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Haul - -It's been a while

Hi all :)

I FINALLY hauled yesterday! I haven't been hauling at all for the past 5 months. A lot of rational (or irrational?) reasoning was behind my shopping ban.
1. I didn't have time to shop, 2. I came to a realization that I don't need a truck load of makeup, and 3. I should use up what I already have AND THEN resume on some normal/regular shopping (and not hoarding :p).

So, I tried really hard to keep my purchase list down to 5 items. Remember how I said my company had discounts at the company store (a Estee Lauder CCO that provides discounts to certain company's employees)? I finally took advantage of that place,

My five picks were four lipsticks and one skin product.

I've heard a lot of raving about the night repair, so I will let you guys know how it goes (I took it out of the box yesterday and fell asleep while I was preparing photos for this post :p
stock photo: borrowed from Estee Lauder

Okay, now.. about the four lipsticks.
I'm still iffy about the Estee Lauder Michael Kors lipstick (starlet rose) and MAC's lollipop loving. I had a lollipop loving, but I accidentally threw it away and this is my second time purchasing the notorious lipstick. Opinions are split straight down the middle. Some LOVE it, and some HATE it - which makes it so difficult for me to decide whether or not I should keep it. So I'm going to put it aside and if I decide not to keep it, I'm going to exchange it for another color. (Kindda same with the Michael Kors lipstick... I'm still undecided, so I don't want to go ahead and swatch it and not be able to return it).

This basically boils down to two lipsticks left.

The first one is Pink Orchid. I remember this being a Pro color (not sure if it still is), but it's a really bright (almost neon) fuchsia lipstick.

It's an amplified creme lipstick, which is extremely pigmented. It contains pretty obvious blueish/purple hue to it (on the lipstick and when applied to the lips). It's not drying at all, and it doesn't come off easily, so for those that love hot pink lipsticks, I think this is a great choice.

I don't have that much hot pink lipsticks, so I only whipped out one comparable: MAC's girl about town.

When put side by side, you can definitely see the purple/blue tones that make Pink Orchid seem cooler and brighter. Girl about town is already bright to begin with, but Pink Orchid takes it to a whole nother level.

Here are some swatches on my lips. (bare lips - half applied - fully applied)

And since it's difficult to see the whole picture by just staring at the lips - here's my face shot with the lipstick on (ugh.. purple acne scars are adding harmony to the color :p)

Overall, I think it's a great color for those that what to make a statement of "Hey! HERE I AM +_+ HUHAHAHAHA".
If you're shy, quiet and reserved - then forget about it :/ This lipstick screams for attention and it's hard to get by without the color getting noticed.

The other color I got is MAC's So Scarlet.
I've been looking for the perfect deep plummy red lipstick for the longest time. I think so scarlet comes in as the perfect deep red. It's a pity that this was a limited edition! :/

It's also an amplified creme lipstick, meaning it's very pigmented.

Deep berry red is probably the most accurate way to describe the color.

Here are the swatches on my lipst (bare lips - half applied - fully applied)

Oh, so pretty!!
I think it would have looked so much better if I weren't doing these swatches after work (all hellish looking :p), but I love love love this color!! I can literally picture so many great looks one can create with this lipstick.

dang those glasses :p!

But, I will swatch the other two if I decide to keep them. If I decide to exchange for other colors, I will swatch the exchanged one :p

Okay, that was about it with my small haul.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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Darker Hair - for good! (hopefully)

I've started dying my hair when I was in High School. I used to have a massive amount of really thick hair, but ever since I've been pouring chemicals on my hair, it has noticeably thinned out and become really flat. So I decided that this will be the last for a very long time, and to not color my hair and let virgin hair grow out and the ends trimmed.

The last time I did my hair was 3 months (or so) ago. I went to the salon and asked for the lightest color without having to bleach or double process my hair. My stylist didn't like the idea since my hair was already stripped from color and really dry. He persuaded me to do a mixture of 7 & 8 (shades that go higher in number are lighter colors). I did what he wanted to and ended up with light brown hair.

This is how it looked like with the camera flash on.

the lighter strands are not highlights. They are the misfortune of my sad attempt to lighten my hair at home during the course of two years.

and below is a shot of my hair indoors, without flash.
as you can see the roots are coming out, and the ends are dry and bleached out due to previous lightening at home.

I wanted a really dark color, a color that could match my original hair color so I wouldn't have to continuously dye my hair whenever the roots came out.
Um.. something that could bring my hair back to when I had no artificial coloring in my hair.

like when I first started making Youtube videos.
My hair was my natural color back then, and I miss my natural hair color.

So I did my homework and read up on a lot of home kits and decided to go with L'Oreal's Excellence cream. A lot of people complained that the shade "dark brown" and "chocolate brown" came out as jet black. Like emo jet black (no offense to emos, I have nothing against them). Most seemed to advise to go for a shade lighter if one were to buy the kit.

I did as many advised and got 5AB Mocha Ash Brown since I wanted a dark brown shade.

Btw, the reason why I always opt for "ash" or "cool tone (green or blue)" colors is because people who have black hair like me will look brassy and red when they apply warm undertones. Black is not black but more of a red+red, so if you want to balance out the redness, it is best for you to use ashy or cool undertone colors.

So, here's how the box and inside stuff look like.

The cool thing is there is a Pre-Color serum. I used up almost all of it on my dry ends :p

I tried to apply all of the formula equally on my hair so I wouldn't get any patches. I wrapped my hair with plastic wrap and left it for 35 minutes.
It was quite though to get all of the sliminess out of my hair when I was washing out the formula. I rinsed everything out and left the L'Oreal conditioner on for 5 minutes.

Reviews said the formula was gentle and not very damaging.
I guess my hair was already damaged enough - my hair felt like synthetic fiber while I was rinsing it :( I could totally feel the damage! I really don't believe such claims as "non-damaging" or "feels better!" or "healthy for hair!". Chemicals are chemicals, and no matter how you try to sugarcoat it, altering colors is going to be damaging no matter what.

After feeling the roughness, I didn't even dare try to blow dry my hair.
Here are the results.
The color came out a bit lighter than what I wanted... But, it is VERY similar to the color shown on the box. Strictly speaking, it is a true color match and if you are going from light to dark, I think you should just stick to whatever color you want.

I should've stuck to my gut feeling and do "dark brown"... :'(

And here's a shot of my bangs that are already pretty dry..
the brassy light color hasn't been covered completely! *cries*

And here's the completely dried version with flash on.

in natural lighting..

urm... ashy it is, but not quite the look I was going for

.... ahahaha... I hate to be a complainer, but it's basically not that different from my previous color :p aww man.. I really should have grabbed "dark brown".

I have a feeling that my hair is going to turn out like this girl's hair...

I'm so fearful it's going to happen, but I'm so sure it's going to happen: my ends are going to fade like this girl's..
I need to let virgin hair grow out and keep trimming off the old yucky hair.

I am done with coloring my hair :p and I hope I won't go through this madness again.

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