I received some face masks and green teas <3

Oh, and here's my 8th big penguin + my new bear!

Ha, funny how things work out.
These big penguins have been extinct for quite a while in the market (probably because they are too big and too expensive), but my boyfriend found this one at FAO on my birthday. I think FAO is going through inventory and I think they found this one buried away somewhere and they brought it out for sale (since it was the only one sitting with the sharks :p). I'm quite happy I added a new penguin on my birthday, hehe :) [The bear was long overdue, so no need for an introduction :p]
Anyway, if you guys see a penguin in my videos with a tag still on its wing - it's the new baby :p I haven't come up with a name for it yet.

Hope you all are getting ready for a nice weekend +_+)/

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New Additions to the collection

Hi all!
I'm sorry I'm posting heavy entries :p But I wanted to share with you guys some of my new additions to the collection.

Here's the family shot - well, hello everyone!! :)

The only thing I didn't review was the nail polish dissolvant from Sephora. It was practically impossible to show how well it works :p but I must say, I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE it!! It melts away the polish like magic, and you only need a small amount to dissolve a lot of polish. There's no rubbing or dryness that cracks up your fingernails. It just melts the polish away in seconds :)

The only downside is, the strong chemical smell mixed with fragrance. I think Sephora tried to cover up the chemical smell by dumping a lot of scent in it, which totally backlashed. :( But I really recommend it :D It's only 9 dollars for a big bottle, and it reduces a lot of time for getting rid of old or unwanted nail polish!

* I always get questions about where to buy Korean products. I think the companies are starting to get their foot in the US market so for now - most of the brands have to wait. But Missha has been in the market for a while now. They used to have stores in NYC, but now they are operating in the online market.
All of the MISSHA products can be brought here :
(the clearance section is a bomb!! hint hint)

Missha M BB Boomer
After I did my Missha BB Cream review, a lot of people (from Korea) told me I had to use the BB Boomer to maximize the BB cream's effects :p
It's like the MAC strobe cream. It has a bit of pink hue to it and helps enhance the BB creams effects. It could also be used as a base or primer before you put your makeup on.
I've only used it twice, so I could only provide my initial impressions.
So far, it is very nice! compared to MAC's strobe cream, this BB Boomer is less sticky and oily, yet it provides a nice sheen. It also seems to balance the BB cream tone (I think it takes away a bit of the grayness).

MISSHA Lucid Nail Polishes
These are all the new S/S 2010 collection colors :)
So summery and pretty!!!!

Missha Lucid Nail Polish PK11
First thing I have to say is.. these brushes are huge! I was surprised when I first saw the brush. It was huge and fat, which I thought was going to be really bad for applying the formula.
But it's actually rather nice! Since the brush is short and fat - it fans out when you sweep it on your nails, which eliminates excessive strokes. The formula applies on the nail surface in one stroke and dries instantly.
I love the PK11 :) it's a nice coral-pink shade with shimmer in it. Really nice for spring and summer time :D

All swatches are one coat each.

The other two are also S/S 2010 colors :)
GR02 is a minty color, and PK12 is a neon fuchsia color.

I wasn't expecting much from the PK12, but it's really bright and neony :D
all three colors are so pretty!

TOP SHOP Amazon Crayon in Sun Shower
This is part of TOP SHOP's beauty line - SS10 trend to be specific. There's a silver one (moonshine) and a gold one (sun shower)
I went to the new Top Shop that opened in SOHO, and grabbed this +_+
It is insanely intense, and is a stick applicator.
I liked it because it blends out if you smudge it (like the below picture)
So I can use this as a shadow alone, or as a base :) - just as a side note, you have to blend it out quite aggressively.
here's a video of how the color comes out (click here)

* Oh, and they gave me this filmsy bag as a gift too. :p

Missha M Super-Extreme Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in Khaki
It doesn't budge, and the Khaki color is really dark, so you don't have to worry about it being too green or so. If you see my eye picture, it was taken after 8 hours of the initial application. Pretty nice, eh? I didn't use a primer potion nor set it with a shadow, but it was pretty much like how I first applied it. The inner corner part has faded, but it's good it didn't smudge all over the place :)
And the pencil itself looks so chic and sophisticated!!
Love, love it!

(btw, the shadow on my lid is going to to be reviewed next)

MISSHA - The Style Shine Pearl Shadow (GBR01 & GGL01)
GBR01 is a coppery brown gold with gold glitters in it.
GGLo1 is a olive-gold shadow with gold glitters in it.
I think the pictures show how shimmery these are :) I have the GGL01 all over my lid. All other pictures on this post were taken on the same day, so if you can't tell - you can look at my other pictures and see how you like them :D

Tarina Tarantino - Conditioning Lip Sheen (Candy Jar)
I've been debating for the longest time if I should get Candy jar or Showroom. Candy Jar is described as a cool lavender pink on Sephora's website. But I'm glad I got candy jar. It looks like a strong color on the stick, but it's a sheen. It applies in a very very subtle way and the color is very wearable.
I don't think it's conditioning, but it doesn't dry out my lips, so that's good :)
It's like a jelly-sheen. hehe - perfect for summer :)
(sorry, I forgot to take a picture of my full face with this on)

MISSHA _ M Luminous Color Lip Rouge (PK107&CR302)
PK107 is the new S/S2010 one and the CR302 is the ongoing must-haves of this line.

First off with the new PK107

The lipstick is extremely creamy and such a pretty color :D It reminds me of Lady GaGa lipstick. See how much shine it has? I didn't apply any lipgloss on top of the lipstick.
I usually don't like fragranced cosmetics, but I like the smell of these lipsticks :D Makes me want to nibble on them :p


Oye, super pretty coral color!
It's not as sheer as the MAC Ever hip lipstick and is actually on the creamy side. It doesn't dry out and reminds me of a flower petal :D yay!!

Also, I got this as a birthday present from Sephora :D (hehe, my birthday is on May 12th, but I guess they give out a present on the month of your b-day)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
I'll try not to let things pile up and crammed in one heavy post!


* The lenses I'm wearing in this post is the HANA SPC natural brown lens.
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Current Loves

These are my most used current favorites :) My opinion on products change like there's no tomorrow, but at the moment - these are the products I reach for the most and really like :)
1. Beauty Credit - Lovely Powder Pact Matt
2. Stila Eye shadow - Wheat (pearlescent beige)
3. OPI - Got a Date To-Knight
4. Sigma large Angled Brush - SS168
5. MAC - Strobe Cream
6. YSL Golden Gloss - 1 Simply Golden
7. MAC Lustre Lipstick - Syrup
8. The Face Shop - Color to cheek PK102 (shine)
10. Lancome Artliner - Precision Point Liner (Noir)
11. IMJU - Fiberwig Mascara

1. Beauty credit lovely powder pact Matt

I never had a problem with this. I usually don't set my foundation because it usually causes crusting and clogging around my big pores (especially on my nose!). But lately, I've been using a big brush to lightly brush the powder on my cheeks and forehead.
I really like the soft satin texture, and it keeps my face pretty matte all day long :D

2. Stile Eyeshadow in Wheat
It is a pearlescent beige (or more like a nudy-lighty taupe color) that adds a nice sheen to my lids without making it look dirty. I like it more than the kitten shadow and it is good for those that want that shimmery, nude e/s look.
It reminds me of nars's cyprus shadow, but stila swatches much more shimmery and pigmented than cyprus.

While talking about cyprus and wheat - I'm going to also include..

9. Dior Eye Show in 622 undressed beige
here's a swatch of nars, stila and dior all next to each other.

As you can see I'm really into nude tones lately :p Cyprus has a weak pigmentation and less shimmer, dior eye show is a creamy non-creasing shadow that has subtle shimmers in it. When applied alone, dior eye show doesn't show up well. It's better to use the dior as a base to make the stila wheat pop.

Here's the synergy effect it has when applied under wheat.
It makes the stila stand out to its max and amplifies the nice colors of the shadow.

I use both of them together as an all-over color on my lid :)

3. OPI Got a date to-knight
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I LOVEEEEEEEE this shade!!
it's such a pretty, girly color, and it's NOT "another pink shade".
The texture is like jelly and it applies really thin. you have to do at least 2-3 coats for the color to thicken up. It really reminds me of MAC's viva glam lady gaga. It has a cool undertone to it and blends really well with my skin color. It's such a girly color, I am definitely willing to buy back-ups over and over again.

4. Sigma Large Angled Brush - SS 168
I take it back about the SS187 brush. That thing started to leak on me again, and I am not very fond of it anymore. Instead this brush has really grown on me. It's the large angled brush and I use it for my blush rather than bronzers.
It's made of goat hair, and it's pretty soft for a goat hair brush. It doesn't give me that itchy feeling and I am really happy how well this brush blends my blush.

5. MAC Strobe Cream

This is the best smelling thing ever! I wish the scent could last a bit longer through out the day - but anyway, it feels euphoric when I apply this to my skin. I use it mostly to make my face dewy. I apply it before my foundation (I usually use medium to light coverage foundation nowadays since it's getting hotter) and it gives me a subtle glow. As you can see on the left swatch, the cream has a pink hue to it. But when it's spread out (like the swatches on the right), he pinkish color disappears and only a nice sheen is left.

6. YSL Golden Gloss - 1.Simply Golden
It's a gold gloss with huge, sparkly gold flecks in it. It doesn't necessarily go well with vibrant lipsticks (like girl about town, fuchsia colors, etc. imo), but it does give a very classy, glamourous gloss when applied on nude shades or bare lips. It's not sticky nor watery. I love the tip too (it's a short synthetic brush). It's firm enough not to flick gloss when a lot of pressure is applied. I usually don't go for golds, browns or that part of the color group, but I am really happy I got this.

7. MAC Lustre lipstick - Syrup
One of the most mentioned in "my favorite lipsticks" videos and it seems to be a staple lipstick for so many people, but for some reason it seems to be a very low-key lipstick. A lot of people know snob, angel, saint germain, hug me, myth and so on, but this shade is barely mentioned compared to how much it's loved.
I guess it's because it is more on the subtle side. On the MAC website, they describe is as a "cloudy pink", and a lot of people say that it is almost identical to Viva Glam VI (s/e). I don't have the VGVI (s/e) to compare, but whatevers.. I really really like this lipstick. When I first bought it I bought it because a lot of people raved about it and I thought it was too dark on me. So I put it aside for a while, and when I was looking for a natural lip color, I gave this lipstick a second chance and after that, this is all I've been using. On top of that, I actually ran out and bought a back up.
The finishing is a Lustre finish and it feels extremely moisturizing compared to other MACs that tend to dry out the lips. Throughout the day if you are talking a lot (or drinking and eating without any touch ups), the sheen will definitely go away, but the color will still remain.
If you need a natural lip color (and nothing crazy that's screaming for attention), this is such a nice shade. A lot of people rave about Viva Glam V being one of those colors, but if you don't like the frostiness and dark brownish tint of the VGV, I would definitely recommend Syrup. That's how much I like this lipstick :D I recommended it! I usually hesitate on aggressively recommending stuff, but I actually really recommend this x)

8. TheFaceShop - Color to cheek PK102 Shine
Usually I buy stuff and use it only a couple of times and then forget about it. This blush was one of those things too. I love pink blushes, but my initial impression was very "blehh" and I didn't like the chalky texture of this. So, I never really reached for it until a while ago.
I was flipping through a magazine and I saw this model using this exact blush. So I dug this out and applied with with the Sigma SS168 brush. It wasn't as chalky as I remembered it - probably because I used it on my cheeks instead of my arm where I have a lot of fur that gets chunked up with the blush.
I do have to say.. it's nothing special. It is just a pink blush - which is a bit more pink and pigmented than MAC's well dressed (one of my favorite blushes). It doesn't have the silver flecks like well dressed, so it gives you that rosy pink look and not the shiny glow look. I think it's a great blush for spring and summer since it makes your face look cooler (than warmer).

...Or maybe I just like pink stuff that have cool undertones to it because it compliments my skin tone :p

and last but not least
10. Lancome Artliner - Noir
I got this because of Lorraine in one of her videos. It is nice. I like how the tip is rigid and spongy at the same time. The formula itself is good too. It dries quickly, and doesn't smudge once it's on there. It seems water resistant, since I had it swatched on my hand all day long and washed my hands a zillion times, and it was still there are night.
The only down fall is, it is like a marker, and not like a pencil or gel liner where the formula mixes with a dark shadow (if applied) and blends. Once the formula is dried, that is it. You can't blend in a shadow on top of it. So if you are like me and you like smudging your liner a bit with a shadow, this isn't going to work. It' more for cat eyes and clean, crisp liners :)

This is a picture of me with..
Beauty Credit pact on top of Hera HD foundation (notice how the cheeks are still quite nice compared to the oily nose); MAC Syrup lipstick; Dior + Stila combo all over the lid; Lancome Artliner (on lid and MUFE aqua eyes on lower) and thefaceshop blush (pk102 - all faded away).

This picture was taken 8 hours after the initial application (with an exception of the lipstick - it was touched up once 3 hours before the picture was taken) with no touch ups. I think the products are held pretty good :)
Like I mentioned, the syrup lipstick has lost its shine (since I was eating, talking and drinking through out the day), but you can see the color still remaining on the lips :D

All right, I think that's about it.
I didn't cover the fiberwig mascara since I've already did a review on it before.

Hope this helped you guys out!

I've tried to film a tutorial today, but miserably failed. I think it just wasn't my day today. Hopefully I will be able to film/edit/upload a tutorial tomorrow.

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For you glitterbugs - Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Pure

Hi All :)
I feel like my blogging and stuff is pretty inconsistent, but please bear with me :'( I am scrambling (like most people in their 20s do) and trying to figure out what the rest of my life will be like.

Anyway, I have set foot into the TT world! .. well, it's already been a few weeks, but please give me an opportunity to introduce a product I am very much in love with :)

It's the Tarina Tarantino Sparklickty Pure (exclusive at Sephora). The price is 19 dollars, there is only one shade, and in reality glitter has a very limited usage, BUT all in all I really like this product! :)
I am glad I stumbled upon this product and bought it at the spot.

Here's how the packaging looks like. It is in a glass container, with a bit cheap-looking cap. You have to peal the sticker of the lid, but I like opening the plastic cap in whole so I could dip my brush in it, or just scoop out a lot with a brush. (I'm not a big fan of plastic lids)
As you can see how it reflects the light, it is super shimmery and sparkly. But it's not chunky at all. It's more powdery, so you can use it like a pigment and foil it on as an eyeshadow too.

The color itself looks similar to Make Up For Ever's Star powder in 947 (which is a peachy pink with gold glitters), but they are totally different when swatched. The MUFE 947 has more of a beige, grayish undertone, while the TT sparklicity has a white-pearly pink hue to it.

These types of glitters are extremely pretty when lined under the lower lash line. They make your eye pop along with making your eye area brighter and more noticeable. I usually don't tend to do too much of that, since the down side is that it mixes with your mascara and liner and it could potentially lead to a huge mess.

Anyway, I usually use this to sprinkle on my base (either a primer or foundation), and it as a nice iridescent shine to my skin. For those of you who are planning to use this for that purpose, I do have to warn you - it could get chunky if you powder your base too much with this glitter. Always try to do things in moderation :)

I will definitely try to show how it shows up in videos.
Here's a dry swatch of it on my hand. As you can see, it's more of a milky-pink, than a gold pink.
And considering the fact that the camera isn't that good at picking up sparkling aspects, I think this picture shows how much sparkle this product has.

I will try to make more pic-tuts so you guys can see how it actually looks like when it's applied as makeup :p

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